3-D clinics tour

Clinics Lumi-Dent have 4 departments:

Clinic on Poznyaki:

1) Side department
2) Front department
3) Department on the second floor

4. Clinic on Obolon


Attention - if the navigation of the 3-D tour on the mobile phone is not controlled by your finger - try to control the arrows in the navigation menu.


Clinic on Poznyaki


Lateral department (3-D tour)


Lateral department the 3-D tour


Front department (3-D tour)


Front Department 3-D tour


Department on the second floor (3-D tour) 


3-D tour in dentistry clinics Lumi-Dent


Clinic on Obolon (3-D tour) 


3-D tour in department dentistry Lumi-Dent on Obolon'

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