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  • Lumi-Dent dental clinics network – the cost of dental implantation
  • What is the price of dental implantation
  • What is the dental implantation
  • Stages of dental implantation
  • Installation of dental implants in Kyiv will make your life much longer
  • Stages of dental implantation – infographic
  • Turnkey dental implantation
  • The price of turnkey dental implantation in Kyiv
  • Prosthetics after dental implantation
  • Important information on dental implantation (Kyiv)
  • How much does dental implantation cost in Lumi-Dent dental clinics - a detailed calculation of the cost of each stage

Lumi-Dent dental clinics network – the cost of dental implantation

Teeth implantation photo LumiDent

What is the price of dental implantation

Type of implants Price
H-Dent Classic, S.L.A. surface 7999 UAH
Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros 9250 UAH
MegaGen AnyOne 10299 UAH
Straumann BLT SLA, Ti 19655 UAH
Nobel Biocare 33500 UAH

*A more detailed calculation of the cost of installing implants is at the bottom of this page.


We will explain here:

  • How much does it cost to insert dental implants in Ukraine?
  • Where is the best place to install dental implants in Kyiv?

What is the dental implantation

Dental implantation is the implantation of dental implants into the jaw bone, which subsequently overgrown with bone tissue, and serve as a support for crowns and other types of prostheses.

Stages of dental implantation

How to place a dental implant:

  1. Placement of a dental implant in the bone;
  2. Putting an abutment that rises above the gum on an implant super structure;
  3. Making a prosthesis - a crown of tooth, a dental bridge, or a removable structure based on a tooth implant, or a group of implants.


In the photo - dental implantation, the price of a full denture on implants - in the table below.

Teeth dental implantation pics photo LumiDent

Photo. Calculation of the cost of "turnkey" dental implantation on the edentulous jaw, including 4 implants and a full acrylic prosthesis.

"All on four" with the use of H-dent implants removable prosthesis on the beam (for 1 jaw)
Name Price, UAH
Stage 1
Sterile kit, pickup impressions 1185
Bite block 680
Cost of 1 stage 1865
Stage 2
Bite fixation 520
Preliminary teeth setting 1340
Sterile kit, lip retractor 455
Cost of Stage 2 2315
Stage 3
Trying on setting teeth 765
Production of a surgical template for the installation of 4 implants 8376
Cost of Stage 3 9141
Stage 4
Medication sleep for 3 hours 11550
Implantation of 4 implants 31996
Placement of 4 healing abutments and 4 multi-units 29920
Suturing 2050
Computerized anesthesia 2310
Additional manipulations and refills 6630
Cost of Stage 4 84456
Stage 5
Control examination after operative treatment 310
Production of custom tray 750
Cost of Stage 5 1060
Stage 6
Pickup impressions and occlusal rim 2250
Use of implant system components 7000
Cost of Stage 6 9250
Stage 7
Trying on teeth setting 520
Manufacture of a complete removable prosthesis with fixation on the bar 60640
Placement of 4 locks and 4 H-dent abutments 15020
Aesthetic dental kit 1450
Sterile kit 245
Cost of stage 7 77875
Stage 8
Sterile kit, labial retractor 455
Bite fixation 520
Cost of stage 8 975
Stage 9
Sterile kit, lip retractor 455
Fixing the bar on implants, delivery of the prosthesis 3040
Cost of Stage 9 3495
Stage 10
Sterile kit, occlusion correction 685
Cost of Stage 10 660
Full cost of all stages 191 092


Dental implants are titanium products that look like self-tapping screws. It is the most complete replacement for dental roots.

When implanting teeth, implants are screwed into the jaw, and serve as a support for crowns and other structures.

Today, putting teeth on implants is the best way to restore a person's dentition.

Photo. Dental implant with crown on typodont.

Dental implants teeth implantation dentistry Kiev Ukraine Lumi-Dent

Photo. Dental implants as a support for a complete prosthesis, in Lumi-Dent dental clinic.

Tooth implantation dental implants photo Lumident


Installation of dental implants in Kyiv will make your life much longer

It has been proven over many years of research!

An explanation of the mechanism for extending a person's life after the placement of dental implants is on the "Dental Implantation" information page.

Therefore, the Lumi-Dent team recommends inserting dental implants into the jaws as a complete and inexpensive rehabilitation of dentition defects.

Stages of dental implantation – infographic

Teeth implantation photo Lumi-Dent


Turnkey dental implantation

  • This is a one-day surgical and orthopedic procedure to place dental implants in the jaw.
  • A dental implant, together with an abutment (suprastructure), serves as a support for a crown or other types of prosthetics.
  • We carry out dental implantation immediately after the extraction of teeth, and you get ready-made prostheses at the same day. 

The price of turnkey dental implantation in Kyiv

You can see photos of prosthetics on six dental implants below.

How much will the Bio Hpp prosthesis cost - please see it in the "Prices" section.

Photo. Installation of dental implants and prosthetics for our patient.

