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We are glad to welcome you on the website of professional inexpensive dental clinic Lumi-Dent (Kiev, Left Bank of the Dniepr River, Darnitskiy district, the nearest metro stations are Poznyaky, Osokorki, adress: 14-A Anny Ahmatovoi str.).

We have created the best dental clinic in Kiev with the good dentists who are ready to provide affordable comprehensive professional services in treatment, prosthesis, surgical dental implantation. Our private clinic is located in Darnitskiy district on the Left bank, the closest to Poznyaky, Osokorki neighborhoods and is one of the top three biggest clinics in the capital – 9 dentist’s rooms, among them 3 dental surgery departments, X-ray room with CT scanner, radiovisiograph.

Dental clinic Lumi-Dent is one of the best representatives of inexpensive dentistry in Kiev for dental treatment. We have 3 separate operating rooms for dental surgery, where implantation , bone grafting and other manipulations are carried out legally.  Dental surgery departments are equipped with all necessary equipment for conducting procedures under painless computer anesthesia, or in a medication sleep.

Lumi-Dent in Kiev is one of the most technically equipped polyclinics in Poznyaky, Osokorki neighbourhoods -  fine dentists of our team use the latest dental technologies, as well as the equipment of the best global companies. During the visit you are guaranteed only positive emotions, communication with a polite doctor, absolutely painless treatment, and inexpensive high-class service.

Our performance is based on more than 20 years of our employees’ work experience, allowing us to professionally apply advanced technologies with the latest dental equipment.


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dental implants installed per year


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professional tooth cleanings per year

Clinic personnel is an associate member of the Ukrainian Dentists Association, our employees are regularly trained in clinics of Europe and America.

Our dentistry in Kiev gives you much more than just treatment. Professional, attentive specialists will give you a beautiful smile in the long run, as well as excellent mood, life positive, love, respect of close people and colleagues, career success. A perfect smile and healthy teeth should be affordable to everyone, what is proved by our prices. You can get acquainted with the cost of services on page "Price".

The testimonials (text and videos) you can see at page "About clinic" - "Reviews".  We openly share links to the reputable medical portals, where you can find independent opinions of clients about our team.

Before visiting a dentist it is extremely important to see the results of work on other patients. You can find this information in the section "Our works".

Our private dental clinic in Kiev is conveniently placed - at the address: Left Bank, Poznyaki, this dentistry is close to those living on the streets of Anny Akhmatovoy, Revutskovo, Dragomanova, Grigorenko, Knyazhiy Zaton, Urlovskaya, Zdolbunovskaya, Trostyanetskaya, Bazhana, Pchelki, Kharkovskoe shosse as well as in the neighbourhoods of Osokorky and Kharkovskiy.

We do not use syringe when injecting anesthesia! All dental procedures are performed under painless and high-quality computer anesthesia – you will feel absolutely comfortable during a stay in our dental clinic!

Our dental clinic is equipped with microscopes, laser devices, MRI scanner and with many other technologies which only a few private dental centers in Ukraine have. Though, the most valuable aspect in our work is the best dentists having excellent estimates of visitors, who have been trained in well-known medical centers in the US and Europe.

You will get initial good impression right after the first call – administrators and all personnel have learned and are successfully applying the innovative management system of communication and customer care. Trust us – never before has a visit to a good dentist for dental treatment been so comfortable and pleasant!

The main reward for our work is the smile of our customers!

Addresses and landmarks to easily find the best dental clinic Lumi-Dent - the closest moderately priced dental clinic in Darnytskiy district near Anny Akhmatovoi, Revutskovo, Dragomanova, Grigorenko, Knyazhiy Zaton, Urlovskaya, Zdolbunovska, Trostyanetskaya, Bazhana, Pchilki, Kharkovsky shosse streets.

There is no alternative – contact Lumi-Dent!

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All procedures are painless due to the STA computer anesthesia
Clinic is positioned near Poznyaki or Osokorky subway stations and near the transport stops
Quality services for the reasonable prices, discount cards and special propositions
Newest technologies – microscopes, lasers, ozone, digital prints and smile modeling, plasma lifting of the gums
Our doctors have passed the training in Europe and US
Reliable diagnostic by the digital visiograph and computer tomographic
License for teeth surgery and treatment while sleeping
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