Morozov Denys

Morozov Denys


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Orthodontist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kyiv, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki and Solomianka district.

Active member of the Ukrainian Dental Association.

Certified implant specialist MegaGen (South Korea), MIS (Israel), Straumann and Nobel Biocare (Switzerland).

Work experience 18 years.


  • Graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University.
  • In 2018, the highest category in orthopedic dentistry was awarded.

Specialization, activities:

  • Modern methods of prosthetics on living teeth.
  • Smile correction with ceramic and composite veneers.
  • Microprosthetics using an operating microscope.
  • Press-ceramic, zirconium dioxide, ceramic-metal fixed and conditionally removable orthopedic constructions.
  • Complete and partial removable prosthetics (acrylic, nylon, acetal, clasp prostheses on attachments, telescopic crowns and support-retaining clasps).
  • Individual sports mouthguards.
  • Prosthetics on living teeth "tooth-preserving minimally invasive techniques".
  • Microprosthetics: anatomical inlays, veneers.
  • Prosthetics on implants fixed, removable, conditionally removable.
  • Fixed prosthetics: metal ceramics, metal-free ceramics (E.max), ceramics based on zirconium oxide.
  • Work under magnification: binoculars, microscope.
  • Use of computer anesthesia.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «Dental photography»;



  • «Comprehensive training in Straumann orthopedic and surgical solutions»;
  • «Immediate loading surgical protocols»;
  • «Masters International Dental Congress»;


  • «Spatial model of placement of veneers, taking into account the size and shape of the dentition. Tasks and Methods of Implementation»;
  • «Total prosthetics»;
  • «Ceramic tiles and veneers»;
  • «Smile harmonization with the help of direct and indirect restorations. Clinical protocols for creating optical illusions and matrices of aesthetics»;
  • «Bone augmentation mistakes and complications»;
  • «Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry»;


  • «Dental implant planning with immediate loading of prosthetics»;


  • «The Evolution of Short Implants».


Statistics of dentist orthopedist Dr. Morozov Denys


Number of consultations


All porcelain crowns


Full anatomical zirconium dioxide dental crows





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