Doctor dentist Zoya Tsypko - Lumi-Dent


General Member of Ukrainian Dental Association.
Conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki.

Educational background:

  • Graduated from The Institute of Ecology and Medicine, Kiev city
  • Passed an internship at the Academy of Postgraduate Education n.a P.L. Shupik

Specialization, types of activities of the dentist:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of caries and its complications;
  • Performing of rational alleviation of pain;
  • Professional oral hygiene by ultrasound with the application of «air flow» system;
  • Aesthetic restorations of all groups of teeth with photopolymer composite materials;
  • Dental fissure sealing;
  • Application of fiberglass systems;
  • Temporary restoration of the dentitions with adhesive prosthetic bridges;
  • Dental splinting;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Use of dental dum.

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • Participation in the third PAN-European dental congress, 2009;
  • Certificate "Free design in the restoration of the front teeth", 2011;
  • International lecture course "Modern technologies of treatment and prevention in practical dentistry", 2012;
  • Certificate "Modern strategies for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases: world experience and development prospects", 2015 - 2016;
  • Participation in the conference for endodontists, surgeons, periodontists and heads of clinics "Endoperiocont", 2017;
  • Participation in the master class of Samuel Krechman "Directional Replantation", 2017;
  • Certificate "Modern practical solutions for effective endodontic treatment", 2017;
  • Certificate "Diagnosis and primary treatment of periodontal diseases", Kyiv, 2017;
  • «Endo Micro Surgery», Andriy Polovinshchykov, Vinnytsia, 2018.;

Statistics for 2019-2020 of Doctor Zoya Tsypko:

  2019 2020
Number of consultations 280 307
Number of seals installed 528 602
Number of performed anesthesia 300 497
Number of cleanings 78 150
Number of teeth whitenings 13 65
Number of treated canals 113 149
Number of installed adhesive dental bridges 6 2
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