The network of clinics Lumi-Dent - the winners of the competition People's Brand 2020-21 in Kyiv



We are the best Dentistry in Kyiv according to the raitings "People's Brand 2020-21", "Country's Choice" 2023, «Ukrainian Business Award 2023», and "Success Favorites"!

We are proud to inform you that the network of dental clinics "Lumi-Dent" has been winning for 2 years in a row in the independent competition "People's Brand 2020" and "People's Brand 2021" in the "Dentistry" nomination!

838 contestants took part in the rating, and we received a well-deserved 1st place.

Thank you very much, our dear patients!

Thank you for trusting your smiles to professionals and sharing your feedback.

Photo. Winner certificate - Lumi-Dent clinic chain takes first place in the "People's Brand 2020" competition in the "Dentistry" nomination.

Lumi-Dent won the People's Brand 2020 competition


Certificate of 2021 about our 1st place in the same ranking.


People's brand 2021 photo Lumident


Unfortunately, with the beginning of the aggression of Russia in Ukraine, the rating temporarily stopped its work.

Otherwise, we are sure that on this page there would also be a diploma about 1st place in 2023.

We try to be the best for our clients in everything!

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Photo. A team of dentists from the network of Lumi-Dent clinics in Kyiv.

Lumi-Dent photo


In addition, the Lumi-Dent clinic chain took 1st place in another well-known rating in 2021-22 - "Success Favorites", the results can be seen at this link



Interim results for 2023 - we are in 1st place again https://favor.com.ua/ru/vote/citylife/dental-clinic/?results=2023


Award "Country's Choice" 2023

Lumi-Dent is the best network of dental clinics of the year in Kyiv, see the link for more details.

Choice of the Country 2023 award photo Lumi-Dent

Choice of the Country photo Lumi-Dent


Ukrainian Business Awards 2023

In 2023, we received another good news - the annual well-known Ukrainian Business Award analyzed the Ukrainian market and compiled a ranking of the TOP 20 best dental clinics in Kyiv in 2023. Our network of clinics was among the TOP-3 winners. More details can be seen at the link.

Премия Ukraine Business Awards


Ukrainian Business Awards Lumi-Dent



Ukrainian Business Awards Люми-Дент


So, the dental clinics network Lumi-Dent is the absolute winner in all most famous Ukrainian ratings in nomination "The best dentistry in Kyiv" 


For many years we have strived to provide only the best service, and we are very pleased to receive general recognition.


The cost of services is available on the page "Dentistry prices". 

See video reviews of our patients in the section "Dentistry Reviews".


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