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  • Consultation of a good orthodont in Kiev
  • Consultation of a good children's orthodont in kiev
  • Good orthodontists in Kiev
  • Consultation of orthodont
  • Bite correction with brackets (photo before and after)
  • Сorrection of bite for adults and children prices
  • Best orthodonts of Kiev reviews

Consultation of a good orthodont in Kiev

Correction of the bite of the teeth with brackets, bite splints, plates in children and adults.

Orthodontist dentist correction bite Kiev

Almost every city in Ukraine has many adults and children (teenagers) who need to correct the bite with braces, and without them, and in the alignment of the teeth.

Consultation of a good children's orthodont in kiev

Many pediatric dentistry centers have the opportunity to consult a dentist - a specialist in correcting the bite with braces, splints and plates; therefore, choosing the right professional and affordable cost of a dentist orthodontist in Kiev is very difficult.

A good specialist should have high qualifications, experience, mandatory internships in the best foreign centers of pediatric dentistry, as well as positive reviews from patients. Not the least importance is the price for the first visit and services for the correction of closure of the teeth. In order to obtain cheap and high-quality bite correction in adults and children (teenagers), it is necessary to put a lot of effort into finding the best one in terms of quality and price.

Not least meaning is the presence in pediatric dentistry of its own department of digital x-ray diagnostics. At the initial consultation, a good orthodontist must have patient x-ray data - a panoramic image of the teeth (orthopantomogram) or computed tomography (CT).

You will be able to get all the listed examinations comfortably and cheaply at the first visit to our dentistry, on the newest cone-beam computerized tomograph Vatech PHT-6500.

Good orthodontists in Kiev

We may give you some tips - how to be confident in the choice:

  • A good specialist should have great experience in installing braces of various types. Ask about the presence of certificates and visits by the dentist courses on the installation and use of various braces systems.
  • A professional is obliged to own all modern technologies in this field, such as alignment of dental rows without braces with transparent aligners Easy Align, Invisalign.
  • It is modern and very aesthetic technology. They are more expensive than the cost of correcting the bite with braces in children and adults, but they do not need to glue anything on the teeth. Portability such splints much easier. The appearance of a smile does not suffer at all, as does oral care and speech.
  • At the consultation, he should not motivate you only on the most expensive treatment system, but also should take into account your material capabilities, offering you the best price-quality ratio;

Take the time to read reviews about the dentist orthodontist in Kiev and the clinic on independent dental portals.

Consultation of orthodont

Lumi-Dent dentistry offers inexpensively the following types of tooth alignment in children (adolescents) and adults:

Good Children's Orthodontist Dentist Kiev Lumi-dent
  • Removable devices - orthodontic plates;
  • Braces;
  • Corrective mouthguards Easy Align - effective alignment of dentitions without braces;
  • Corrective mouthguards Invisalign - alignment of teeth without braces;
  • Removable trainers.

A beautiful smile is not only a guarantee of excellent health, but also a career worthy of self-esteem, attention, and respect of others.

Bite correction with brackets (photo before and after)

Orthodontist dentist pediatrician bite correction Kyiv LumiDent

This is one of the foundations of a happy personal life. Previously, it was believed that the incorrect and uneven position of the teeth can be corrected inexpensively only at a young age. Today, the capabilities of orthodontics technology in modern children's dentistry centers, even in the most advanced cases, allow for quick and high-quality correction of bite in adults and children, and alignment of teeth. 

Consultation of orthodontist for children in the dentistry Lumi-Dent in Kiev on alignment of teeth is free!

Сorrection of bite for adults and children prices

The cost of the services of the best, good orthodontist for adults and children in Kiev in the residential areas of Obolon', Poznyaki, Osokorki, Kharkiv, Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Darnytsia, Left Bank - in our dentistry are available to everyone. You may see the cost of our services in the section "Dentistry prices".

Best orthodonts of Kiev reviews

Text and video reviews about the dentists of the network of clinics Lumi-Dent are available on the page "About the clinic" -


A doctor of this specialty goes through a rather long specialization in bite correction after graduating from a medical university. Working with children (a child) also requires a long-term specialist training in the psychology of childhood.

