Sergey Slabospickiy

Sergey Slabospickiy


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Therapist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki.

Full member of the Ukrainian Dental Association.


  • Graduated from Kiev University of the Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine;
  • Passed internship at the Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika.

Specialization, activities:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of caries and its complications;
  • Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis;
  • Professional oral hygiene by the ultrasonic method, the “Air-flow” system;
  • Photo and laser teeth whitening;
  • Home teeth whitening;
  • Splinting of teeth;
  • Working with a microscope;
  • Work with a kofferdam;
  • Aesthetic restoration of all tooth groups.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • "Comprehensive training in orthopedic and surgical solutions Straumann", Kyiv;


  • Certificate "Key points in the choice of tactics and techniques of endodontic treatment";


  • Diploma "International Dental Simposium";


  • "Emergency First Aid Courses";


  • Certificate "Modern strategies for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases: international experience and prospects for development".


Statistics of Dr. S. Slabospitsky  2022
Number of conducted consultations 301
Number of installed fillings 555
Number of anesthesia 430
Number of cleanings 172
Number of whitenings 43
The number of treated channels 113
Number of adhesive installed bridges 8
The number of performed sessions of Plasmalifting 13
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