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Date of publication: 22.08.2016
Date of edit: 17.10.2021
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  • What is the teeth implantation?
  • What are the dental implants?
  • Advantages of dental implantation
  • Dental implants significantly extended human life!
  • Operation to put implants consists of next stages
  • Dental implantation – photos before and after
  • Prices for dental implants
  • Express teeth implantation of turnkey basis
  • Types of dental implantation
  • Express teeth implantation
  • Price
  • How long do the implants survive?
  • Table of calculation of implant prices, terms of implantation and prosthetics on implants.

What is the teeth implantation?

Dental implantation is the placing the titanium screws in the jaw bone, which subsequently become overgrown with bone tissue, and serve as dental roots.

Stages of implantation:

  1. Placing the implant in the bone
  2. Putting on the implant of the supra-structure - the abutment that rises above the gum
  3. Making a prosthesis - a dental crown, bridge, or removable construction, based on the implant, or a group of implants.

Teeth dental implantation pics ЛюмиДент


What are the dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium products that look like self-tapping screws. They are screwed into the jaws in the direction in which the roots of the teeth had previously stood, and serve as a support for artificial crowns or prostheses.

Implants consists of:
1) The intraosseous part is the implant itself.
2) Supra-gingival part - abutment. It is a support for the prosthesis.

Dental implants teeth implantation dentistry Kiev Ukraine Lumi-dent

Advantages of dental implantation

  • When toothless jaws - they help to get rid of wearing full removable dentures;
  • If there is one or more teeth missing, it is not necessary to cut healthy adjacent teeth to put bridges on them;
  • Provide prevention of jaw bone atrophy;
  • Do not allow to develop maxillary deformities;
  • Provide full chewing;
  • Give high comfort of life;
  • Practically do not have absolute contraindications to their use.

Photo. An example of the work of our doctors.

Tooth implantation dental implants photo Lumident



Dental implants significantly extended human life!

It is provided by long-term research!

According to recent studies, the complete or even partial absence of teeth in the mouth significantly shortens a person’s life.

And the more their number is absent - the more likely death occurs.

This fact, which has already been confirmed, is connected with the fact of complete chewing of food with a load on the jaw bone tissue activates the most important functions in the cerebral cortex, which support the ability to think and the overall tone of the body. Also prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease and many somatic diseases.

However, removable prostheses with support on the gum do not possess this ability. It is an organic natural load on the jaws by native dental roots or established titanium implants that can trigger these mechanisms.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to consider the installation of titanium implants in the jaw as the most complete rehabilitation in case of loss of one, several, and especially all teeth. And also as a great opportunity to significantly extend and make our life more qualitative and comfortable.

Network of dental implantation centres Lumi-Dent

teeth implantation

Operation to put implants consists of next stages

1 stage.

The implantologist places one dental implant in the jawbone. The procedure occurs most often under unique local computer anesthesia STA, completely comfortable and without pain.

Depending on the type of implantation (one stage or two stage), a temporary crown is placed on the implant at the same visit, or the manipulation area is covered with gum, and the prosthesis is placed after 2-6 months, after the implant is completely bonded to the bone, often in the upper jaw.

2 stage.

During this stage (using a two-step technique), the implantologist opens the implant and sets the healing abutment, to form the correct gingival margin around the future crown, for a period of 15 days.

3 stage.

A conical element is placed on top of the implant - an abutment on which a crown or other type of prosthesis is subsequently fixed.

Teeth implantation photo Lumi-Dent

Dental implantation – photos before and after

Below you can see a photo of conditionally removable denture on 6 implants - replacement of all teeth with implants. How much will such a full jaw prosthesis (Bio Hpp) cost - may be seen on the website in the "Prices" section.

To date, this option is one of the most successful solutions for the replacement of the edentulous jaws based on dental implants.

Имплантация зубов зубов фото Люми-Дент

In 2020, many people are concerned about the question - how much does it cost in our implant centers - the implantation of one tooth in Kiev in Ukraine? How much does a tooth cost on an implant?

Prices for dental implants

Presented at the end of the page, in a table that you can easily download (above).

This procedure today, following the advice of many forums, is one of the best methods for restoring and rehabilitating the integrity of the human masticatory apparatus in Ukrainian dental implant clinics.

Express teeth implantation of turnkey basis

This is a surgical procedure carried out in the dental implant clinic for the implantation of the dental implant into the lower or upper jaw together with the abutment (supra-structure), which then serves as a support for the crown or other types of prosthetics.

