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Date of publication: 30.08.2016
Date of edit: 25.11.2022
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Lumi-Dent dentistry prices on stomatology services, Kiev Ukraine

Name of service Price, UAH
X-ray diagnosis
X-ray (aimed). 170
Panoramic X-Ray of the teeth (digital orthopantomogram). 290
Computer tomography
When installing dental implants – computer tomography for free!
CT of the maxilla (120*90mm). 610
CT of the mandible (120*90mm). 610
CT of both jaws in occlusion. 720
CT of maxillary sinuses of a nose (120*90mm). 700
CT of segment (80*50mm). 390
CT of segment (50*50mm). 370
Computer tomography description. from 330 to 440
Lateral telerentgenography (TRG). 290
Frontal view telerentgenography (TRG). 290
Computer anesthesia STA. 350
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour). 3500
Mild nitric oxide sedation (15 minutes). 675
Medication sleep for a child under 18 years (1 hour). 3600
Inference of a child from medication sleep. 2000
Consultation of Pediatric Anesthesiologist. 600
Consultation of Anesthesiologist for adults. 500
New technologies
"Plasmolifting" treatment session (1 jaw). 1940
"Plasmolifting" treatment session (both jaws). 2780
Diagnosis of diseases under the microscope (1 tooth). 350
Dentistry under the microscope (1 tooth). from 430 to 840
A-PRF procedure (recovery of bone by own blood membrane), 2 test tube 2150
Computer simulation of a smile. 620
T-SCAN computer diagnosis (analysis of bite). 1099
Natural enamel implantation (or 5 teeth). 1725
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (ultra-sonic teeth cleansing + air-flow, 2 jaws).

Till 31.12!

Inspection, consultation. free
Ultra-sonic removal of the dental plaque (1 jaw). 550
Plaque removal using Air-Flow (1 jaw). 575
Light – curing fillings. from 770 to 1970
Sealing 1 radix channel by hot gutta-percha (3D obturation). 870
Medical and instrumental treatment of 1 root canal (Endo Motor). 650
Provision of dental ambulance. 290
Dental splinting of dentition (1 tooth). 790
Deep fluoride treatment (1 tooth). 190
Home teeth whitening (1 jaw). 1690
Laser “ZOOM” whitening Express (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Laser “ZOOM” teeth whitening Expert (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Photowhitening Magic Smile Express (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Photowhitening Magic Smile Expert (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Photowhitening BEYOND Express (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Photowhitening BEYOND Expert (1 jaw).

Till 31.12!

Dental digital impression (1 jaw). 550
Silicone impress. 350
Alginate impress. 255
Dental temporary crown (made in the clinic). 500
Dental temporary crown (made in the laboratory). 680
Dental temporary crown on implant (screw fixation). 800
Metal - ceramic crown. from 2560 to 3840
Metal - ceramic crown on implant in dental articulator (screw fixation). from 3040 to 3640
Full-contourced anatomical-shaped zirconium dioxide dental crown CAD-CAM "Budget". 6200
Full-contourced anatomical-shaped zirconium dioxide dental crown CAD-CAM "Business". 6800
Direct therapeutic veneer. 2490

Ceramic veneer.

Till 31.12!

Ultra-thin ceramic veneer (without grinding enamel).

Till 31.12!

Dental full porcelain crown from pressable ceramics. 6200
Dental full porcelain crown E-max CAD-CAM (full anatomy). 8400
Individual spoon for impress. 650
Dental stump restoration on root. 1035
Dental stump inlay from zirconium dioxide. 4450
Clasp dental clip-retained prosthesis. 7790
Overlay denture with nylon basis. 7890
Dental implant-retained prosthesis Bio Hpp. 47100
Offloading mouthguard. 3375
Tooth extraction. from 500 to 1200
Wisdom tooth extraction. from 1050 to 2240
Abscess dissection, drainage. 690
Extraction of a cyst. from 2210 to 3 320
Root apex resection/apical surgery. from 1510 to 11000
Dental bone grafting. from 4710
Membrane producement PRF, 2 test tube 950
Suturing. from 240 to 360
Periodontist consultation. 700
«Vector» Procedure 2 jaw visit 1. 5600
«Vector» Procedure 2 jaw visit 2. 4400
Teeth Implantation
When installing dental implants - computer tomography for free!

