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Digital Dentistry. Scanner 3Shape Trios®

Dental clinics Lumi-Dent use only advanced technologies in the treatment and diagnosis of teeth. When new digital technologies appear in the dental world, we immediately introduce them into our practice. One of these technologies - digital dental imprinting with the 3Shape Trios® scanner - is already available in our clinics!

 Intraoral scanner 3Shape Trios® - it is an innovative equipment that provides quick and easy receiving high-quality digital 3-D impressions. It enables dentists to record the patient’s oral cavity and create a high-precision 3-D computer model of teeth and gums.

The process of traditional casting of a dental impression consists of the following steps:

  • the dentist kneads the impression mass, puts it in a special dental tray;
  • dental tray with impression mass is putting in the oral cavity;
  • the dentist needs to firmly squeeze a spoon to the patient’s teeth for a good impression, which can cause discomfort for the patient, a feeling of nausea, increased salivation;
  • this construction must be kept in the mouth for several minutes, this can cause inconvenience to patients.

Digital Dentistry Scanner 3 Shape Kiev Lumi-Dent

Often there is a risk of getting a poor-quality impression, and there is a need to carry out this procedure again. In addition, the impression material gives a certain shrinkage, and the future design often does not fit very accurately to the abutment teeth, which significantly affects the service life of such a prosthesis.

The scanner 3Shape Trios® avoids many problems that go with the classic casting procedure. For the convenience of the procedure, patients should receive accurate and high-quality data during the procedure.

Key features and benefits of the scanner 3Shape Trios®:

1. Casting has become much more comfortable for dentists and patients.

The 3Shape Trios® Scanner imaging procedure does not use impression materials and does not bring pain and discomfort to patients (especially people with increased gag reflex and children). The dentist just needs to attach the scanner to the patient’s teeth and take a picture.

Digital dentistry scanner photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

2. Using advanced scanning and imaging technologies 3Shape Trios®.

Technology Ultrafast Optical Sectioning allows to make about 1000 3D images for a high-precision digital 3D impression. Thanks to a wide range of other smart scanning tools, the high quality of impressions and preparations is ensured. Scanner 3Shape Trios® supports a wide range of dental constructions, and system function CAD/CAM will create maximum accuracy and quality in the manufacture of each individual structure.

3. Reduced time of attendance and appointments.

Technologies of scanner 3Shape Trios® prevent reimpressions due to poor quality cast. There is no need for high-quality kneading of the impression material, the exposure time in the patient’s oral cavity, and for further adjustment and grinding of the material, as in the traditional procedure for taking a dental impression.

4. Digital technologies of scanning.

Full digital scanner process 3Shape Trios® allows the dentist to instantly send scanned material to the dental laboratory, for example, by e-mail. This saves time and eliminates damage during transportation. The impression is also stored digitally in the dentistry database and can be reused if necessary.

3Shape Trios® much more than a scanner! Through innovation 3Shape TRIOS® has become a multifunctional digital solution for dentists, which creates 3d digital casts, measures tooth shades and captures intraoral HD photographs — and all this on one device. Combined case-specific information can be effectively used by dental technicians, as well as helping them design and produce improved quality restorations.

Digital dentistry scanner technology photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

5. Full digital production cycle for all types of dentures

Digital impressions received by the scanner in the form of an electronic file are immediately sent to our own dental laboratory, where various hardware and software systems, after processing the file by a doctor and a technician, are automatically printed or cut out of special blocks - finished crowns, or other types of dentures.

 This is the latest innovative technology in dentistry, which allowed us to reach a fundamentally new level of dental services. From now on, the manufacture of prostheses will be fast and incredibly accurate.


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