Yulija Samko

Yulija Samko, dental clinic Lumi-Dent


Orthodontist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Obolon'.

(birth surname Savchuk, part of the certificates was issued for this surname)


  • She graduated from a private higher educational institution “Kiev Medical University UANM”, specialty “Dentistry”, qualification “Doctor Dentist”.
  • Passed internship at Kyiv Medical University UANM.
  • Received a certificate of specialist in Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, specialty "orthodontics".

Specialization, activities:

  • Prevention of occlusion pathology in children of different ages;
  • Prosthetic teeth in children after early removal of milk teeth;
  • Treatment of malocclusion in children with the use of removable and fixed devices, as well as trainers;
  • Orthodontic treatment with various types of braces;
  • Correction of uneven teeth with transparent caps (Easy Align);
  • Using microimplants to achieve good orthodontic results;
  • Treatment of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint;
  • Orthodontic treatment as preparation for prosthetics.

Participated in seminars and courses:

  • Certificate “Tooth-alveolar compensation of distal occlusion in patients with the removal of the first premolars in the upper jaw and the second in the lower one. Mechanics of treatment with a “straight arc” apparatus, CDC, PROMED, 2013;
  • Passed a certified master class and approved to use the system of invisible caps “Easy Align”, Promed, 2013;
  • Certificate "Apparatus direct arc", its structural elements of the features of their use in orthodontic treatment ", CDC, PROMED, 2014;
  • Certificate "Basics of documentation of an orthodontic patient according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, modern methods of diagnosis in orthodontics", CDC, PROMED, 2014;
  • Certificate "Indications, contraindications, techniques of manufacture and use of removable orthodontic appliances in patients with sagittal bite anomalies", 2014;
  • Certificate of Micro Implant Anchorage Orthodontics, Dentos, Kiev 2015;
  • Certificate “Treatment of Angle Grade 2 anomaly without tooth extraction during the period of active growth of the patient with a“ straight arc ”apparatus. Use of extraoral forces of the apparatus for rapid palatal expansion, Sabash-springs, lingual arches, Tipodont, CDC, PROMED, 2015;
  • Certificate "Mini-implants for creating skeletal support in orthodontics", CDC, PROMED, 2015;
  • Completed a full course on the program "Manual Therapy", Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine, Kiev 2015;
  • “Posturology 2 level. Postural factor in dentistry ", East-European School of Ostepathy, Kiev 2015;
  • Took part in the 15th International Scientific Conference "The Modern Paradigm of Vishche Medich Osvit", Kiev 2015.
  • Lecture «New concepts in Edgewise for utmost esthetic balance and function», 2016;
  • Certificate "Orthopedic Dentistry", Kiev 2016;
  • Individual modular master class "Basic concepts and planning of orthopedic rehabilitation, taking into account the holistic approach" MEDVIN, 2016;
  • Lecture course “Interdisciplinary management of patients with muscular and articular dysfunction. Effective Orthodontist-Ortoped-Therapist team ”, Veritas, Kharkiv 2016;
  • Certificate «Micro Implant Anchorage Orthodontics (MIAO)», KNU, Kiev, 2017;
  • Tweed course «Differential diagnosis, directional force systems, edgewise mechanotherapy», IF of Orthodontic Research and Education, Kiev, 2017;
  • Lecture-demonstration course "Diagnostics and planning", LEARN IDEA, Kiev 2017
  • Practical training program «The clinical, radiological and biochemical aspects of the TMJ dysfunction. A multidisciplinary approach for temporo-mandibular disorders manegment», Pearlstom, Odessa 2018;

Statistics of Dr. Samko Y. for 2018:

Number of consultations 490
Number of braces installed Metal brackets 20
Ceramic bracket systems 18
Sapphire braces 15
Metal self-ligating bracket systems 17
Ceramic self-ligating braces 15
The number of corrections of fixed orthodontic equipment 534
Number of installed removable devices 35
The number of installed transparent cap 17

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