Till 31.12!

Consultation. free
Implant H-Dent Classic surface S.L.A. (Israel) (with installation).

Till 31.12!

4 400
Implant Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros (with installation).

Special offer! Only till 31st of December!

5 350
Implant Neobiotech IS-II Active surface S.L.A. (South Korea) (with installation). 6 300
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea) (with installation). 9 299

Implant MegaGen AnyRidge (South Korea) (with installation).

Till 31.12!

10 699

Implant Neodent Helix GM Acqua (with installation).

Till 31.12!

11 599
Implant MIS M4 (Israel) (with installation). 8 000
Implant MIS C1 (Israel) (with installation). 10 899
Implant STRAUMANN BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland) (with installation).

Till 31.12!

14 799
Implant STRAUMANN BLT, Roxolid SLA, Ti Zr (Switzerland) (with installation). 17 699
Implant STRAUMANN BLT, Roxolid SLActive, Ti Zr (Switzerland) (with installation). 19 299
Implant STRAUMANN BLX SLActive (Switzerland) (with installation). 23 099

Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland) (with installation).

Till 31.12!

19 699
Cheekbone implant Jdental 32 000
Cheekbone implant Noris Zygomatic 36 000
Sinus-lifting. 4299
Laser stomatology
Laser Treatment of periodontitis (1 tooth). 290
Laser plastic of bridle. 1500
Laser vestibuloplastics. from 3020 to 3550
Opening impacted tooth by laser (for further orthodontic treatment). 1610
Treatment of cysts by laser. 2800
Consultation with a dentist orthodontist. free
Removable orthodontic device from (plate with screws or without screw). from 4 040
Formulation of:  
Metal braces American Orthodontics, Till 31.12! 3 999

- metal braces

8 999
- low-profile metal braces (1 jaw). 10 410
- hypoallergenic metal braces. 11 250
- self-ligating metal braces. 19 699
- ceramic braces (aesthetic, 1 jaw). 19 099
- self-ligating ceramic braces. 25 199
- sapphire (single crystal) braces. 21 599
- braces Damon - 3 (metal) self-ligating. 19 699
- braces Damon Q- micro (metal) self-ligating. 19 699
- braces Damon - 3 clear (ceramic) self-ligating. 26 699
- lingual (internal) braces. 32 999
Correcting the bite without brackets with the help of the Easy Align. from 1 980
Computer diagnostics and treatment planning with the help of the Invisalign. 12 390
Children's dentistry
Tooth decay treatment "without drilling" ICON. 1200
Enamel implantation "Innodent" (5 teeth). 1725
Colourful filling "Color-Flow". 1050
Fluoridation 1 jaw. 1063
Fissure sealing. from 625 to 875
Medication sleep for a child under 16 years (1 hour). 4000
Inference of a child from medication sleep. 3300
Consultation of Pediatric Anesthesiologist. 770


Teeth implantation in Lumi-Dent.

Стоматология Киев фото Люми-Дент



All warranty conditions and obligations are indicated on the "service guarantees" page.


Payment options

We accept all existing options for payment for services, including installments.

For more information about possible payment options for our services - read by link.

Clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev offer very reasonable prices for all dental services. The price for the specific services is lowered according to the Special Offer.

The precise price for a specific service at the calculation of the specific service can be saved for you and garanteed during 1 month from the moment of calculation by the doctor during the personal visit.

You may be sure that our price offer regarding the correlation "cost-quality" is one of the best available in Kyiv.

Veneers placing for Lumident patient.

