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Photo of teeth implantation in the jaw
Installing implants if there are no teeth

The stages of implantation on the example of one our operation:
Implantation stages
1. Diagnosis and planning of the number, size, and place of dental implantation in the lower jaw.
2. Production on the basis of 3-D scanning of an individual surgical template for precise insertion of dental implants into the jaw bone. Insertion of dental implants using a surgical template.
3. In the absence of the necessary amount of bone at the area of the insertion of the implants - the production of platelet clots from the patient's own blood (IPRF technology, upper image) is used, and artificial bone can be infused (bone grafting, lower image).
4. Overlaying the membrane and suturing the mucous membrane at the area of operation. After a couple of months, the patient will already chew with these teeth.
5. Final result after 2,5 months. Total collage of all steps
Clinical case 1
Clinical case 2
Clinical case 3
Clinical case 4
Clinical case 5
Clinical case 6
Clinical case 7
Clinical case 8
Clinical case 9

More information about installation of dental implants in Lumi-Dent — on the reference

Example of planning – video of teeth implantation in the jaw in our clinics on data of computer tomography

Advise - click on the fotos below - they`ll open in lage size and good quality! Enjoy) 


Clinical case 10
Clinical case 11
Clinical case 12
Patient k
Greater mobility of the remaining teeth. Inability to chew food, talk, smile
Periodontal disease stage 3
Removal of remaining movable teeth. Installation of Straumann implants on the upper and lower jaw. Making full dentures with artificial gingiva, based on implants.
Clinical case 13
Clinical case 14
Patient V.
There is no possibility to wear a removable denture.
Significant atrophy of the alveolar ridge.
6 MIS dental implants were implanted into the lower jaw. The final stage of prosthetics is an ultra-light, fixed construction on the lower jaw of Peek material, with screw fixation on implants.
Clinical case 15
Clinical case 16
Clinical case 17
Clinical case 18
Clinical case 19
Clinical case 20
Clinical case 21
Clinical case 22
Clinical case 23
Clinical case 24
Clinical case 25
Clinical case 26
Clinical case 27
Clinical case 28
Clinical case 29
Clinical case 30
Clinical case 31
Clinical case 32
Clinical case 33
Clinical case 34
Clinical case 35
Clinical case 36



You may download the pricing table and the timing of the insertion of implants and prosthetics on them by reference 


If there are no teeth, implantation is better than all other methods to help solve this problem.

Operations of implantation, depending on the number of implants used, and the place of their insertion are divided into several main types:

  • Implantation of one tooth;
  • Implantation of several teeth;
  • Implantation of the upper teeth;
  • Implantation of the lower teeth;
  • Placing implants on the edentulous jaws if all teeth are missing. 


Implantation of one tooth is made in the absence of one tooth in the dentition. Even one implant is placed in our clinics using a surgical navigation template. 

Such technology allows minimizing complications after implant insertion. Navigation templates provide not only maximum insertion accuracy, but also reduce operation time. 

Our clinics offer navigation templates at cost. Such templates are made in our own dental laboratory. 

This gives us the opportunity not to earn on their application. Therefore, all our patients willingly agree to use navigation templates at the lowest cost. Thereby, we are able to get the maximum positive result in almost all interventions for inserting implants in the jaws. 


Implantation of several teeth is also carried out using templates. In this case, the cost of the template and the time for the insertion of one implant is further reduced, almost doubled. The time of implantation of several teeth is significantly less than the time of insertion of a single implant, per one tooth.  


Implantation of the lower teeth has a good prognosis and quick integration of implants with bone tissue. The reason for this is the high density of the mandible bone. The lower jaw is thin, and in order to withstand a large chewing pressure, its bone is extremely dense and strong. Therefore, quite often when implanting lower teeth - crowns or dentures are placed on the same visit, especially when using high-quality implants like Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Implantation of the lower teeth has a very favorable prognosis, even with significant atrophy of the jaw bone tissue.  


Implantation of the upper teeth, in contrast to the lower teeth, has many difficulties and contraindications.

These problems are directly related to the structure of the upper jaw. 

Its bone tissue is very porous and leaky, due to the presence of a large number of blood plexuses. Also, the upper jaw is bordered by several large air-cavity, the maxillary sinuses. As a consequence, very often the thickness of the bone in the lateral areas is extremely small, which makes it almost impossible to immediately implant the upper teeth. 

Fortunately, nowadays, methods of eliminating these shortcomings are successfully applied:

1) Placement of implants using navigation templates in the portions of the upper jaw: jugal, palatal. Long-length implants with swivel heads are used. 

2) Sinus lifting operation - bone augmentation at the site of implantation of the upper teeth in the lateral areas. There are direct and indirect sinus lifting. Also, implantation of the upper teeth is often done simultaneously with sinus lifting, if conditions allow. Read more about sinus lifting on the page of the service itself, link above. 

On the upper jaw, prosthetics are mainly deposited on the placed implants, from one and a half to six months, depending on the type of new titanium roots. 


If there are no all teeth, implantation can be carried out by several methods:

1) Placement of two or four implants with spherical heads, and fixing on them a complete denture. A complete removable denture is fixed on them with the help of special locks. 

2) Insertion of 4 implants on the lower edentulous jaw (all-in-4 technique), and 4-6 implants on the upper one. With the subsequent placement on them of a conditionally removable prosthesis, which transfers the entire chewing load to the implants themselves. 

The procedure for implanting titanium roots is an excellent alternative on teeth-free jaws - the use of suction plastic full dentures.

If there are no all teeth - new prostheses on implants do not fall and do not rub the gums. They occupy a much smaller area on the gum, which allows a person to get used to them much faster. Also, such new dentures allow the patient to feel better the temperature and taste of food, due to the discovery of most sensory fields on the surface of the gums. 

Read more about the types of implantation and prices for this service in our clinics - read by reference

The advantages of our clinics:

1) We offer unique computer anesthesia, or treatment under general sedation (medical sleep);

2) We use a wide range of implants - we will select the best option, taking into account your financial capabilities;

3) At the lowest price we will offer navigation templates - a unique offer among all other clinics in Kiev;;

4) We guarantee free replacement if an implant is rejected;

5) We use the methods of Plasmolifting and PRF - significantly improve the prognosis of implantation, reduce the time to the beginning of the prosthetics, reduce the cost of the operation;

6) In each of our clinics, it is possible to undergo a computed tomography of the jaws - a mandatory examination for the correct diagnosis and planning of the placement of dental implants. 

7) Professional team - every day 6 experienced implantologists with a narrow specialization work with us - there are no analogues in other clinics of Ukraine. 

8) We are trusted! On our site you my find many video reviews of our patients. Also on the site there are many photos of dental implants - real cases of our work. We have nothing to hide from our valued customers. 

We invite you to our clinics, consultation and X-ray examination are free now!

Summary statistics on placed implants for 2021 in the centers of dental implantology Lumi-Dent in Kiev:

MIS C1 96
Megagen 1249
Straumann 740
Nobel Biocare 316


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