Cosmetic dentistry Kiev

Prices for services
Correcting the bite without brackets with the help of the Easy Align
от 1800 UAH
Edge enhancement of interdental papilla by injections of hyaluronic acid (per 1 ind. syringe of gel)
6800 UAH
Ultra-thin veneers (per 1 unit)
Special offer! Only till 31st of March!
8830 UAH
Natural implantation of enamel (for 5 teeth)
1380 UAH
Photowhitening BEYOND Express (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 31st of March!
1090 UAH
Tooth restoration
от 770 до 2490 UAH
4420 UAH
Magic Smile Whitening Expert (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 31st of March!
1490 UAH
Laser whitening ZOOM expert (1 jaw)
Special offer! Only till 31st of March!
1490 UAH
Home whitening (1 jaw)
1680 UAH
Examination, consultation
These services in our clinic are provided by:
Sergey Slabospickiy - dental clinic Lumi-Dent
Sergey Slabospickiy
Dentist orthopedist Kiev - Mishura Evgeny
Evgeniy Mishura
Dentist orthopedic doctor Horin Dmitry - LyumDent
Dmitriy Horin
Maksym Maslov -  dental clinic Lumi-Dent
Maksym Maslov
Doctor gnathologist orthopedist Doman Anna - Lumi-Dent
Anna Doman
Orthopedist, gnathologist
Evgenija Lebedeva - dental clinic Lumi-Dent
Evgenija Lebedeva
Dentist orthopedist Kiev - Vadym Dnestranskiy
Vadym Dnestranskiy
Dentist orthopedist Evgenij Bobrovickij reviews LyumDent
Evgenij Bobrovickij
Olga Dokutina - Lumi-Dent dentistry
Olga Dokutina
Alexey Glushko  - Lumi-Dent dentistry
Alexey Glushko
Vadim Novitskiy - Lumi-Dent dentistry
Vadim Novitskiy
Dentist therapist Yuliia Nagirna - Lumi-Dent
Yuliia Nagirna
Irina Shapovalova - Lumi-Dent dentistry
Irina Shapovalova

Esthetic Dentistry

This is a section of dentistry, aimed primarily at creating a beautiful, dazzling smile, an essential attribute for the image of a successful person, for believing in oneself, for a good mood. Recently, this area is becoming increasingly popular and recognized.

Sections of esthetic dentistry includes:

Art restoration of teeth

In our time of high technology, we always place high demands on all the services we receive in terms of quality.

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Veneers —these are thin ceramic on-lays on the outer surface of the tooth, 0.5-0.7 mm of thickness.

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A beautiful smile is a dream of many people. Hollywood veneers (Lumineers) - will exceed your wildest expectations!

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Teeth whitening

In the clinic Lumi-Dent you may offer several effective methods of teeth whitening:

  • Express laser whitening system
  • Home whitening

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