Pavel Datsiuk

Dentist orthopedist Kiev - Pavel Datsiuk


Doctor orthopedist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki.


  • Graduated from the National Medical University named after Bogomolets.
  • Passed specialization in the direction of "Orthopedic dentistry" at the National Medical Academy of postgraduate education. P. L. Shupik.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Specialist in the field of aesthetic prosthetics with restoration of functional components of any degree of complexity.
  • Daily use of digital smile simulation (DSD) in their practice.
  • Work with the front arc, taking into account all the individual functional parameters of the patient, the management of complex gnatological cases.
  • Computer diagnostics of bite using T-Scan.
  • Implant-supported prosthetics with removable, non-removable and conditionally removable structures.

Fixed prosthesis:

  • Metal-ceramic structures of increased complexity.
  • Prosthetics using crowns, bridge structures made of solid ceramics (e.max) and based on zirconium dioxide.
  • Restoration of teeth with ceramic veneers and linings (in/on/overlay).
  • Microprosthetics and use of the microscope at all stages of treatment, production of ultra-thin veneers and veneers of increased complexity.
  • Work with the laser for maximum aesthetic results.
  • Implant prosthetics: Straumann, MegaGen (AnyOne/AnyRidge), MIS, NeoBiotech, Bicon, Nobel.

Removable prosthetics:

  • Full and partial dentures made of different materials: acrylic, nylon, clasp dentures (clamp / lock (Bredent/MK)).
  • Full dentures supported by implants.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • "Basic life support" Lysine D. O.;
  • "Clinical Photography in dental practice”;
  • "LF8”;


  • "Effective communication with patients and sales of dental services”;
  • "Direct implantation into the alveolar socket and immediate loading of the temporary crown. Surgical and orthopedic nuances”;
  • Theoretical and practical seminar " All on four”;
  • "Complete ceramic restorations”;
  • "Splint therapy: how to avoid temporal mandibular joint disorders. The usage of occlusal splints relaxing”;
  • “The solution of occlusion problems with the help of a facial arch and articulator in the daily work of the clinic and the laboratory”;
  • "Gentle implantation. Planning and prosthetics on ultrashort implants”;


  • Individual modular master class " Basic concepts of diagnosis and planning of orthopedic rehabilitation, taking into account the modern holistic approach”
  • “MicroVision Anteriors: Ceramic Veneers”;
  • "Modern high-tech systems of dental implants-a component of the success of orthopedic rehabilitation of the patient”, Italy;


  • "Modern strategies of prevention and treatment of dental diseases: world experience and development prospects", Kyiv


  • "Total reconstruction of teeth", Kiev;
  • "Teeth whitening system Beyond Power Whitening"

Statistics of dentist orthopedist Datsyuk P.P for 2018:

Number of consultations


Metal-ceramic crowns


All-ceramic crowns


All-ceramic crowns from zirconium dioxide




Examples of the work of Dr. Datsyuk P.


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