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Prices for services
Examination, consultation
Dream Dentistry (1 hour)
2200 UAH
Computer anesthesia
300 UAH
Prices for implants
Implant Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 31st of December!
(All included)
13699 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea)
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(All included)
7400 UAH
Implant Neobiotech IS surface R.B.M. (South Korea)
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(All included)
3650 UAH
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland)
(All included)
21699 UAH
This service in our clinic is provided by:
Стоматолог хирург имплантолог Мастеров Дмитрий Васильевич - Люми-Дент Киев
Dmitrij Masterov
Стоматолог хирург-имплантолог Кириленко Александр Викторович - Люми-Дент Киев
Aleksandr Kyrylenko
Nazarii Radyk
Elena Leshchuk
Roman Stekhna
Стоматолог хирург-имплантолог Павлюченко Евгений Юрьевич - Люми-Дент Киев
Evgenij Pavluchenko
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teeth implantation

Many people are wondering – what is the price for Dental Implantation of teeth in Kiev, which is one of the best methods of restoration of the integrity of teeth ranges today according to the data provided by many forums?

Dental Express Implantation of teeth on turnkey basis - is a surgical procedure on insertion into the lower or superior jaw of a dental implant which then serves as a support for the tooth crown or other types of prosthetic care. It isn’t difficult for professionals to install a dental implant, it’s shape reminds a screw with a thread. We produce the best dental implants from titanium. In the center of implantology Lumi-Dent it is possible to put in a tooth at high quality standards, the discounted price is one of the cheapest in Ukraine.

How much does it cost?

The cost of dental implantation is presented on this page above. On the "Reviews" page – you may find a lot of video reviews of patients of our center of implantology. At the dental forums there are also many positive comments from the clients of the clinic.

The dental implant is placed in the jawbone and serves as a support to the future dental bridge or an artificial crown.

Inserted dental implants serve as dental roots (see photo).

Planning of implantation

The shape of the implants can be different - screw-shaped, cylindrical, laminar, following the shape of the native dental root. If the best implants - are correctly placed - they serve well for at least 15 years, at the end of this period they need to be replaced. If you have not decided yet whether you need a full dental implantation for 1 day, video and text reviews of patients - which are quite numerous on the Internet forums, will help you to make a decision.

Contraindications. Complications.

Before inserting the tooth - before the intervention it is sometimes necessary to conduct a medical examination to identify common diseases that can be contraindications and lead to complications.

However, now there are almost no absolute contraindications and complications after performing such procedure as express dental implantation of teeth for 1 day, and forums confirm this. Prices have also become more accessible, and Kiev is not an exception. Contraindications and complications after the procedure, if the patient complies with the rules of hygiene and prescriptions of the doctor, are almost excluded.

For the prevention of complications, before the final decision to install implants - it is necessary to conduct an X-ray examination of the dentoalveolar complex - a panoramic image (orthopantomogram) and a computed tomography scans (CT-scans). This manipulation is necessary for the correct planning of the number and types of implants, required for installation in the bone tissue of the jaws, for the future correct prosthesis with dental crowns, bridges, or other types of prosthesis.

These X-ray studies can be done directly at our Lumi-Dent dental center in Kiev (Ukraine) using a cone-beam spiral computerized tomograph PHT-6500. Now the Promotional action (discount) is valid - CT examination is free of charge for all clients of our dental clinic who will undergo the installation of dental implants. The deadline for the end of the promotional action could be specified by the administrators of the clinic.

The installation of implants requires some preliminary manipulations in the oral cavity:

  • Removal of dental plaque.
  • Oral cavity sanitation — exclusion of places of persistent infection.
  • Treatment of mucous membrane epithelium of the mouth.
  • Teeth filling of cavities with dental caries.

The success of replacing all teeth with implants directly depends on the client's performance of medical prescriptions, especially in the field of hygiene.

The installation of all types of the best dental implants is very trending and is applied in the following situations (see photo):

Installation of dental implants

  1. The absence of one posterior or front tooth and the presence of two undamaged teeth on the sides;
  2. The presence of significant gaps due to deletions (in this situation, dental implants are additional supports for dental bridges);
  3. If there are no chewing - distally unlimited defects, when a person is forced to wear a removable prosthesis;
  4. In case of full adentia (herewith removable construction is fixed to the implants) or it is necessary to install dental implants of 4-8 pieces on each jaw, with the following functioning as supports for dental bridges made of porcelain fused metal or full ceramic.

