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Teeth whitening

Results of teeth whitening of our patients:

Tone changes of teeth whitening
Stages of teeth whitening
If you have reached the stage where neither whitening toothpastes nor any other methods of teeth cleaning could help, you should try teeth whitening. Some reviews say that after this procedure of whitening, the whiteness of your teeth will not last long - but all this is just rumors and stereotypes. Read reviews in Kiev about this service - you will not find a single person who regretted that he did this procedure.

Teeth whitening in the dental clinic Lumi-Dent, Kiev – is a fast and safe procedure

 There are several inexpensive ways to improve the clarity, different in the strength of color changes. Having consulted with a dentist, you will be able to find the best option for yourself. The price of teeth whitening depends on the method chosen by you.

We provide teeth whitening services in Kiev.

Ultrasound teeth cleaning is essential before the procedure.

If you are concerned about the state of your oral cavity - contact us and we will easily solve all your problems!

You will be offered the following kinds of effective changes of color, In clinics Lumi-Dent in Kyiv:

1. Light Activated Teeth Whitening Magic Smile

Variant Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!


Only till the 31st of May!

Variant Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!


The principle of light activated teeth whitening consists of activating the "bleach gel" with the help of cold LED light. Whitener is safe for teeth, does not change its chemical formula, only displacing coloring pigments from enamel. Light activated teeth whitening is completely safe.

2. Laser technology ZOОM!

Variant ZOОM Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!


Only till the 31st of May!

Variant ZOОM Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!


3. Technology of light activated whitening BEYOND

Variant BEYOND Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!


Only till the 31st of May!

Variant BEYOND Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!


The principle of bleaching is the same as for the laser technology, the difference is only in the chemical formula of the "bleach gel" and the wavelength of the irradiating lamp.

The technology is absolutely safe.

In the clinic the doctors produce special mouth guard for home teeth whitening. Also we provide whitening gels, which you apply in your mouth guard at home, the mouth guard is worn for several hours a day before going to bed, it is also possible to use a mouth guard when you are sleeping. The course of home whitening takes 2-4 weeks. Home whitening is not traumatic, has no side effects, does not cause teeth sensitivity, however according to reviews laser whitening is more efficient.

The price for teeth whitening in dentistry Lumi-Dent is moderate and accessible to almost every client. More information on the cost of teeth whitening can be found on the website of our dentistry in the «Prices» section, as well as on pages devoted to certain types of this service. The reviews of clients of our clinic who have tried teeth whitening are available for study in the «Reviews» section.

Procedure of laser teeth whitening:

Laser teeth whitening Lamp promotes whitening whitening procedure
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