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Examination, consultation free
Ceramic veneer
Special offer! Only till 31st of May!
4241 UAH
Ultra-thin ceramic veneer (without grinding enamel)
Special offer! Only till 31st of May!
8212 UAH
Direct therapeutic veneer 2490 UAH
Tooth restoration от 770 до 2490 UAH
Computer anesthesia STA 350 UAH
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 3200 UAH
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
Special offer! Only until 31st of May!
900 UAH
Dental treatment under the microscope (1 tooth) от 430 до 830 UAH
Zirconium dioxide dental crown CAD-CAM "Budget" 4400 UAH
Zirconium dioxide dental crown CAD-CAM "Business" 5440 UAH
Digital scan 2 jaws with bite fixation 1100 UAH
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  • Promotional action!!! Discount for installation of original Lumineers Cerinate 25 %!
  • Veneers or lumineers? What is better?
  • What are the lumineers?
  • An advantages of Hollywood lumineers
  • Contraindications for the installation of Hollywood lumineers
  • Disadvantages of Lumineers Cerinate

Promotional action!!! Discount for installation of original Lumineers Cerinate 25 %!

Order the original ceramic hollywood veneers "cerinate" in our clinic for unexpected price -
total 14 999 UAH! Only until 31st of May!

This service in our clinics Lumi-Dent (Kiev, Ukraine) is provided by a board-certified specialist according to the original Lumineers Cerinate - Glushko Alexey Sergeevich, who passed the courses and is certified by the world's only Den-Mat laboratory (USA, California).

This information can be checked at the official website Den-Mat. At the official lumineers website there is a list of specialists in Ukraine, who are certified by the original manufacturer. There you can see a lot of photos before and after of installing such ultra-thin ceramic lumineers.

When you visit our clinic you can see the original lumineers certificate of a specialist.

Smile with hollywood veneers of Lumi-Dent`s patient.

Lumineers photo pics Lumi-Dent

Veneers or lumineers? What is better?

You can also choose an alternative – classic ceramic veneers, the price per 1 unit 4241 UAH. The main difference between them is that for the installation of ultra-thin Hollywood lumineers you do not need to grind your teeth, because of their minimum thickness – only 0.2 mm.

Under the classic ceramic veneers - dental tissues are processed to 0.8 - 1 mm from the outside. For all other parameters (term wearing, teeth appearance, etc.) – lumineers and veneers have no differences. More information about classic ceramic inlays, the before and after photos see here

Examples of works of hollywood veneers performed by our doctors, the before and after photos.


Lumineers photos before and after

Hollywood dental veneers

A beautiful smile – dream for many people.

What are the lumineers?

  • Lumineers Cerinate — the author's development of laboratory specialists Den-Mat (USA).
  • Lumineers are the finest ceramic inlays, which are made individually and are attached to the outer surface of the teeth, thereby correcting any cosmetic defects.
  • Hollywood veneers are made of incredibly strong ceramic mass, which has no analogues in the world – their thickness is not more than 0,2 - 0,3 mm - like the eye lens has.
  • Lumineers do not require a tooth preparation - just for 2 visits to a dentist you get a dazzlingly beautiful smile without harm to your teeth!
Lumineers on teeth

An advantages of Hollywood lumineers

  • Irreproachably! We realize our dream of an ideal smile.
  • Simply! No special care is needed, lumineers do not break down, they do not change color.
  • It's been tested! The first lumineers were installed in the USA more than 25 years ago and have no claims to date! Great customer reviews!
  • Sparingly! During lumineers installing it is not necessary to treat the teeth!
  • Quickly! For hollywood veneers placing need only 2 visits to a doctor are necessary for their installation!
  • Painlessly! The lumineers installation procedure is completely painless!

Contraindications for the installation of Hollywood lumineers

  • For people suffering from bruxism (gnashing of teeth at night).
  • At strongly expressed teeth overcrowding or abnormalities of occlusion. First, in such situation, it is recommended to use the services of an orthodontist and to align the rows of teeth.
  • Extremely dark color of native teeth. In this case, preference is given to classic veneers, due to their greater thickness for masking the color.

Dentist ortopedist Gorin D. with his patient after lumineeers fixation.

Lumineers USA original photo Lumi-Dent

Disadvantages of Lumineers Cerinate

By cons of the ceramic Hollywood lumineers can be attributed, unless, the higher cost compared to the classical designs, which are manufactured in our own digital dental laboratory on the Imes-Icore 350i.

The team of Lumi-Dent, in Kiev, decided to reduce this minor minus of lumineers for our valuable customers – the cost of their installation. Now we offer the promotional actions until the end of the month – the cost is only 14 999 UAH per 1 lumineer!

Do not miss your chance! Lumineers consultation of our dentist is free!

For your information, the original lumineers are manufactured only in one place – in the laboratory Den-Mat (California).

The 5 years' service life guarantee is provided on the original hollywood veneers only!

Consultations in the dentistry "Lumi-Dent" in Ukraine on the Left Bank of Kiev, on the neighborhoods Poznyaki, Osokorki, Berezniaky, Kharkovskyi – is free.

The price of lumineers is special-offer now, hurry up to order them for unprecedented low cost.

Many before and after photos of work you can see in the section "Our works".

Our clients' videoreviews you can watch at the webpage "Reviews".

And remember! If for any reason you want to take off Hollywood lumineers - a dentist can easily do this without damaging the native enamel.

Summary statistics for some provided services for 2020:

Installation of lumineers 110
Installations of all-ceramic dental crowns 604
Installed full-contoured anatomical-shaped zirconium dioxide dental crowns 1053
Installed veneers 812
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