Diagnosis teeth

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Frontal view teleroentgenography (TRG) 300 UAH
Lateral teleroentgenography (TRG) 300 UAH
CT segment (80 * 50mm) 390 UAH
Full computer tomogtamma (2 jaws in occlussion) 720 UAH
CT scans of the mandible (120 * 90mm) 610 UAH
CT scan of the upper jaw (120 * 90mm) 610 UAH
Ortopantomogramma (panoramic picture) 300 UAH

Dental panoramic X-ray

панорамный снимок зубов

The dental clinic Lumi - Dent uses a digital computer orthopantomograph, which allows you to get a dental panoramic X-ray - orthopantomography.

Periapical X-ray

прицельный снимок зубов

Radioviziograf is a device that allows you to receive an x-ray image of teeth in electronic form, and then view them on a computer monitor in real time.

Computed tomography - CT scan of teeth

компьютерная томограмма, кт зубов

Computed tomography of teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joint. Virtually any dental procedure requires a clear diagnosis based on data obtained on accurate and patient-friendly diagnostic equipment.


Телерентгенограмма (ТРГ)

Telegentography is a modern and effective X-ray diagnostic technique that allows you to identify the existing pathology of the jaw and bite, as well as to establish and avoid possible negative consequences and complications.

T-SCAN - a revolutionary technology for diagnosing occlusion and bite

t-scan диагностика окклюзии и прикуса

System of computer diagnostics bite T-scan.

Device for electroodontodiagnosis (EOD)

Прибор электроодонтодиагностики (ЭОД)

The device for  electroodontodiagnosis (EOD) - accurate diagnosis of the condition of the tooth.

Anyone who has ever experienced a toothache will agree that it is better to cure any diseases of the oral cavity in advance, and not to allow critical situations. That is why the diagnosis of teeth is so important, and the specialists of the Lumi-Dent clinics in Kiev pay so much attention to it.

In the early stages of the development of dentistry because of the damage that X-ray radiation causes to the body, the diagnosis of teeth was an unaffordable luxury. But today, the risk of exposure has been reduced to a minimum, thanks to the radiovisiograph. The abbreviation is simply called the visiograph.

The technology is so safe that the snapshot is not contraindicated even to nursing mothers. Due to the minimum dose of radiation, at one time the patient can take at least 10 pictures without harm to health. No less important advantage of the visiograph is the speed with which the images will be obtained.

Clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev provide an opportunity to do both periapical X-rays and panoramic ones. Periapical X-rays cover from 1 to 3 teeth. Exact X-rays allow, for example, to see the length of the root. In case of need prosthetics, treatment or implantation of a large group of teeth - it is necessary to take a panoramic X-ray, which is called an orthopantomogram. Also, the orthopantomogram is used for general examination.

But the most modern and accurate procedure for diagnosing teeth in dentistry today is a computed tomogram, which allows you to create a three-dimensional volume image of the maxillofacial area. The resulting image allows the doctor not only to see the development of pathological processes in all planes, but also to properly plan a comprehensive restoration of the dental dental system, which is extremely important when performing dental implants, correcting bite, and many other dental procedures.

Our team successfully uses in its work all methods of diagnostics of the teeth and the jaw-facial area, with the help of modern equipment - the Vatech PHT-6500 computer tomograph and the EzSensor radiovisiograph.

If you have any questions, please contact us in any convenient way, and our specialists will give you the most detailed advice.

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