Dental implantation teeth photo Lumi-Dent

In 2024, many people are worried about the price of dental implants. How much does it cost to replace teeth in Ukraine?

The price of implantation of one dental implant is in the range from 4 to 40 thousand UAH.

The cost of dental implantation in Kyiv depends on:

  • the type of dental implants;
  • the clinic level;
  • the strategy of the owner of the clinic - how much he wants to earn.

Unfortunately, the cost of installing dental implants is often unreasonably high.

Dental implantation is the best choice for the rehabilitation of the integrity of the human masticatory apparatus.

Photo. Dental implantation in Lumident.

Dental implants photo Lumi-DentPhoto. Zirconium oxide prosthesis supported by 4 implants. Patient of our clinic.

Dental implantation photo LumiDent

Lumi-Dent dental clinics can offer you a discount on dental implants now. This is one of the best offers for dental implantation in Ukraine.

The price of a dental implant includes its placement, as well as computer tomography of the jaw area where the treatment is performed.

Prosthetics after dental implantation

The implant is implanted into the alveolar process of the jaw, and together with the abutment serves as the foundation for a bridge or crown.

Inserted implants serve as dental roots (see photo).

Dental implantation photo Lumident

If you have not yet decided whether you need dental implants, patient reviews and prices for services will help you to make the right decision.

Before and after photos of dental implantation (Lumi-Dent dental clinic). Prosthetics was performed by orthopedist Gorin D.V.

Tooth implantation photo Lumi-Dent

Now there is a special offer (discount) - CT examination is free of charge for all clients of our dentistry clinics who will undergo dental implantation.

Photo. 6 implants were placed on the edentulous jaw in Lumi-Dent dental clinic.

Dental implantation photos before and after Lumi-Dent

Sometimes the implantologist decides to install another type of implants directly during surgical treatment.

Such decision is the result of analysis of the state of the patient’s bone at the area of surgical treatment.

Dental implantation prosthetics photo Lumi-Dent

Important information on dental implantation (Kyiv)

1. You can insert teeth on implants under several types of anesthesia, the choice of which depends on the psychological mood and desire of the patient:

  • With STA computer anesthesia, the operation is comfortable for the patient, without pain and complications. In this case, the probability of any pain is absent;
  • Dental implants are often placed in a medical dream - the patient is asleep during the intervention. Our centers are licensed to implement implants under sedation, and have professional anesthesiologists. There is also equipment for dental implantation in a medical dream (a better known expression is under anesthesia).

2. With the correct technology of the procedure and the professionalism of the specialist, rejection of implants occurs infrequently - up to 2% of the total number of operations.

3. The procedure for installing implants is not a traumatic operation, there are no long pains after it. According to patients, it is easier to insert teeth on implants than to remove tooth roots.

Before (above) and after (below) photos of implant placement (Lumi-Dent dental clinic, Ukraine).

Dental implants implants photo LumiDent

4. It takes less than 1 hour to insert implants in Kiev. This time includes preparation for surgery and anesthesia.

  • Slight swelling at the implant site appears on the second day after the operation and disappears on the third day.
  • Clients return to normal life and work the next day after dental implantation in our clinics.
  • Implants of medium and VIP level do not take root for a long time. One to one and a half months after implantation, you can start prosthetics on implants.

5. High-quality dental implants require good hygiene care. Flossing and irrigators are recommended for good oral hygiene.

Everyone can come to Lumi-Dent clinics in Ukraine for a consultation with an implantologist (free of charge), during which our dentists will:

  • conduct an inspection;
  • perform x-ray examination;
  • provide the full cost of implants with prosthetics;
  • offer the best option for the operation of installing implants on the teeth, considering your situation and financial capabilities.

Reviews about dental implantation in Lumi-Dent can be studied at the link provided.

Photo. One more total rehabilitation for our patient, dental implantation on the upper and lower jaws, with zirconium prostheses.

 dental implants photo implants Lumi-Dent

The best dental implant surgeons work in Lumi-Dent dental implant centers in 2024, which is confirmed by:

  • expert videos;
  • photos of work before and after the installation of implants;
  • dentists' certificates.


Implant placement, before and after photos.
Dental implants teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Our statistics on implant placement for 2023:

Neobiotech. 230
MIS. 96
Megagen. 1249
Straumann. 740
Nobel Biocare. 316


Before and after photos of implants and prosthetics.

dental implants photo Lumident

How much does dental implantation cost in Lumi-Dent dental clinics - a detailed calculation of the cost of each stage

Dental implants price for dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prices for dental implants and prosthetics Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental prosthetics on implants price Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prosthetics and implantation of teeth Kiev Lumi-Dent

Implants. The full price of dental implants,
with the installation of a permanent crown,
in UAH.
H-Dent Classic surface
S.L.A. (Special offer).
45 909
Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros
(Special offer).
53 125
Neobiotech IS-II Active
поверхность S.L.A.
47 099
Mis M4. 52 715
Mis С1. 55 789
MegaGen AnyOne. 54 194
MеgaGen AnyRidge (Special offer). 60 240
Neodent Helix GM Acqua (Special offer). 55 774
Straumann BLT SLA, Ti (Special offer). 64 255
Straumann Roxolid SLA, Ti Zr. 66 299
Straumann BLT-Roxolid SLActive Ti Zr. 68 400
Straumann BLX SLActive 72 845
Nobel Biocare (Special offer). 82 420


Dental implants Kiev photo Lumi-Dent


Important! Our dentistry offers a 2 year warranty, all other clinics offer a 1 year warranty. Make dental implantation with us more reliable!

