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Dental treatment

Treatment is always easier and takes less time if only one tooth is affected, but not the entire dental arch.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to visit a dentist for a preventive purpose: while one tooth hurts, and the lesion has not spread to the entire jaw.

Another reason is the symptoms: they do not appear in everyone and not always, the absence of a toothache does not mean that tooth treatment is not required.

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Treatment of dental diseases

Everybody knows the main disease with which patients go to dentists: caries is the most common disease.

However, it is not the only one, there is also:

  • pulpitis - inflammation of soft tissue, pulp;
  • periodontitis - inflammation of the periodontal tissues;
  • peridotites, also known as flux, is one of the most dangerous diseases;
  • granuloma, cyst - a cavity that forms around the root;
  • calculus plaque, which is not a disease, but it provokes a serious damage of the enamel.

In addition, hard plaque can lead to disease of the gums surrounding the tooth and periodontal disease that surrounds the dental root.

Caries treatment

Caries is a disease that occurs in almost every person at different ages.

Caries treatment can take 10 minutes, but sometimes it can take longer than an hour.

Photo. An example of the work of the dentist Lumident.

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The disease is a damage to the hard tissues of the tooth by bacteria, or rather, by the acid that they produce.

Caries happens:

  • at the spot stage;
  • superficial (treatment without a drill);
  • medium (both enamel and dentin are affected);
  • deep (a significant part of the dentin is affected).

Visual signs and discomfort indicate the fact that the patient needs caries treatment:

  • a stain or cavity appears on the enamel;
  • teeth sensitivity may increase;
  • one of the most common symptoms of the disease is a bad breath;
  • pain begins when the lesion reaches the pulp;
  • in some cases, with deep caries, a person's temperature may rise.

The price of caries treatment in Lumi-Dent clinics in Kyiv is from  from 998 to 1305  UAH.

Pulpitis treatment

Pulpitis - this is what happens if you do not carry out timely caries treatment:

  • the acid produced by bacteria destroys enamel and dentin;
  • the infection penetrates the soft tissue and the pulp becomes inflamed.

It is impossible to stop the inflammatory process without removing the affected tissue, and when removing the pulp, it is necessary to remove the nerve, depriving the tooth of nutrition.

Signs of pulpitis:

  • large cavity in the coronal part;
  • sharp pain, often preventing sleep at night;
  • strong sensitivity when hot, cold and sweet enters the affected area;
  • reflected pain (may "shoot" the ear, sore throat or temple);
  • feeling of ripple.

Dental treatment of teeth photo LumiDent

If the tooth already hurts, it is better not to postpone the treatment, otherwise not one tooth may suffer, but the entire jaw, when the infection penetrates to the roots and spreads to the jawbone.

The price of pulpitis treatment in Kyiv is from from 3 930 to 10 500 UAH.

How is diseased tooth treated

The doctor must determine what disease the patient has in order to make the dental treatment as effective as possible.

To do this:

  • an objective examination is carried out (often within the framework of a free initial consultation);
  • information is collected about what preceded the onset of symptoms (when, how they appeared);
  • a functional examination is prescribed (as a rule, examination, interviews and x-rays will be sufficient, but in some cases a computed tomography of the jaw may also be required).

The specialist plans the process of dental treatment and selects its method based on the results of the diagnosis, which is described above.

The therapy plan includes at least three points:

  • the cause of the disease must be eliminated (for example, an inflammation focus);
  • the symptoms that reduce the patient's quality of life are eliminated (pain relievers are prescribed, which can be taken both during and after treatment, if the method used involves healing and rehabilitation);
  • measures are taken to prevent relapse (selection of hygiene products, training in hygiene rules, etc.).

Photo. Tooth treatment under general sedation.

Dental treatment photo Lumident

Dental treatment methods

Modern dentistry operates with the latest techniques and technologies that make dental treatment painless and safe for any indication.

