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Date of publication: 13.09.2016
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Oral hygiene

Photo. Hygienic cleaning of teeth in the Lumi-Dent clinic in Obolon, Poznyaki, Solomenka, Kiev.

Oral hygiene Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

Hygienic teeth cleaning at the dentist photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Hygienic dental cleaning at the dentist is the removal of plaque using a combination of two technologies – in the following way:

  • Stage 1. Removal of plaque using a scaler with ultrasonic vibrations;
  • Stage 2. Conducting non-contact cleaning and polishing of the teeth surface from plaque using the Air flow technology.

These two types of cleaning your teeth can be used separately from each other, but the maximum effect will be when they are used together.

Remember! Oral hygiene at the dentist is necessary for every person who is over 25 years old, explains the dentist therapist Eugenija Ivanivna Lebedeva.

Dental cleaning is a very simple, painless and inexpensive oral hygiene procedure that will help keep your teeth and the entire oral cavity healthy for years to come. 

Photos before and after professional cleaning in Lumident, Kiev.

Teeth cleaning at the dentist Kiev photo Lumident

Diagnostics before dental cleaning

  • to begin with, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the quality of oral hygiene;
  • the doctor will determine the hygiene index;
  • the doctor will assess the condition of the mucous membranes, as well as periodontal tissues;
  • he will make a general conclusion based on the survey carried out.

In addition, systematic examinations and professional hygiene for the removal of plaque will allow diagnosing and preventing most dental diseases at the initial stages.


After the diagnosis, the dentist will begin the procedure, since adults and children in various degrees of neglect have dental deposits, which must be gotten rid of.

Eventually, the lack of dental cleaning will provoke the appearance of:

  • inflammatory processes of the gums;
  • bad breath - halitosis;
  • carious lesions;
  • and other dangerous diseases.

It is recommended to visit the dentist to remove dental deposits with a scaler at least once every 6 months.

Photos before and after brushing your teeth (hygiene), Poznyaki, Kiev.

Teeth cleaning before after Lumi-Dent

How to perform the hygienic dental cleaning for children and adults?

Dentists perform oral hygiene in two stages:

  • Cleaning of hard calculus plaque with a scaler;
  • Non-contact cleaning of plaque with a sandblaster.

Stage 1

Ultrasonic cleaning of dental calculus (photo).

Professional teeth cleaning photo Lumiden

The dentist removes calculus plaque with a scaler - ultrasonic cleaning. The handpiece generates high frequency vibrations that destroy the calculus on the teeth when in contact.

At the same time, water drips onto the handpiece, washing the calculus plaque from the surface of the tooth root under the gum.

The procedure for removing and cleaning calculus plaque from teeth is painless, sometimes there is slight discomfort, which can be eliminated by local computer anesthesia in a particularly sensitive area.

After dental cleaning from calculus plaque, roughness remains on the surface of the tooth, which can again attach food particles, and subsequently the appearance of new calculus plaque. Therefore, the root surface is additionally polished to prevent the formation of calculus plaque.

Stage 2

Air Flow non-contact cleaning, Kiev.

professional oral hygiene photo Lumident

The dentist uses a special “Air flow” (system for removing pigmented plaque) sandblasting machine to clean the plaque and pigment above the gum.

Such non-contact hygienic dental cleaning is not only effective, but also not causing discomfort. The meaning of such cleaning is that with the help of high pressure the device sprays a mixture - air, water and an abrasive substance onto the enamel surface.

As a result, plaque and other deposits are destroyed without harm to the enamel, and the teeth acquire their natural color.

What can happen for several days after dental cleaning:

  • there will be some swelling of the gums;
  • slight bleeding of the gums is possible, mainly during home hygiene with a brush and paste.

These symptoms will quickly disappear, and the gums will acquire a beautiful pink color, the breath will be fresh. You will feel superb lightness when moving your tongue, chewing food, talking and smiling.

To quickly restore the gums and prevent the addition of infection to the open areas of the gums after removing stones, the dentist will recommend you to observe two-time home oral hygiene with a brush and paste, as well as rinsing and ointment.

