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A Dentist Appointment In The Network Of Clinics Lumi-Dent

On this page you may read about dental services provided by professional and one of the largest network of clinics in Kiev - "Lumi-Dent" on the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaki, Osokorki, Bereznyaki, Kharkovskyi.

At your service 15 doctor's offices, 4 surgical departments, 3 radiological departments with a digital computer tomography. The staff of Lumi-dent has more than 140 qualified personnel.

The following doctors work in the clinics:

  • 5 orthodontist
  • 6 implant surgeons
  • 3 radiologists
  • 2 anesthesiologists
  • 9 orthopedists
  • 17 therapeutists
  • 3 hygienists

Запись на прием к стоматологу Киев фото

You may make an appointment to the dentist on-line in the chat, or in the appointment block (right on the page).

At your service professionally designed pages in all popular social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

To enroll in the clinics easily and comfortably possible via any of the social networks - you will receive very quick responses during the working time. In non-working hours of dentistry – on the next day administrators will write or call you on the noted contacts. 

You will be promptly contacted by our professional administrators, and will help to make your appointment to the dentist in the nearest and most convenient time for you.

It is also possible to make an appointment for a dentist by several phones, which are located at the top in the header of the site and on the page "Contacts", or by clicking on the callback button in the lower right corner of any page.

Our dental clinics in Kiev provide a variety of services:

  • X-ray diagnostics
  • Restoration of teeth
  • Endodontic root canal treatment under a microscope
  • Dental implantology
  • All types of prosthetics
  • Laser and photo-whitening
  • Surgery, removal of teeth and tumors
  • Bite correction with all types of braces, as well as without braces - transparent caps
  • Manufacturing of all types of dentures in our own digital dental laboratory 

Зубные проблемы прием стоматолога Киев фото

To eliminate all dental problems - in addition to the main list of dental care, which is provided by the majority of dentists in Kiev - Lumi-Dent also offers a number of ultramodern services on the latest technologies:

  • treatment of teeth under a microscope
  • plastic gum injections of hyaluronic acid
  • services of a gnathologist
  • laser dentistry
  • ozone therapy
  • bone grafting with own blood clots
  • computer simulation of smile
  • digital impressions without impression material
  • computer anesthesia without a syringe
  • treatment in the sleep
  • plasmolifting of gums
  • and many others

Appointment at the dentist to eliminate dental problems in our clinics will bring you a lot of positive emotions. While staying at the reception area, customers always have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the latest innovations of dental technologies.

During the consultation, the doctor will make a detailed examination, then offer a variety of technology and cost options for solving your dental problems.

Immediately after the consultation, the patient receives a printout with the exact price of all dental manipulations.

All the time of treatment in our clinics to the services of clients a professional manager who will guess all your wishes, monitors the timing of manufacturing of works, will remind you the date and time of the next visit to the clinic.

This manager does not forget to call you the day after the doctor's appointment to ask about your health.

Any response about the work of our specialists on the quality of solutions to your dental problems will not be unnoticed.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with your visit to Lumi-Dent dental clinics!


Figures for some services rendered in 2023:

Computer anesthesia STA carried out 9748
Treatments under sedation 180
Simple removals 2565
Removals of wisdom teeth 1613
Tooth fillings installed 6098
Professional whitenings 484
Complex of teeth cleanings 3610
Dental implants installed 1293
Date of publication: 22.11.2021
Date of edit: 02.05.2024
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