There are the following techniques:

  • computer local anesthesia during treatment (the injection is performed without pain, the route of delivery of the anesthetic is calculated by the computer, evaluating the resistance of the tissues and choosing the path of their least resistance);
  • enamel implantation (caries treatment at the stain stage without a dental drilling machine);
  • laser treatment (point effect in the affected area);
  • abrasive treatment under pressure (again, superficial caries treatment without a dental drilling machine);
  • dental treatment under a microscope (endodontic) is carried out when the infection that has penetrated into the mouth has reached the root canals;
  • tooth canals treatment is done under a microscope and anesthesia. Dental canals are filled with an endodontic motor and hot gutta-percha;
  • stopping of a tooth with composites is a full-fledged restoration, irreplaceable if the anterior incisor is damaged;
  • mini- and micro-prosthetics with porcelain veneers and inlays is a method of treatment with an excellent aesthetic effect.

The price of dental treatment in Kyiv for each of the methods is on their pages.

Photo. Dentist therapist Maslov M. in work.

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The most common methods of dental treatment

The most popular types of dental treatment - prices are below and on the pages of the service:

  • stopping of a tooth (if there is caries, pulpitis, flux, root damage - the cavity is processed and closed with a filling material, if it is endodontic treatment, the canals of the tooth are expanded and filled with hot gutta-percha, composite, metal or glass ionomer filling materials are placed in the crown part);
  • dental prosthetics (restoration with composites is difficult if the tooth is destroyed by more than 50%, in this case bridges or single prostheses are needed - crowns, veneers, inlays, in some cases a dental post is used to strengthen the dental root);
  • esthetic restoration of teeth is a process in which not only its chewing function is restored, but also the shape and natural color of the enamel;
  • the surgical method is not only the extraction of a tooth, but also the cutting off its affected parts (after treatment in surgery, rehabilitation and regular examinations are carried out to control recovery).

Treatment of a front tooth

If the front tooth is being treated, dental treatment should be not only therapeutic (restorative), but also aesthetic.

In this case, the following procedures are usually carried out:

  • composite restoration procedure (unlike prosthetics, it does not require the mandatory removal of the nerve, which helps to keep the tooth alive);
  • veneering method (installation of ceramic or composite onlays that strengthen and protect the tooth tissue, but may require turning);
  • classical prosthetics (a zirconium or metal crown or a bridge is placed).

As with the restoration of a lateral premolar (molar), the process of treating a tooth in the smile zone involves the use of anesthesia (injection of an anesthetic).

In some cases, sedation is used (medication asleep, general anesthesia, anesthesia).

The price of the front tooth treatment in Lumi-Dent clinics in Kyiv will be different, depending on the above methods that will be used.

Photo. Doctor dentist therapist with a patient.

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How much does a dental treatment cost in Kyiv

The cost of treatment includes:

  1. The price of dental treatment;
  2. The cost of additional manipulations that may be needed when providing the service.

We tried to compile complex tables of calculating the cost of any service in our clinics, although the exact price of dentistry for each procedure is often difficult to announce in advance.

These tables are present on the pages of each specific service.

Why is it important to carry out dental treatment on time

Timely treatment and preventive measures for each tooth is the key to the health of the entire oral cavity.

The patient is often limited in his actions after treatment with the dentist:

  • must follow a diet, which is a problem for many people;
  • has to give up a number of foods and take medications;
  • cannot go to the bathhouse or sauna;
  • in some cases it is necessary to sleep in a reclining position, trying not to lie down on one side or the other.

All of this can be avoided if:

  • do not delay visiting a dentist in the Lumi-Dent dental clinic network;
  • use a toothbrush, paste and floss every day, brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

An important point: the whole body depends on the health of the oral cavity, diseases of the teeth and gums make it more vulnerable to viruses and infections.


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Prices for services
Treatment of tooth decay 1450 UAH
Laser Cysts Treatment 2800 UAH
Tooth restoration from 1350 UAH to 2940 UAH
Installing light-cure fillings from 1350 UAH to 2290 UAH
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
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1599 UAH
Application of microscope in root canal treatment (1 canal) from 500 UAH to 910 UAH
Ozone generator processing of dental root canal (1 canal) 225 UAH
Lasing of dental root canal (1 canal) 300 UAH
Instrumental and medicamental processing of one dental root canal (Endo Motor) 775 UAH
3-D obturation of dental root canal by hot gutta-percha (1 canal) 1072 UAH
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