Vadym Dnestranskiy

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Dentist orthopedist Kiev - Vadym Dnestranskiy


Doctorate degree in Medicine

General Member of Ukraine Dental Association

Conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki.

Educational background:

Graduated from Kharkov National Medical University

Area of specialty, scope of activities:

  • Modern methods of prosthetics on liv teeth
  • Smile correction with ceramic and composite veneers
  • Microprosthesis using an operating microscope
  • Press ceramic, dioxide-zirconium, metal-ceramic fixed and conditionally removable orthopedic constructions
  • Implant prostodontics (Straumann, Megagen, MIS, NeoBiotech)
  • Complete and partial removable prosthetics (acrylic, nylon, acetal, clasp prostheses on attachments, telescopic dental crowns and supporting-retaining clamps, including multi-link constructions)
  • Orthopedic treatment of abnormal abrasion
  • Individual sporting mouthguards

Scientific activities of orthopedist:

13 scientific works – 4 of which are foreign ones, 6 works of the Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine and in foreign research databases (Google Scholar, E-library, Index Copernicus).

Holds 2 patents of intellectual property on the technique of impact on complicated dental caries

Has 12 acts of introduction into the treatment scheme of complicated caries in medical institutions of Ukraine.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «Masters International Dental Congress», Kyiv.


  • "Implantation in everyday practice", Cherkassy


  • Dentistry changing the life. Dr. Miguel Stanley. Kyiv


  • "105 years of the Kharkov Dental Society", speakers Ryabokon E.M., Ugrin M.M.;
  • "Application of hyaluronic acid in the treatment of gingivitis", Kiev;
  • "Dentistry during the crisis", Oleg Katyukhin;
  • "Implantation in an aesthetically significant zone", Kyiv;


  • "Endodontic treatment. Innovative methods of root canal obturation", main speaker Ladygina L.A., 26.02.2015 - 23.04.2015;
  • "Criminal, civil and administrative responsibility of agents of medical service provisionning", lecturer Dmitry Yatsenko, Taras Baranov;
  • "Periodontal state after a heart attack and on the background of ASA intake", Kutsevlyak V.F.;
  • "Clinical experience in the application of CT-diagnostics in the planning of orthopedic treatment";


  • "Spatial model of placement of veneers taking into account the dimensions and shape of the dentitions. Tasks and methods of implementation", Kharkov;


  • "Creating aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth by composite materials", Kharkov;
  • "Photodynamic therapy in therapeutic dentistry", lecturer Tsiganova N.B.;


  • "Pink Aesthetics", Kharkov;
  • "Successful prosthetics", Kharkov;
  • "Application of bicortical implant systems of immediate loading in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery";


  • "Modern microprosthetics: whole piece inlays, ceramic and different multi-rooted inlays. Peculiarities of preparation, making impressions, mistakes", Kyiv;

Statistics for 2019 of dentist orthopedist Vladimir Dnestranskiy:

Number of consultations 864
Veneers 180
Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns 167
All porcelain crowns 130
Full anatomical zirconium dioxide dental crows 178

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