Soldatova Olha

Soldatova Olha


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Orthodontist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Solomianka.


  • Graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • Internship at the Vinnytsia National Medical University named after M.I. Pirogov;
  • Completed the specialization «Orthodontics» at the Bogomolets National Medical University.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Prevention of dento-jaw anomalies in children;
  • Treatment of bite pathologies in children and adolescents with removable and non-removable orthodontic equipment;
  • Orthodontic treatment with various types of bracket systems;
  • Bite correction using transparent mouthguards (aligners);
  • Treatment with micro-implants as an additional support;
  • Orthodontic preparation of the oral cavity before prosthetics, implantation.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «Orthodontic correction after splint therapy»;
  • «Fundamentals of functional dentistry»;
  • «Nuances of early orthodontic treatment»;
  • «Protocols for treating complex orthodontic cases using Bio-Ray microimplants»;


  • «Early Orthodontic Treatment: When and How»;
  • «Oral splints: Diagnosis, Design and Treatment Protocols»;
  • «An Intriduction to Temporomandubular Disoders and Orofacial Pain: Understanding the Problem»;
  • «Issues of professional responsibility of dentists in the event of a patient filing a lawsuit in court, ways of protection»;
  • Speaker at the International Conference of Young Orthodontists on the topic «Growth and development of jawbones in the age aspect»;
  • «Orthodontic residency. Modern principles of orthodontic treatment. Basics of diagnosis. Successful start of practice»;
  • Active participant in ХV International Scientific and Practical Conference «Innovations and Prospects of World Science»;


  • «Standards for providing medical dental care in the clinical practice of a dentist»;
  • «Dental practice in the conditions of a pandemic»;
  • «Diagnosis and treatment of class 2 anomalies»;
  • «Diagnosis and treatment of class 3 anomalies»;
  • Speaker at the International Conference of Young Orthodontists on the topic «Disruption of TMJ structural relationships in bite pathology»;
  • Active participant in VII International Scientific and Practical Conference «Modern Scientific Research: Achievements, Innovations and Development Prospects»;


  • «Start school of orthodontics»;


  • 1st Ukrainian congress with international participation «Integrated medicine and dentistry»;


  • IX (XIV) congress «Association of dentists of Ukraine»;
  • «Inter Profi School» by Institute Hyalual.


Statistics of Dr. Soldatova O.


Number of consultations.


The number of braces installed by type.

Metal braces.


Low-profile metal braces.


Ceramic braces.


Sapphire (monocrystal) bracket system.


Self-ligating (metal) bracket system Damon-3 mx.


Self-ligating (ceramic) bracket-system Damon3.


The number of corrections.


The number of installed children's plates.


Number of installed aligners.



Examples of the work of Dr. Soldatova O.
Photo with a Dr. Soldatova O.
Date of publication: 30.05.2023
Date of edit: 02.01.2024
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