Dental clinic Lumi-Dent on Pozniaky and Osokorky, Kyiv

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Lumi-Dent dental clinic is located in Pozniaky and Osokorky districts


Where should good professional dentistry be located in Kyiv?


Of course, the best dental clinic is the one that is located next to the patient.


That is why the network of our clinics has opened three dental clinics in Kyiv. Lumi-Dent dental clinic brings services for the residents of Darnytskyi district.


Moreover, it fully corresponds to the ideas about those dental clinics that patients (who come for top-class service) usually look for in the dentistry of the central part of the city.


The dental clinic is located at the address: Kyiv, Darnytskyi district, 14A Anna Akhmatova street.

Location of Lumi-Dent dental clinics.

The clinic is located next to the following streets: Drahomanova, Trostianetska, named after Larysa Rudenko, Vyshniakivska, Gmyri, Chavdar, Mishugy, and Truskavetska.


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We are incredibly proud that our company has become the leader for 2 years in a row in the national Ukrainian rating "People's Brand" in 2020 and 2021 in the "Best Dentistry" nomination.


Lumi-Dent won the National Brand 2020 competition

Lumi-Dent won the National Brand 2020 competition


Characteristics and features of dentistry in Poznyaky and Osokorky districts


Lumi-Dent dentistry serves patients at the highest level:


  • any procedure can be carried out in one place – a patient can receive a full range of services by visiting just one dental clinic in the Darnytskyi district;
  • equipment used by dentistry in Osokorky, is unique in many respects even for such developed city as Kyiv;
  • the dentistry (in Pozniaky district) does not use syringes, but it painlessly performs any procedures;
  • the first consultation is always free of charge;
  • our specialists have medical diplomas, they regularly improve their skills, keep abreast of innovations in the field of treatment, implantation, prosthetics.


There is adult and pediatric dentistry; patients are admitted from the first years of the child and without restrictions on the age of elderly patients.


What is interesting:


  • are special services for the expecting mothers;
  • digital diagnostic cabinets;
  • there is convenient parking near the dental clinic;
  • it is easy to get to the dentistry of the Darnytsia district by public transport.


Dental clinic Kyiv photo Lumi-Dent


What services does the dentistry in Osokorky district provide


Lumi-Dent dentistry is everything you need to maintain the health and beauty of your smile, in one place. The following services are provided here:


  1. dental treatment;
  2. dental prosthetics;
  3. correction of the bite by the orthodontist;
  4. tooth extraction (surgical dentistry);
  5. dental implantation;
  6. prevention of diseases of milk and molars (pediatric dentistry takes from the first years of life) and much more.


The dental clinic in Pozniaky has dentists in all areas:


  • dentist-therapist;
  • dentist-surgeon;
  • orthodontist;
  • orthopedist;
  • implantologist;
  • radiologist;
  • anesthesiologist;
  • pediatric dentist;
  • dental hygienist;
  • periodontist;
  • gnathologist;
  • endodontist.


Due to the constant presence of anesthesiologists in the clinic, dental clinic in Osokorky district can carry out any procedure under anesthesia (medication sleep).


There is a good dentistry right next to you in Darnytskyi district with:


  • unique equipment;
  • professional dentists;
  • broad specialization.


Photo. Dentists from the Lumi-Dent dental clinic.


Dentistry Poznyaki Osokorky Kyiv photo Lumi Dent


Diagnostic dentistry


Modern diagnostics is one of the absolute advantages that dentistry in Pozniaky district has (on Anna Akhmatova street).


The equipment of the dental clinic (in the best traditions of Lumi-Dent) is unique in many ways for Kyiv:


  1. CT scanners with cephalostat for teleradiography (there are no more than 10 of them in the whole city);
  2. new generation digital x-ray system for targeted and panoramic images of the oral cavity;
  3. dental microscopes;
  4. intraoral scanners;
  5. dental lasers.


This is not all that dentistry uses to quickly and accurately find the source of the problem and carry out the appropriate treatment.


Dentistry that treats gums, teeth and tongue


Lumi-Dent dental clinic (in Osokorky district) provides painless treatment of teeth and gums of any complexity thanks to advanced technologies and the latest equipment.


