Tatjana Dudko

Стоматолог-терапевт Дудко Татьяна Витальевна - Люми-Дент Киев

Head Doctor

Therapist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Obolon` and Poznyaki.

Full member of the Ukrainian Dental Association


  • Graduated from Kiev Institute of Traditional Medicine.
  • Specialty - "Therapeutic Dentistry"

Specialization, activities:

  • Comprehensive professional oral hygiene (Scalling, Air-Flow, Vector)
  • Laser whitening
  • Home teeth whitening;
  • Fissure sealing;
  • Treatment of caries;
  • Treatment of pulpitis;
  • Treatment of pulpitis;
  • Art restoration of teeth;
  • Techniques for the restoration of teeth with the help of modern restoration systems;
  • Specialist in laser dentistry and work with a dental microscope.

Took part in seminars and courses:

  • Diploma "Modern Endodontic Treatment" Fenestra, Kiev, 2013;
  • Diploma "Splinting and adhesive bridges in dentistry" Fenestra, Kiev, 2013;
  • Diploma "The feasibility of using pin systems in the restoration of different groups of teeth" Fenestra, Kiev, 2013;
  • Diploma "Artistic modeling of teeth" Fenestra, Kiev, 2013;
  • Certificate "Modeling the shape of the front and posterior teeth. A modern approach to clinical endodontics" Appoloniya, Poltava, 2013;
  • Certificate "Work with modern restoration materials and equipment", Kiev, 2014;
  • Certificate "Modern technologies in endodontics" Profident, Lviv, 2014;
  • Seminar "Prevention in Dentistry", Kiev, 2014;
  • Certificate "Possibilities of modern endodontics and microsurgery. Use of rotary nickel-titanium instruments and modern root canal obturation systems", Lviv, 2014;
  • Workshop "Plasmolifting in Dentistry", 2015;
  • Conference "Regenerative medicine based on autologous plasma", Kiev, 2015
  • 4th International Medical Congress "The introduction of modern achievements of medical science in the practice of health protection of Ukraine", Kiev, 2015;
  • Practical course "Endodontics 1.0 Effectiveness and Efficiency", Kiev, 2016;
  • “Complex of orthopedic and surgical disorders of Straumann”, Kiev, 2018.

Constantly increases her level of knowledge on the Internet, studies the advanced domestic and foreign literature on new technologies in dentistry.

Statistics Dr. Dudko T. V. for 2016-2017:

  2016 2017
Conducted consultations 381 340
Installed fillings 436 622
Number of anesthesia 282 471
Number of cleanings 236 314
Number of whitenings 47 81
Treated channels 83 157
Installed adhesive bridges 4 10
The amount of EOD 14 17
Plasmolifting sessions 18 19


Examples of the work of Dr. Dudko T.

Photo with doctor Dudko T.

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