Valentyn Yakovyshen

Valentyn Yakovyshen


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Doctor orthopedist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki and Solomianka.

Full member of the Ukrainian Dental Association.


  • Graduated from the Zhytomyr Institute of Nursing with a degree "Dental Technician".
  • Graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in the specialty "Dentist".
  • Passed specialization in the course “Prosthetic Dentistry” at the Department of Postgraduate Education “Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy”.

Specialization, activities:

  • Specialist in micro-invasive and aesthetic dentistry;
  • Specialist in adhesive dentistry;
  • Use of an operating microscope in daily practice;
  • Photo, video diagnostics of the dental system, computer simulation of a smile;
  • Determination of the central ratio of the jaws;
  • Total dental prosthetics with functional disorders of the dental system;
  • Work with the front arc Amann Girbah;
  • Individual registration of movements of the lower jaw;
  • Prosthetics on implants (Straumann, Nobel, Bicon, MegaGen, Global-D, Ankylos);
  • Prosthetics with ultra-thin ceramic restorations: veneers, overlays, inlays, crowns;
  • Full rehabilitation of patients with pathological abrasion of teeth;
  • Laser correction of soft tissues in the aesthetic zone.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «The concept of "All for 4" and "All for 6" in the practice of every doctor»;
  • «ALL-on-4. ALL-on-6. In the practice of every doctor»;


  • «Digital clinical protocols»;


  • «Planning and prosthetics "Implants"»; 
  • «Total prosthetics»;


  • “The Evolution of Short Implants”;


  • "Ceramic tiles and veneers"
  • «Direct restoration of frontal teeth»;


  • «Mvision academy 2»;
  • «Operative endodontics is a conservative approach»;
  • "Solution of occlusal problems with the help of the facial arc and articulator in the daily work of the clinic and laboratory";
  • «Beyond Power Whitening»;


  • «Receiving the impressions and making temporary restoration»;
  • «Surgical and orthopedic aspects of the Bicon system»;
  • «Surgical templates. Implant planning and pattern making»;
  • «7th East European Conference on Dental Implantation»;
  •  Took 2nd place in the All-Ukrainian competition for the best practical work "Specialist-2015";
  •  First International Congress «MicroVision around the world. Minimal invasive concepts in esthetic dentistry»;
  • «Micro-Surgical Endodontics»;
  • «MicroVisionCera, MicroVisionCompo, MicroVisionEndo»;
  • «Digital Smile Design»;
  • Participant of open tournament «HighLight Trophy»;
  • Member of the national tournament «HighLight Trophy»;


  • Took 3rd place in the International Ceram X Restoration Competition
  •  Took 2nd place for the best practical work «Specialist - 2014»;
  •  Charitable Dental Conference « Save life»;
  • «An integrated approach to dentistry. From endodontics to restoration 2»;
  •  Congress participant of the ACSU;
  • «Modern protocol of micropropagation under ceramic veneers. Modern protocol of teeth preparation for metal ceramic crowns»;


  • «Features of the national restoration»;
  • «Features of the national restoration»;
  •  Participant of the III Congress of ACCU;
Statistics of orthopedist Valentyn Yakovyshen 2023
The number of consultations. 290
All-ceramic crowns. 426
All-ceramic zirconia crowns. 297
Veneers. 441
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