  1. Teeth filling is carried out with materials of European and American production (composites, glass ionomers, nanocomposites - these fillings are not only aesthetic, but also completely repeat the shape of the tooth);
  2. Esthetic restoration of teeth and dental crown build up allows you to restore even the frontal zone so that no one would guess that you visited the dentist (usually in 1 visit);
  3. Dentistry in Pozniaky district uses unique solutions for gum treatment - laser and ozone therapy;
  4. The dentist restores weak enamel using the latest technologies (enamel implantation, building up with composites, fluoridation and remineralization);
  5. Tooth mobility is no longer a verdict – Lumi-Dent dentistry carries out professional splinting and other manipulations, after which the smile will look great, and the chewing ability will be fully restored.


Lumi-Dent dentistry treats everything: teeth, gums, tongue, mucous membrane, palate.


Photo. Reception area of the clinic.


Dentistry Pozniaky photo Lumident


Dentistry in Osokorky district - a modern center for dental prosthetics


A professional dentist in Pozniaky district will carry out prosthetics with high-quality designs.


Dentists in Lumi-Dent dental clinic installs:


  • porcelain veneers;
  • tabs (direct and indirect method);
  • single crowns and bridges (porcelain, zirconium dioxide);
  • removable nylon prostheses;
  • bugel (conditionally removable) prostheses;
  • pinned teeth.


Contact us for implantation and prosthetics, because:


  • The choice of treatment method is carried out individually after examination and complex diagnostics;
  • In any case, the dentist will offer a balanced solution for the price and quality of the result, which will suit a particular patient;
  • All procedures (treatment, preparation of prosthetic teeth, etc.) are performed under anesthesia (without injection), and the result is guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Only a few dental clinics throughout Ukraine have their own digital dental laboratory, which carries out a full cycle of prosthesis manufacturing. The Lumi
  • Dent dental clinics network has such a laboratory, so our dentistry can offer truly unique solutions in such an area as dental prosthetics.


Photo. The process of dental treatment in Lumi-Dent dental clinic.


Dentistry osokorky photo


Aesthetic stomatology, Osokorky


A beautiful smile is what the dentistry of the Lumi-Dent dental clinics network in Pozniaky works for, the following services are available here:


  • teeth whitening (ultrasound, laser, chemical method);
  • professional teeth cleaning;
  • AirFlow cleaning.


If you are dissatisfied with the color or shape of your teeth, then Lumi-Dent is the dentistry in Kyiv that you need.


  • This is one of the few places where vast experience has been accumulated in the installation of thin veneers, under which it is not necessary to grind a tooth (Lumineers brand technology and Ukrainian budget analogue Ultraneers);
  • Dentistry also carries out artistic aesthetic restoration of teeth, including the elimination of interdental gaps, three and diastemas.


Implant dentistry in Osokorky and Pozniaky districts


Another popular service provided by dentistry in Kyiv is dental implantation:


  • one- and two-stage;
  • simultaneous (implantation immediately after removal);
  • basal;
  • laser.


In Lumi-Dent dentistry, dentists install Swiss, Israeli, American prostheses of the most famous brands, which have received recognition and rave reviews from professionals and their patients.


Dental implantation in Lumi-Dent dentistry (Darnytskyi district) is:


  1. modern approach to treatment planning (digital modeling with photo and preliminary result);
  2. a large selection of implants for any budget;
  3. the highest qualification of implant surgeons;
  4. guaranteed result;
  5. the ability to restore a tooth at any age.


Photo. Dental prosthetics based on implants in Lumi-Dent.


Dentistry osokorky photo Lumident


Any malocclusion (orthodontics) may be treated in dentistry in Osokorky district


Now you should not go across Kyiv to a good orthodontist to treat an overbite - the dental clinic in Poznyaky district uses advanced solutions and modern technologies for this purpose:


  • miniature braces (including internal ones for adults and bright colors if it's a children's set);
  • comfortable invisible trainers;
  • transparent aligners for those who do not want to wear braces, but dream of a Hollywood smile;
  • orthodontic plates.


Orthodontic Lumi-Dent dentistry is able to find a suitable treatment and carry it out at any age: even an aged patient can correct the curvature of the teeth here without pain and with maximum comfort.


If the malocclusion is small, the orthodontist will offer a modern method - veneer or dental prosthetics.


