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Examples of works of veneers of our doctors, before and after photo:

Before and after veneers

Veneers installation results

Photos with veneers and without veneers

Video with our orthopedist on installation of veneers:


Are very thin ceramic plates placed on the exterior side of the anterior teeth, their thickness amounts to 0.4-0.6 mm.

Advantages of ceramic veneers Lumi-Dent:

  • Dental tissues are grinded minimally - only the superficies of the teeth up to 0.6 mm;
  • Excellent level of esthetics - the established compositions have excellent dimensions, shape, colour, with a transparency typical for healthy teeth;
  • Excellent colour retention - the plates don’t change their colour, don’t stain of food colourants, coffee, smoking;
  • Reviews on veneers are exceptionally good regarding its esthetic aspect and use;
  • Low price.

The advantage of the installed ceramic veneers is excellent esthetics (Hollywood smile) without significant grinding of dental tissues. The cost of their manufacture is higher than the price of a photopolymer filling, but the visual appearance and reliability of work far exceed any restoration. On this page you may see the photos of works of our doctors before and after installation. 

Some clinics still offer their clients direct veneers which are inherently standard photopolymer seals. Direct veneers as for its functional and aesthetic characteristics are much inferior to those made of ceramics (not direct). Therefore, the manufacture of direct outer plates is not very popular among dentists and clients.

Up to date veneers, which have only positive reviews- are one of the most top-requested constructions in aesthetic dentistry, Ukraine and Kiev are not an exception to this tendency.

Their more advanced modification is the Lumineers - ultrathin ceramic plates which are produced and then strengthened without any processing of tooth enamel. You can read more about the lumineers following this link.

Indications for installation:

  • Irregular shape or size of teeth;
  • Darkening of natural teeth under the influence of colourants, antibiotics, injuries;
  • Big darkened seals (restorations) which spoil the visual appearance;
  • Heterogeneity of the surface (multiple cracks in the enamel, stains, rough surface on the exterior side, and so on);
  • Presence of interdental spaces (trema, diastema);
  • Irregular position of the teeth (inclination inward or outward from the dental raws);
  • The patient's desire to get a beautiful Hollywood smile with an ideal shape of the anterior teeth of excellent light shade.

Installation of veneers - stages:

  • First visit.

    The dental prosthetist discusses with the patient the essential points, then adopts the future colour according to the special scale. The doctor makes photo of the current appearance of the teeth, then he shows the patient what will be his future smile by utilizing a special computer program. After discussing with the client the corrections of dimensions - the digital data is transmitted to the laboratory where the identical copies of the upcoming ceramic restorations are cut out on the proper equipment that are put on the visitor’s teeth during the same visit.

  • Second visit.

    The client shares his impressions with the doctor about the shape of future ceramic restorations, the required corrections are made.

    The orthopedist thins off the dental tissues from the outside to the thickness, not more than 0.6 mm. The required pickup impression is made from the processed spaces according to which the permanent compositions on the basis of computer simulation data are made in the laboratory from special ceramic blocks.

    With the help of the made impression during the first visit the doctor makes and then installs temporary plates that allow the customer to smile, to eat food, and also to protect the treated tee th surfaces from irritants (thermal, physical, chemical).

  • Third visit.

    Orthopedist adjust the produced ceramic veneers in the mouth. The doctor with the patient assess the conformity of the form, colour, dimensions of the plates, and also the density of their adherence to the machined tooth surface.

Ceramic veneers

Do not need special care, they need ordinary hygienic care.

Such restorations will give you a dazzling Hollywood smile for a long time.

The price of veneers

It in our clinics in Ukraine in Kiev is low. With the cost of other dental prostheses you may find in the section "Prices". The opinions of our clients can be found in the «Reviews» section.


Works of our specialists on veneer installations, before and after photos:

Changes due to the veneers Result of aesthetic dentistry kiev

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