Стоматология в Киеве фото Люмидент


  1. The list of the available services is not complete and is represented for the patient's information about the actual prices for the stomatological procedures'
  2. Every procedure may require additional manipulations, which should be paid as well.
  3. The precise price to pay for the planned treatment can be summarized only during the personal consultation at the clinic.
  4. Prices for some stomatological services may differ, that is why you have to precise the actual price for a specific service at the clinic administrator. 

Dentistry price Kiev Lumi-Dent

Director's revelation about the dental clinics prices

Director LUMIDENT Ltd.  Polozhiy Arthur.

Dentistry next to me near Kiev photo LumiDent

Dear visitors, I would like to pour some light on the prices and pricing in our dental clinics – Lumi-Dent, Kiev.

Recently, we often hear from patients - "Why do you have such a low price? What is that – a poor quality technology? There is sort of a trick ..."

I wish to say at once – no trick at all.

In addition, I’d like to say that our dental clinic is providing the quality services at affordable prices no because of low clinic level, but, other way round – we understand what is the correct business, and for the present day we are one of the best commercial dental clinics in Kiev, and all over Ukraine as well.

Few words about the level of our clinics in Kyiv.

I would provide facts only.

  • We are one of the five largest private dentistry clinics of Kiev – we are composed of 23 doctoral cabinets where the patients reception is performed.
  • 4 Separate X-Ray cabinets with the computer tomographic, absence of which make the inspection and planning of the further interventions impossible. At our estimation – only about 25 dental clinics from near 600 of private medical centres are having this equipment available.
  • Almost all precise operations dentists Lumident are provided using 15 dental microscopes manufactured in America (Seiler, USA). For the present day working with microscope in Kiev – is first of all a quality standard. We do not know any other clinic in Kiev that can afford 15 microscopes, because it is a very expensive equipment.

Teeth treatment with dental microscope, dentistry on Obolon.

Стоматология Киев фото Люми-Дент

  • In our everyday work we use 3 (!!!) dental lasers According to statistics – only one of 20 dental clinics iin capital of Ukraine can afford at least 1 laser in their arsenal – not speaking of two or three.
  • Furthermore – ozone apparatus – is an extremely important technology to achieve the healing of the gum diseases and in sterilization of the root canals. By the way – a very rare thing in Kiev.
  • Going further – we do not know even one clinic in our city that would abandon conventional (regular) syringes in their practice. We are the exclusion from the general rule. For several years already each dentists room is equipped with the newest system of computer anesthesia, that allows to perform the secure local anesthesia to perform any dental manipulations – and what more – the moment of anesthetizing performing is absolutely pleasant for you.

Computer local anesthesia device for pain relief in dentistry, Kyiv.

Стоматология Люми-Дент картинки фото

  • Lumident is a leader in Kiev in aesthetic dentistry as well – we are an experts in installing the thin veneers – Lumineers  – that require no teeth handling. 
  • We have an own modern digital teeth-prosthesis laboratory.
  • Our doctors and administrators are constantly passing tour of duties with best business-trainers, and this overture allow not only to treat – but to provide service to our customers the most professional way.
  • We record and control all client’s phone calls – that’s why you can be sure that the communication with our administrators will be professional and high-quality as well, as providing you all needed information.
  • We are one of few Kiev dental clinics that can allow having 8 orthodontists and 6 implant-surgeons – the most technological and highly requested specializations in the dentistry directions.
  • Each day implantation surgeons Lumident are providing 20 (in average) operations of teeth implantation – it is the highest number we know in between our colleagues in Kyiv.

Dental implantation procedure.

Стоматология Киев цены прайс стоимость Люми-Дент фото

But how – finally – we achieved such results? Why are we maintaining moderate prices comparing to the clinics having much lower technology and staff training level?

Due to the optimum pricing we could load all our doctors and all six facilities with work the way that applications to the clinic are scheduled for next 2-3 weeks, and the clinic is working with no days off from 8 in the morning till 9 in the night.

You can always address me personally - on any questions, I would appreciate any feedback, comments or propositions for improving the sevice provided by our team.

Come to our clinic and make sure you made a right choice!

Regards, Polozhiy Artur.

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