Hevelyev Oleksandr

Hevelyev Oleksandr


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Doctor implant-surgeon in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Obolon' district.


  • Graduated from Kharkiv National medical university;
  • Internship at the Department of Dentistry No. 2 of the Donetsk National medical university;
  • Specialization based at the Department of Surgical dentistry of the Donetsk National medical university.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Removal of teeth, removal of wisdom teeth, atraumatic removal;
  • Implantation according to the classical method;
  • Instantaneous implantations, implantations with immediate load;
  • Surgical operations under sedation;
  • Bone plastics with bone tissue augmentation;
  • Closed and open sinus lifting;
  • Soft tissue operations with soft tissue augmentation;
  • Plastics of the frenulum of the tongue and the upper lip;
  • Treatment of alveolitis;
  • Piezosurgical operations.

Dental surgeon Hevelyev Oleksandr works with various systems, the most popular of them are: Osstem, Megagen, Straumann, Neodent.


Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «Aesthetic rehabilitation protocols: from single implantation to total»;
  • «International dental conference "Kharkiv dental days"»;
  • «Prosthetics on collapsible and non-collapsible implants»;
  • «A modern view of tooth extraction»;
  • «Simplification of immediate load protocols»;
  • «Inclined implants: immediate implant-supported prosthetics in severe jaw atrophy»;


  • «Gentle implantation. Planning and prosthesis on ultra-short implants»;
  • «Complications of implantological treatment: from aesthetic failures to peri-implantitis»;
  • «Immediate loading of temporary structures»;
  • «Top 5 mistakes in prosthetics on implants»;
  • «Comprehensive training on Straumann orthopedic and surgical solutions»;


  • «Practical training "Ways to remove a tooth. Prevention of atrophy of the alveolar ridge using the technique of Socket-shield"»;
  • «Practical course "Practical implantation and augmentation"».

Dr. Hevelyev Oleksandr statistics


Consultations held


The number of implants installed, the total number and separately for the types of implants:

- Nobel Biocare




- MegaGen


- Straumann


Total number of implants installed per year


Simple tooth extractions


Wisdom tooth extractions


Operations performed sinus lift


Amount of soft-woven plastic held including recession closure


Bone grafts performed



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