The price of dental implantation in Kyiv in our clinics is the best in Ukraine!

Register in Lumi-Dent for a free consultation!

Prices for dental implants and other services:
Examination, consultation free
Computer anesthesia STA 530 UAH
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 3850 UAH
All-on-4 jaw implantation - full cost of 4 implants with prosthetics 238 341 UAH
Full computer tomogtamma (2 jaws in occlussion) 910 UAH
Surgical implant index (per each implant) 2500 UAH
Sterile surgical kit 445 UAH
Dental implant prices (with installation):
Teeth implantation from 7999 to 26695 UAH
Implant H-Dent Classic SLA (Israel)
Special offer! Only till 30th of June!
7999 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea) 10299 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyRidge (South Korea)
Special offer! Only till 30th of June!
15815 UAH
Implant Neodent Helix GM Acqua
Special offer! Only till 30th of June!
11899 UAH
Implant Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 30th of June!
19655 UAH
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 30th of June!
33500 UAH
Implant Straumann BLX SLActive (Switzerland) 26695 UAH
Cheekbone implant Jdental 32 000 UAH
Cheekbone implant Noris Zygomatic 36 000 UAH
You will be interested
Surgeons implantologists can put dental implants in Kiev in our clinics:
Questions and answers
How much does dental implantation cost?

The term "turnkey dental implantation" often means the full price of a dental implant, including prosthetics and additional procedures.

In Lumi-Dent dental clinics in Kyiv, the price of "turnkey dental implantation" is in the range from from 37822 to 60204 UAH.

Which crowns for implants are better to choose?

Today, the zirconia crown is the best for implants:

  • Optimal value for money;
  • Safety for gums and body;
  • Excellent esthetics and endurance of masticatory pressure.

Zirconia implant crowns are available in two types:

  • Budget;
  • Multilayer Esthetics.

The difference between them is more in the aesthetics. These are different producers.

What is the cost of dental implant?

The full cost of installing an implant in our clinics is from from 7999 to 26695 UAH.

You can see the full price of a dental implant installation, including additional dental implantation services, above on this page.

What is the cost of an implant crown?

Zirconia crown price:

  • Budget – 8000 UAH;
  • Multilayer Esthetics – 10500 UAH.

We recommend placing zirconia teeth on implants as they:

  • have excellent aesthetics;
  • do not cause inflammation of the gums;
  • are safe for the body;
  • have a long service life (15 years or more).

For those who want to save money, we also offer metal-ceramic crowns, the price is from from 4890 to 6250 UAH.

What is the cost of dental implantation in Ukraine?

The cost of implantation of 1 tooth varies in different clinics. In Lumi-Dent dental clinics the price of installing one implant is from from 7999 to 26695 UAH.

What do you need for dental implantation?
  • Joint consultation of an orthopedist and an implantologist is free;
  • CT of the jaw should be done directly in the clinic, free of charge for those who have installed implants with us;
  • Additional tests - at the discretion of the implantologist;
  • Anesthesia acceptability analysis;
  • Agreed funds.
How much does a dental implant cost in Ukraine?

An implant (including its placement) in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics network costs from from 7999 to 26695 UAH. This cost of a dental implant does not include prosthetics (dental crown, bridge, etc.).

Where in Kyiv you can put implants?

Lumi-Dent dental clinics are located in the capital at the following addresses:

Where to get dental implants?

The Lumi-Dent dental clinics network is the best choice in the capital to place implants:

How much does a dental implant cost?

The cost of installing a turnkey dental implant, followed by putting crowns on it, is from from 37822 to 60204 UAH.

Is it worth it to get dental implants?


  • You do not accept removable dentures;
  • You want to get your teeth back;
  • You want to get a beautiful smile;
  • You want to chew any food;
  • You have sufficient financial resources for dental implantation, dental implants should definitely be placed.
How much does it cost to insert a tooth?
  • on a dental implant - the price depends on the type of implant (from from 7999 to 26695 UAH) and the crown (from from 9495 to 14830 UAH). The total cost of a crown with an implant, including all procedures, is from from 37822 to 60204 UAH;
  • to make a dental bridge (without implantation) - the price depends on the number of lost teeth. If you need to insert 1 tooth, the cost will be approximately the price of one crown (from from 9495 to 14830 UAH) multiplied by 3.
Date of publication: 22.08.2016
Date of edit: 13.05.2024
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