Types of Dental Implantation

There is a one-stage implantation (dental crown or bridge prosthesis is worn for up to a month after the implant is inserted into the jaw), or two-stage (the implant is in the bone after implantation for approximately 2-6 months, then the cone with thread - abutment is wound, and a prosthesis is made).

The conclusion about the choice of the best type of implantation - is adjusted by the implantologist on the basis of a thorough study of the details, as well as an x-ray examination of the jaws.

Quite often the implantologist changes the decision about the type of implants along the implantation operation, itself, using real-time analysis of the bone state at the site of intervention.

The implantology operation consists of the following stages:

1 stage.

The implantologist installs a dental implant in the jawbone. The procedure goes most often with the local anesthesia, completely comfortable and without painful sensations.

Depending on the type of implantation (one-stage or two-stage) - an interim crown is placed on the implant during the same visit, or the place of manipulation is covered with gingiva, and the prosthesis is installed 2-6 months after the full fusion of the implant with the bone, often on the superior jaw.

Photo of conditionally removable prosthesis on 6 implants - replacement of all teeth with implants.

Stages of teeth implantation

2 stage.

During this stage (with a two-stage procedure), the implantologist uncovers the implant and sets the healing abutment to form the right edge of the gingiva around the future dental crown for a period of 15 days.

3 stage.

A conical element is installed above the implant - an abutment on which a dental crown or other type of prosthesis is subsequently installed.

Important information

1. The installation of the best dental implants can take place under several types of anesthesia, the choice of which depends on the psychological mood and desire of the patient.

Implantation can take place absolutely comfortably, without pain and complications with reliable local computer anesthesia STA. At the same time, the probability of any painfulness is absent, even during the procedure of anesthesia.

However, quite often the procedure goes in a state of medical sleep - the patient sleeps quietly during the operation. Our clinic has a license for this type of service, professional anesthesiologists, and all necessary equipment for putting the clients in the state of medical sleep (a more familiar expression is under anesthesia). After anesthesia recovery - in an hour you may do ordinary things, work, and even drive a car.

2. There is very little contraindication for the installation of implants. Elderly age is not a contraindication to dental bone implantation of teeth. Some contraindications give serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, connective tissue, some types of neoplasms, diabetes. But even with the listed diseases – the relative contraindications - all types of implantation of the teeth can be performed, provided the correction of these diseases by the doctors.

3. With the proper technology of the procedure and the professionalism of the implantologist - implants are rejected very rarely - up to 2% of the total.

4. The procedure - dental full express implantation for 1 day — is not a traumatic operation. After it, there is no long-standing pain. This intervention is tolerated by patients of our dentistry easier than removing roots.

Implantation of the lower jaw

5. The installation of a dental implant lasts for up to 1 hour. A small puffiness in the place of installation appears on the second day, and passes off on the third day. The very next day after visiting the dentistry center - customers get back to normal life and work.

6. Dental implants with crowns require good hygienic care. It is desirable to use flosses, irrigators for good oral hygiene.

All interested persons can sign up for a visit of Lumi-Dent dentistry in Ukraine on a promotional basis for a free consultation with an implantologist, during which the doctor will suggest the best option for the operation taking into account your situation and financial possibilities.

Dental Express Implantation of teeth Kiev reviews of patients

Videos Patients' reviews about the implantologists of our dentistry center can be seen here. It is also possible to find customer evaluations of doctors at many dental forums.

The cost of the service can be seen on the website - the "Prices" page. We offer a cheap, mid-range segment, and the best VIP versions of dental implants.

The page "Our works" - contains many photos of clients of our clinic before and after treatment.

How much does the best dental implant with a crown cost?The cost of services is at the top of this page.

The cost of a full dental implantation of teeth - the discounted price is available for almost every client today. Our clinic of implantology Lumi-Dent is a great place where you can install the best implants with crowns on a turn-key basis at a cheap price, and where you can to put in your teeth.

More information about the dental (teeth) express implantation on a turn-key basis can be found on the various forums, as well as in the subsections of this website, the links are in Navigation on the right side.

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