Vadim Novitskiy

Стоматолог-терапевт Новицкий Вадим Валерьевич - Люми-Дент Киев


Therapist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki.

Full member of the Ukrainian Dental Association.


  • Graduated from the National Medical University named after  A.A. Bogomolets'.

Specialization, activities:

  • treatment of caries and non-carious teeth lesions;
  • aesthetic restoration of the frontal and lateral groups of teeth;
  • performing manipulations using the kofferdam system;
  • photo and laser whitening;
  • comprehensive professional oral hygiene (ultrasonic scaling, Air-Flow, Vector);
  • production of adhesive bridges;
  • splinting of dentitions;
  • endodontics (root canal treatment);
  • sealing fissure.

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • Diploma "Japanese methods of direct restorations", Tokuyama, 2011;
  • Certificate "Comprehensive approach in dentistry: From endodontics to restoration" Belograd Academy, 2014;
  • Certificate "Aesthetic composite restorations of the frontal group of teeth", 2014;
  • Course of M. Solomonova: "What do dentists not think about at endodontics", 2016;
  • "7 secrets of working with impassable channels" with Igor Noenko, 2016;
  • Comprehensive Straumann Orthopedic and Surgical Training", 2018;


Statistics of Dr. Vadim Novitskiy in the clinic Lumi-Dent on the Left Bank of Kyiv, in the residential areas Poznyaki, Osokorki for 2016-2017 years:

  2016  2017
Number of conducted consultations 127 303
Number of installed fillings 154 774
Number of anesthesia 147 617
Number of cleanings 56 147
Number of whitening 11 44
The number of treated canals 68 328
Number of installed adhesive bridges 8 10
The amount of EOD 7 11
The number of performed Plasma lifting sessions 7 16

Examples of the work of Dr. Vadim Novitskiy


Photo with doctor Vadim Novitskiy

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