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Date of publication: 15.09.2016
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  • Teeth whitening
  • What is teeth whitening?
  • How to bleach a teeth?
  • Testimonials about dental whitening
  • Types of teeth whitening in Kiev
  • 1.Light-activated whiteningMAGIC SMILE
  • 2. Laser technology ZOОM!
  • 3. Light-activated technology BEYOND
  • How to bleach teeth at home
  • Price of whitening
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Teeth whitening

Important - to achieve a fast, reliable and stable lightening effect, for maximum safety and to strengthen the teeth - our team recommends combining different methods with each other. That is, at first, any kind of laser or photo whitening, to get a quick effect, with the addition of home-made mouthguards after this, with alternating bleaching gel and fluorogel, which strengthens tooth enamel and eliminates possible sensitivity.

This combination of different technologies has many advantages:

  • First you get a quick and good effect, in just 1 hour in the dentist’s chair;
  • Then, with the help of homemade mouth guards, you continue to increase the whitening to the color you desire.
  • Alternating lightening with firming fluoride - you strengthen dental tissues, remove possible discomfort, and make reliable prevention of caries development.
  • The main thing is that with the help of a mouth guard, you will be able to provide yourself with a dazzling smile for many years, and protect against the occurrence of carious lesions

It will be enough only to additionally buy bleaching and fluorine-containing gels.

Efficient and benefit!


What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a set of procedures aimed at changing the color of the main dental tissues - enamel and dentin - towards their lightening. To achieve this goal in modern dentistry, various procedures and techniques are used, such as those performed in a dental clinic or at home.

Photo. Whitening results of patients in our dental clinics.

Tone changes of teeth whitening

How is procedure carried out:
Stages of teeth whitening Lamp promotes whitening   

How to bleach a teeth?

To achieve a radiant smile, you should try light-activated whitening or laser teeth whitening, or resort to a homemade lightening procedure using whitening caps with a special gel.

Testimonials about dental whitening

Some reviews say that after this procedure the whiteness of your teeth will not last long - but all this is just rumors and stereotypes.

Read the reviews in Kyiv about solving this problem - how to whiten your teeth - you will not find a single person who regretted going through this service.

Types of teeth whitening in Kiev


1. Light-activated whitening MAGIC SMILE


Variant Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!

Special offer!

Until 30th of April!

Variant Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!

The principle of light-activated whitening is to activate the "bleach gel" using cold light LED lamps. Bleacher is safe for teeth, does not change its chemical composition, only displacing coloring pigments from enamel Light-activated whitening is completely safe.

2. Laser technology ZOОM!

Variant ZOОM Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!

Special offer!

Until 30th of April!

Variant ZOОM Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!

3. Light-activated technology BEYOND

Variant BEYOND Express (1 jaw) – price 1090 UAH!

Special offer!

Until 30th of April!

Variant BEYOND Expert (1 jaw) – price 1490 UAH!

The principle of clarification is the same as with laser technology, the difference is only in the chemical composition of the "bleacher gel" and the wavelength of the irradiation lamp.

The technology is completely safe.

How to bleach teeth at home


Cost per 1 jaw - 1680 UAH.

In dental clinics you are made a special mouthpiece for the procedure at home. Also provide "bleaching gels" that you put in a mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece is worn several hours a day before bedtime. It is also possible to use a mouthpiece when you are sleeping. The course of home lightening mouthpieces occurs 2-4 weeks.

Homemade lightening with mouthpieces at home is not traumatic, has no side effects, does not cause sensitivity of teeth, however, according to reviews, laser teeth whitening is more effective.

Photo. Whitening result in our patient.

Отбеливание зубов фото до после Люми-Дент

Principle of action

Based on the fact that on the surface of the enamel impose a special gel bleach, which includes a certain percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Under the influence of a laser, a diode lamp, or as a result of a chemical reaction, hydrogen peroxide in the bleach begins to actively decompose, forming atomic oxygen.

This substance is a strong oxidizing agent, and causes a change in the tertiary structure of dental protein to binary, which has a much lighter shade. In this case, no destruction of dental tissue does not occur.

In addition, atomic oxygen actively cleans the spaces between enamel prisms from all sorts of pigments, thereby greatly enhancing the effect of lightening the color of the enamel.

We also want to note that in some cases quite a significant color change can be achieved without resorting to bleaching technologies.

It is enough to carry out professional cleaning of soft plaque and solid deposits, as well as to clean the pigment formed from staining food, as well as from smoking and coffee using a non-contact method.

Also, before any whitening procedure it is highly recommended to carry out such a professional cleaning, because it will give the most effective access of the whitening gels to the tooth enamel. And accordingly will provide the maximum effect from the bleaching procedure.

Have you reached the stage when neither whitening toothpastes, pharmacy whiteners, or any other methods of tooth cleaning help?

In the dental clinics Lumi-Dent on the Right and Left Bank of Kyiv, in the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaky, Osokorky, Kharkivs'ka, Bereznyaky, Rusanovka, Darnytsya, Levoberezhnaya - color clarification is a quick and safe procedure.

In dentistry, there are several low-cost types of clarification - getting a radiant smile. These species vary in strength of color change. After consulting with a dentist, you may find the optimal solution for yourself. The price of a color change depends on the method you choose.

Laser or Light-activated whitening is much more intense and allows you to achieve the desired result right in the dentist’s chair in 1 hour. This is the so-called "office" version of the solution to get a radiant smile.

The service of chemical color change is longer, on average occurs within up to 2 weeks.

Before the procedure, is required from plaque. If you are concerned about the condition of your oral cavity - contact us, and we can easily solve all your problems!

Price of whitening

In the dentistry Lumi-Dent in Kyiv in the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaky, Osokorky, Darnitsa, Levoberezhnaya, Rusanovka, Bereznyaky, Kharkivs'ka - the cost is available to almost every client. How much it costs - you may find out more about the cost of the service on this page above, as well as on our dentistry website in the section «Dentistry prices».

We also recommend to pay attention to the service placement of ceramic veneers, this procedure will allow you to get a dazzling smile for a lifetime.

Benefits of contacting clinics Lumi-Dent

  1. Your smile really brightens! Having in the arsenal of as many as 4 bleaching technologies, we are guaranteed to select for you the best and most effective;
  2. We care not only about getting the result, but also about your health - we will recommend with any clarification - making an individual mouthpiece, for additional fluoridation of enamel, as well as to reduce sensitivity to temperature and chemical irritants;
  3. In case of some pain during the procedure - there is always the possibility of reliable pain relief using computer anesthesia - without a syringe;
  4. We guarantee the result - see examples of clarification in our patients in the section "Our work". We also have a lot of video reviews from our patients, and got a beautiful smile;
  5. We have no hidden payments - you always know in advance the price for the service you are going to receive. And the cost of the service itself is more than pleasant for any person.

A shining smile is easy and safe!

Sign up for a free consultation in any of the clinics Lumi-Dent!

Summary statistics on the number of services rendered for 2022:

Complex hygienic cleanings. 2430
Professional whitenings. 453
ZOOM technology! 95
Beyond technology. 128
Magic Smile technology. 134
Home whitening with mouthpieces. 96
Prices for services
Photowhitening BEYOND Express (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
1700 UAH
Laser whitening ZOOM Express (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
1700 UAH
Magic Smile Whitening Express (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
1700 UAH
Photowhitening BEYOND Expert (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
2250 UAH
Laser whitening ZOOM expert (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
3500 UAH
Magic Smile Whitening Expert (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 30th of April!
2250 UAH
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