Specialists in the alignment of the wrong bite, working in our clinics - a long time spent on courses, workshops, seminars in Ukraine and abroad. They study a lot of foreign literature in order to keep abreast of the latest orthodontic technologies for correcting the wrong bite.

Specialists spend a lot of time in consultations with doctors of other specializations, on a case. After all, any violation of the dental occlusion is a combined problem that requires the attention and intervention of dentists of other specializations - therapists, surgeons, orthopedists, gnatologists, osteopaths, radiologists.

It is a complex technique that gives our team the opportunity to develop an individual approach to each specific case, and to correct almost any overbite with minimal effort and time, while causing a minimum of inconvenience to our respected patients.

Our dentists do not recommend delaying the visit of parents with children (teenagers) to the clinic, starting from one year of age.

First, the child (teenager) must be taught in a playful way to people in lab coats and their dental instruments. This will significantly reduce their fear at the next visit in a more adult age.

Secondly, already at the stage of temporary teeth eruption, the presence of carious lesions can be determined and promptly eliminated.

Thirdly, a doctor in dentistry for children based on a study of the situation in the oral cavity will give necessary recommendations to parents in terms of nutrition and finger massage, which will significantly reduce the risk and degree of deformation of the dentition in the future.

Accordingly, it will significantly accelerate and reduce the degree of orthodontic correction of some possible deviations.

We have the best reviews on medical forums and many ratings of 7 specialists of this specialization!

Bring your children (teenagers) in the Lumi-Dent clinics, and our good doctors orthodontists of dentistry Lumi-Dent will become home friends and helpers, in acquiring a beautiful dazzling smile!

General statistics of dental services of orthodontists of the clinic Lumi-Dent on the Right and Left Banks of Kiev, in the residential areas of Obolon', Osokorki, Poznyaki, Kharkovsky, Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Levoberezhnaya, Darnitsa, for 2020-2021 years:

  2020  2021
Number of consultations 616 1170
The number of braces installed by type Metallic 25 217
Low profile metal 59 132
Ceramic 14 91
Sapphire (monocrystall) 6 27
Damon-3 mx (metal) self-ligating 43 64
Damon3 clear (ceramic) self-ligating 34 57
Lingual (internal) 11 33
The number of corrections 1098 3661
Children's plates 41 91
Aligners 24 213


Table for calculating the prices of bracket systems.

Types of bracket systems price Lumi-Dent

The price of installing braces Kiev Lumi-Dent

Braces installation price Kiev LumiDent

Bracket-systems Total price of all stages of the installation of bracket systems, on 2 jaws, in
Metal 3М (Special offer) 32 568
Metal, low profile 3М 35 390
Ceramic 52 768
Self-ligating metal Damon Q 56 088
Monocrystalline (sapphire) 57 768
Self-ligating ceramic Damon Clear 70 088
Lingual (internal) 97 358


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Prices for services
Metalic braces American Orthodontics
Special offer! Only till 31st of December!
3999 UAH
Obtaining of control models and planning treatment with Easy Align 5320 UAH
Installing a low-profile metal bracket system 10410 UAH
hypoallergenic metal braces 11250 UAH
self-ligating metal braces 18199 UAH
self-ligating ceramic braces 25199 UAH
Installing the Damon braces-3 mx (metal) self-ligating 19699 UAH
Install braces Damon Q (metal) self-ligating 19699 UAH
Install braces Damon 3 clear (ceramic) self-ligating 26699 UAH
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
Special offer! Only until 31st of December!
1199 UAH
Consultation and preparation for parents and child for dental treatment 250 UAH
Ortodontist`s treatment correction (1 jaw) from 200 UAH to 470 UAH
Byte correction by aligners from 11880 UAH to 89500 UAH
Ortopantomogramma (panoramic picture) 290 UAH
Metalic braces 8999 UAH
Сeramic braces 19099 UAH
Installing sapphire (monocrystalline) braces 21599 UAH
Installing the lingual (inner) 32999 UAH
Fixed orthodontic trainer 830 UAH
Removable orthodontic apparatus 4090 UAH
Orthodontic trainer 4480 UAH
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