The latest technologies used by the dentistry (in Osokorky district, Kyiv)


The dental clinic of the Lumi-Dent dental clinics network in Poznyaky district is the latest achievements that world dentistry has achieved, moreover, it is located next to your metro station:


  • dental treatment under a dental microscope (the doctor sees all the smallest details of the tooth in the lens while the patient watches a movie or even sleeps);
  • gum plasty with the use of hyaluronic acid;
  • ozone therapy (only a few clinics in the country have such an arsenal of equipment);
  • laser dentistry;
  • restoration of the bone tissue of the jaws with its own cells;
  • plasm lifting - treatment of gums without surgery;
  • scanning of the oral cavity instead of conventional impressions;
  • treatment asleep (pediatric dentistry in Lumi-Dent also uses this method);
  • computer anesthesia - anesthesia without syringes and more.


Dentistry for children – Pozniaky and Osokorky districts


Pediatric dentists serve young patients from the earliest years, and it is not in a standard way, but with an innovative approach to babies, which is recognized as the most effective in Europe and the USA.


How it works:


  • every pediatrician receives appropriate training;
  • at the first appointment, the child often does not undergo manipulations (this is an acquaintance with the place and the doctor, an interesting educational video, games);
  • treatment is carried out under sedation (drug sleep, sedation with nitrous oxide) - the child does not worry and does not fidget in the chair, and the specialist calmly performs everything that is necessary.


Lumi-Dent dental centers provide:


  • kind and friendly pediatric dentists;
  • a special approach to the treatment of milk teeth;
  • any treatment is pain-free;
  • sterility and safety guarantee;
  • positive feedback from parents.


Photo. Dental treatment for a child under nitrous oxide sedation.


Dentistry Pozniaky photo Lumident


The best dentistry in Osokorky district near Pozniaky metro station: advantages of Lumi-Dent dental clinics


Let us sum it up: what makes Lumi-Dent a special dental center that serves the Darnytskyi district?


  1. Unique equipment in many respects: tomographs, microscopes, lasers, ozone devices, oral cavity scanners and much more;
  2. Convenient location close to metro stations;
  3. Qualified dentists in all areas - from the surgeon to the orthodontist, pediatrician, endodontist and prosthetist;
  4. All dental services in one place - from a free consultation to the installation of veneers, removal of third molars and implantation with surgical templates;
  5. Individual approach to each patient (selection of a course of therapy in accordance with preferences and wishes);
  6. Exceptional comfort for each visitor (waiting area with Wi-Fi, painless procedures, treatment asleep, online appointment and much more);
  7. It is easy to find our clinic, and it does not matter how you arrive (by private car, fixed-route taxi, to the Pozniaky metro station) - there is a table with adescription of the routes and a map with navigation on the Lumi-Dent website;
  8. We are located close to the following streets: Truskavetska, Dragomanova, named after Larysa Rudenko, Trostianetska, Vyshniakivska, Chavdar, Gmyri, and Mishugy.


Honest dentistry price is one more important advantage of each clinic of the Lumi-Dent network.


We are working hard to make advanced dentistry accessible to every resident and guest of the capital.


Our visitors appreciate it: Lumi-Dent has already won twice in the "Dentistry" category of the "People's Brand" rating in 2020 and 2021.


How dentistry on Osokorky accepts patients


To find out how a dentist in Pozniaky in Kyiv accepts, you need to:


  • fill out an application on the site, and the clinic administrator will contact you;
  • call any of the phones listed on the official website of Lumi-Dent dentistry;
  • enter to the Lumi-Dent group in any of the popular social networks - Facebook, Instagram, etc. (Lumi-Dent dentistry has created convenient pages so that every modern patient can use fashionable technologies);
  • come in person to the dental clinic (14A A. Akhmatova str.);
  • dentistry is open until the evening so that you do not have to take time off from work to whiten your teeth;
  • tell the administrator when you would like to receive services, and the specialist will be happy to suggest the best option for you;
  • all telephone conversations are recorded to control the quality of service - dentistry makes sure that you receive the highest standard of service.


Reviews that dentistry deserves (Pozniaky, Osokorky)


  • Lumi-Dent dentistry appreciates every feedback that its patient leaves;
  • everyone who is just looking for a dental clinic near their home can read the reviews on the website of the dental center;
  • we are for honesty and trust, therefore we offer reviews in video format - they give an idea not only about the quality of treatment, but also about the emotions that people experience;
  • it is always more visual, informative, honest and correct, in the best traditions of the national brand No.1;
  • always check reviews from those who have already visited our dental clinic.


After you are acquainted with the features of Lumi-Dent dentistry in Pozniaky personally, do not forget to leave your feedback, because it is important for our dentists what each patient thinks.


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