Nazariy Brotskiy

Dentist orthodontist gnatologist Kiev doctor Brotsky Nazariy Alexandrovich

Orthodontist, gnathologist

Orthodontist, gnathologist  in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki.


  • Graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University with a degree in "Dentistry".
  • Passed internship at Vinnitsa National Medical University.
  • Received a specialization in orthodontics at Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

Specialization, activities:

  • Prevention of occlusion pathology and modification of the growth of the bones of the skull in children of different ages;
  • Treatment of occlusion pathology in children and adults using removable and non-removable equipment;
  • Orthodontic treatment with different types of braces;
  • Correction of occlusion pathology using transparent caps;
  • Use of all types of skeletal support (microimplants, miniplates);
  • Orthodontic preparation for total prosthetics and implantation;
  • Orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery;
  • Orthodontic treatment as an element of comprehensive rehabilitation of periodontal diseases;
  • Orthodontic rehabilitation of congenital anomalies and malformations of the bones of the skull;
  • Reimbursement of defects of the dentition in children with the help of removable children's prosthetics;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of muscle dysfunction and TMJ dysfunction.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • « Bruxism. Central relation. Temporomandibular disorders», Kyiv;
  • «Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) and occlusal» Kyiv;
  • «Practical course on working with articulator and arc», Kyiv;
  • «Orthognatic Orthodontics - Malocclusion Concept And Treatment Approach»;
  • «Invisalign Training Course I»;
  • «Functional composite protocol», Kharkiv;
  • «The A-1 MiniScrew WorkShop by Dr. Patricia Vergara»;
  • «Treatment of pathology ІІ Forsus», Kyiv;
  • «Art of gnathology. We are just talking about complicated things».


  • «BioFisioLogic Orthodontics with H4», Kyiv;
  • «ВНЧС. Myths and reality»;
  • «Early Orthodontic Treatment»;
  • «Orthodontic Treatment Based on Occlusion Plane Control»;
  • «Micro Implant Anchorage Orthodontics (MIAO)», Kyiv;


  • «CCO System. Periodontally Faciliated Orthodontics and Corticonomies»;
  • «Current concepts in management of temporomandibular disorders. Orthodontic and restorative treatment options», Kyiv;
  • «New concepts in Edgewise for utmost esthetic balance and function»;
  • «Treatment of musculo-articular abnormalities through the use of joint splints»;
  • «Basic course on microimplants. The use of microimplants in modern microsurgery», Kyiv;


  • «Certification master class on the system "Easy Align"», Kyiv;
  • «Functional occlusion in aesthetic dentistry», Vinnytsya;
  • «Principles of diagnostics and treatment of 3 class».


  • «Detailed impression - affordable way to achieve excellence», Kyiv;
  • «Fundamentals of practical gnathology in the daily practice of a dentist», Kyiv;


  • «Modern approach to orthopedic restoration», Lviv';
  • «Master class "Aesthetics and functionality - the basis of the restoration"», Vinnytsya;
  • «Aesthetics and functionality - the basis of the restoration», Vinnytsya;
  • «Local anesthetics and allergy», Vinnytsya;
  • «1-st Ukrainian Orthodontic Congress "New Technologies in Orthodontics"», Kyiv;
  • «Maintaining the health and functionality of the masticatory system through orthodontic and orthopedic therapy», Kyiv;
  • «Apparatus-surgical treatment of dental anomalies.
    The interaction of the orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeon», Kyiv;
  • «Current Concepts in the Orthodontic Management of the Temporomandibular Disorders», Kyiv;
  • «Central occlusion. Central relation. Habitual occlusion. From concepts to practice», Lviv.


  • «Diagnosis of dental anomalies. X-ray cephalometric analysis. Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment Planning»;
  • «Six Elements Orthodontic Philosophy Introductory Course», Kyiv.


  • «Endodontics by the rules 3. The art of instrumentation», Vinnytsya;
  • «7 Steps to Successful Root Canal Obturation».



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