An example of a medical prescription:

  • Rotokan liquid. Tincture on oak bark. It has an astringent, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect. Application: Dissolve 1 tablespoon with a glass of warm water. Rinse 3 times a day.
  • "Metrogil Denta" ointment has a prolonged antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply the ointment after eating.
  • Orasept or Listerine liquid. These are special mouth rinses that freshen the breath, destroy bacteria and flush out their waste products, prevent the formation of plaque and deposits, as well as inflammation of the gums. At the same time, rinses strengthen the teeth and eliminate their sensitivity. In addition, mouthwash has a whitening effect.

All these procedures in a comprehensive oral hygiene provide a wonderful, radiant smile, and the health of your gums and teeth for a very long time.

Photos before and after professional hygiene, dentistry patient Lumident, Obolon, Kiev.

Hygienic teeth cleaning at the dentist Kiev Lumi-Dent

The rate of dental plaque depends on many factors.

  • The viscosity of human saliva. The more viscous the saliva, the worse the leftovers of food are washed out, and the faster deposits form;
  • Human food nature. If you eat healthy food, where coarse bread, cereals, liquid food, fermented milk products, as well as a lot of vegetables and fruits predominate, you will have the least plaque formation. If on the contrary - you eat a lot of starchy foods and sweets, and do not eat vegetables and fruits at all - you will often have to visit your dentist for professional oral hygiene;
  • The degree of overcrowding of the teeth. The more overcrowded, the more difficult it is to do high-quality home oral hygiene. The plaque forms faster;
  • Regularity and correctness of oral hygiene at home using a brush, paste, floss, irrigators and rinses. It is necessary to brush not only the teeth, but also the tongue and the mucous surface of the cheeks, with correct movements. With flossy, it is necessary to pass carefully the interdental spaces to evacuate food debris that the brush cannot remove. Moreover, you need to finish your exercise with special mouth rinses.

According to the recommendations of specialists, it is advisable for each person to undergo plaque removal regularly every six months.

The photo. Before and after dental hygiene at Lumident.

professional teeth cleaning photo stages LumiDent

Our administrators will call you and remind you in advance to visit the clinic for a free examination and professional hygiene.


You can watch the video reviews of our clients in the "Reviews" section.

How much does it cost to remove stones with a scaler?

What is the price of oral hygiene?

The price of oral hygiene in our clinics is 1199 UAH.

Contact the Lumi-Dent dental clinics in Kyiv on the Obolon, Pozniaky, Osokorky, Solomenka massifs – to do this inexpensive and extremely useful procedure! We are always glad to see you!

Photo. How is dental hygiene done in Lumiden.

Professional teeth cleaning Kiev photo Lumident Dental Cleaning of teeth from plaque photo Kiev Lumident
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Prices for services
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
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1199 UAH
Periodontist consultation 700 UAH
Ozone gum therapy (for 2 jaws) 840 UAH
Medicine application (1 jaw) 690 UAH
Plazmolifting Procedure - 1 jaw 1940 UAH
laser Treatment of periodontitis (1 tooth) 290 UAH
Frequently asked questions and answers
What is hygienic dental cleaning for?

Basic goals:

  • complete removal of plaque from teeth;
  • protection against caries caused by acid produced by bacteria in plaque;
  • control of the state of the oral cavity (very often dense plaque hides superficial caries and incipient inflammation of soft tissues).
The main effect of hygienic cleaning is the even natural color of the enamel and its protection from damage.

However, he is not the only one, the procedure also allows you to achieve:

  • slight clarification (enamel, cleared of yellowish or grayish plaque, looks lighter);
  • fresh breath (in some cases, the procedure is indicated when bad breath appears);
  • strengthening of dental supports (not only supragingival, but also subgingival tartar is removed, which contributes to loosening of the roots).
How often should dental hygienic cleaning be performed?

It depends on the quality of a person's hygiene, the nature of the diet, the viscosity of saliva and some other factors.

Cleaning by the dentist every 6 months is usually sufficient.

Do you need hygienic dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning is necessary for everyone who has dental calculus. This is 98-99% of all people.

It helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile beautiful.

How long does it take to do dental cleaning at the dentist?

On average, the procedure is usually performed for 1 hour. The timing directly depends on the degree of tartar deposition.

What is the result of hygienic cleaning?
  • healthy gums;
  • safe teeth;
  • pleasant smell from the mouth;
  • a beautiful smile;
  • systemic health.
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