It is not difficult for specialists of our dentistry in Ukraine to put the best dental implants with crowns, they resemble a threaded screws.

Make the best dental implants and high-quality abutments from the titanium. In the centers of dental implantology Lumi-Dent, where it is possible to insert a tooth qualitatively, the price of implants in clinics for discounted stock is one of the best in Ukraine in terms of price - quality.

The cost of the implant includes its placing, as well as computed tomography of the site.

Implants placing need to be held some preliminary manipulations:

  • Teeth tartar cleaning.
  • Sanitation of the oral cavity - the exclusion of sites of chronic infection.
  • Treatment of oral mucous membranes.
  • Filling cavities with caries.

The success of replacing all the teeth with implants in the dental implant clinic directly depends on the client's implementation of the advice and prescriptions of the doctor, especially in the direction of hygiene.

Installation of dental implants

Placing of all types of the best dental implants is very actual in next situations:

  1. The absence of one posterior or anterior teeth and the presence on the sides of two (several);
  2. The presence of significant gaps due to removals (in this situation, dental implants with abutments are additional supports for bridges);
  3. If there are no chewing - distal unlimited defects, when a person is forced to wear a removable prosthesis;
  4. When full edentia (at the same time removable construction is fixed to implants) or you need to put quality dental implants 4-8 pieces for each jaw, with the following functioning as supports for metal-ceramic or all-ceramic bridges.

Types of dental implantation

There is a one-step implantation (one crown or bridge is put on for up to a month after the implant is placed (implanted) in the jaw), or two-step.

With the two-step technique, the implant is in the bone after insertion for about 2-6 months, after which a threaded cone is screwed - an abutment, and a prosthesis is made.

Conclusion about the choice of the best type of implantation (one-stage or two-stage) - the doctor - implantologist of the center of dental implantology takes on the basis of a careful study of the details, as well as an X-ray examination of the two jaws.

Quite often, the implantologist in our dental implantation centers changes the decision to place a different type of implant already in the course of the implantation operation, using real-time analysis of the bone condition at the site of intervention.

Імпланти зубів фото Люмі-Дент

Important information

1. The placing the best dental implants can be carried out under several types of anesthesia, the choice of which depends on the psychological attitude and desire of the patient.

Implantation can be absolutely comfortable, without pain and complications, with reliable local computer anesthesia STA. In this case, the likelihood of any pain is completely absent, even during the anesthesia.

However, quite often the procedure is in a state of drug sleep - the patient in the clinic sleeps quietly during the operation.

Our implant centers are licensed for this type of service, professional anesthesiologists, and all the necessary equipment to carry out interventions for clients in a state of medical sleep (the more common expression is under anesthesia).

After emerging from anesthesia - in an hour you will be able to do ordinary things, work, and even drive a car.

2. There are extremely few contraindications for implant placement. Big age is not a contraindication to dental implantation. Some contraindications give serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, connective tissue, some types of tumors, diabetes.

But even with the listed diseases - relative contraindications - the placing the dental implants can be carried out, provided by the doctors a correction of these diseases.

3. With the right technology of procedure and professionalism of a specialist, implants are very rarely rejected - up to 2% of the total number.

4. The procedure - dental full express implantation for one day (in one day) - is not a traumatic operation. After it there is no long pain. According to the patients of our centers for implant dentistry, this intervention is easier than removing the teeth and their roots.

5. According to reviews - the placing a tooth implant takes up to 1 hour.

A slight swelling at the implantation site appears on the second day, and leaves on the third day. The very next day after visiting our centers for dental implantology and dentistry - clients return to their normal life and work.

Medium and VIP level implants survival not for a  long time - after one - one a half months, it is possible to begin prosthetics on them.

6. Quality dental implants with abutments and crowns require good hygienic care. It is advisable to use floss, irrigators, for good oral hygiene.

Anyone may sign up at the Lumi-Dent implant dentistry clinic in Ukraine for a promotion for a free consultation by an implantologist, during which the specialist will offer the best option for the operation, taking into account your situation and financial possibilities.

Имплантаты зубов имплантанты зубов фото ЛюмиДент

Express teeth implantation

Advice and video reviews of patients about clinics, prices for implants, the best doctors implantologists of our centers of implantology and dentistry may be seen here. It is also possible to find reviews about the placing the dental implants, the types and prices of them, as well as the estimates of doctors - in many dental forums.

The cost of the service may be seen on the site - page "Prices". We offer to place cheap, medium segment, and the best VIP options for implants.

