Olga Dokutina

Olga Dokutina

Therapist, periodontist

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Therapist, periodontist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Solomianka.


  • Graduated from Donetsk State Medical University. M. Gorky, Donetsk;
  • Passed internship at the Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk.

Specialization, activities:

  • Hardware methods of professional oral hygiene;
  • Laser whitening;
  • Home whitening;
  • Teeth whitening with the help of ZOOM;
  • Aesthetic restoration of all groups of teeth;
  • Treatment of pulpitis;
  • Treatment of periodontitis;
  • Specialist in laser dentistry and work with a dental microscope;
  • Conducting a closed curettage.

Took part in seminars and courses:

  • Took part in the international dental conference "Actual issues of dentistry" Kiev, 2010;
  • Certificate. "Periodontics yesterday, today, tomorrow" Kiev, 2010;
  • Certificate “In recognilion of their commitment to continuing educational development for beller dentistry” Densply, Kiev 2011;
  • "Work with modern restoration materials and equipment" Fenestra, Kiev, 2013;
  • "Art modeling of teeth" Fenestra, Kiev, 2014;
  • "Splinting and adhesive bridges in dentistry" Fenestra, Kiev, 2014;
  • Course. "Possibilities of modern endodontics and microsurgery: the use of rotary nickel-titanium instruments and modern root canal obturation systems" Lviv, 2014;
  • Took part in the conference "Laser in Dentistry. Myths and Reality" Kiev, 2014;
  • “Aesthetic Composite Restorations of the Frontal Teeth Group”, Kiev, 2014;
  • Seminar "Direct composite restorations of the frontal group of teeth" Kiev, 2015;
  • "Aesthetic restoration of the frontal group of teeth according to the method of Style Italiano. Simply about the complicated." Kiev, 2015;
  • Took part in the seminar "Endodontics by rules 4: Modern approaches" Kiev, 2015;
  • "Problems of secondary endodontics" Kiev, 2016;
  • "Alphabet of Hand Scaling" PerioSchool" Kiev, 2017;
  • "Non-surgical periodontology. The basic concept of a hygienic reception" Kiev, 2017;
  • "Comprehensive training for Straumann Orthopedic and Surgical Solutions", Kyiv, 2018.
  • "Symposium "Hyaluronic Acid in Dentistry 2.0" Odessa, 2019.
The statistics of Dr. O. Dokutina  2020
Number of conducted consultations 296
Number of installed fillings 590
Number of anesthesia 413
Number of cleanings 240
Number of whitenings 43
The number of treated channels 134
Number of installed adhesive bridges 8
The number of performed Plasma lifting sessions 12
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