The page "Our works" of the website of our implant clinics in one day - contains many photos of clients before and after treatment.


How much will work cost - the cost of services, see the end of this page.

The cost of a full dental implantation of teeth - the price of implants in clinics Lumi-Dent at a discount price is available today for almost every our client.

Our dental implantation clinics Lumi-Dent in Ukraine is a great place where you may cheaply place (put) the best dental implants with turnkey crowns, and where to insert your teeth.

For more information about express dental implantation on a turn-key basis, you may read in various forums on dental implantology, as well as in subsections of this website, links in the Navigation on the right.

Follow promotions and discounts for dental implantation centres Lumi-Dent!

зубные импланты фото Люми-Дент

Summary statistics on placed titanium dental implants for 2020.

Neobiotech 230
MIS 96
Megagen 1249
Straumann 740
Nobel Biocare 316

How long do the implants survive?

It all depends on the manufacturer and the place of implantation.

The best implants Straumann and Nobel, as a rule, take root in one - one and a half - two months, no more. Quite often on these brands you can immediately fix temporary crowns.

Other types of titanium implants usually take longer to survive - from 4 to 6 months before the moment of their opening and beginning of prosthetics.

On the lower jaw the term of implant engraftment is shorter than on the upper one, due to the more dense structure of the jaw bone.

The great importance also plays the degree of bone density, which is affected by the patient's age, and the presence of diseases affecting calcium metabolism in the body. Bone density is clearly visible on X-rays.  


More information on the placing the titanium dental implants, types and prices - read on other pages of this section.

Table of calculation of implant prices, terms of implantation and prosthetics on implants.

Dental implants price for dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prices for dental implants and prosthetics Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental prosthetics on implants price Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prosthetics and implantation of teeth Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent


Implant Systems Total implantation price,
* in UAH
H-Dent Classic surface
S.L.A. (Speсial offer).
25 718
Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros (Speсial offer). 30 835
Neobiotech IS-II Active
surface S.L.A.
27 898
Mis M4. 33 545
Mis С1. 36 005
MegaGen AnyOne. 34 554
MеgaGen AnyRidge
(Speсial offer).
35 454
Neodent Helix GM Acqua
(Speсial offer).
37 334
Straumann BLT SLA, Ti
(Speсial offer).
40 304
Straumann Roxolid SLA, Ti Zr. 42 204
Straumann BLT-Roxolid SLActive Ti Zr. 45 304
Straumann BLX SLActive 49 724
Nobel Biocare (Speсial offer). 46 234

*with the installation of a permanent crown.


Make the best choice! 
Order a free consultation!


Prices for services
Examination, consultation free
Computer anesthesia STA 350 UAH
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 3500 UAH
Sterile surgical kit 150 UAH
Surgical implant index (per each implant) 670 UAH
Full computer tomogtamma (2 jaws in occlussion) 720 UAH
Prices for implants
Teeth implantation от 3650 до 21699  UAH
Implant H-Dent Classic SLA (Israel)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
3650 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea) 8699 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyRidge (South Korea)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
9599 UAH
Implant Neodent Helix GM Acqua
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
10999 UAH
Implant Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
13699 UAH
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
18699 UAH
Implant Straumann BLX SLActive (Switzerland) 21699 UAH
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Questions and answers
How comfortable is the whole period from the beginning of work to its end for a person?

It all depends on the level of the clinic and the professionalism of the doctors.


Our advice is to choose not the type of implants, but first and foremost a clinic and a doctor. 


It is important that all procedures will be painless. We completely relieve you of pain thanks to local computer anesthesia, as well as the procedure of medical sleep.

We always strive to shorten the time between the placing implants and the beginning of prosthetics on them.

Quite often it turns out to be done at all without a pause, in 1 day. However, for this must be appropriate conditions, and selected one of the expensive implant systems.

Further. If, nevertheless, you have to take a pause before the prosthesis (from 3 to 6 months) - we suggest you to make a temporary denture with a toothless jaw, and a partial denture or bridge - if there are still teeth.

That is, you will smile, talk, and chew food all this time.


We are also ready to offer you additional services that will help speed up the period of bone fusion with the implant - this is the procedure of Plazmolifting. It is an injection into the gum serum plasma, which is obtained by centrifuging your venous blood.


We have a huge base of our satisfied patients, who have long forgotten about their problems with the inability to smile well, chew, and live life to the fullest. 


Join them! Register in our clinics for a free consultation!


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