Evelina Yavorska

Evelina Yavorska


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Orthodontist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki.


  • Graduated from the National Medical University named after Bogomolets with a degree in dentistry.
  • Passed internship at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
  • Specialization in orthodontics at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Prevention of dental anomalies in children;
  • Treatment of pathologies in children and adolescents using removable and non-removable orthodontic appliances;
  • Orthodontic use of different types of braces; 
  • Bite correction with transparent aligners;
  • The use of microimplants as an additional abutment in orthodontic treatment;
  • Orthodontic preparation before prosthetics, implantation.


Participated in seminars and courses:


  • "Gnathological Orthodontics", Kyiv city;
  • "Protocols for the treatment of complex orthodontic cases";
  • "Invisalign Training Course";
  • "Orthodontics of the respiratory tract. Transversal and ENT pathology in orthodontic patients. Treatment protocols";
  • "Minimal Orthodontics. Complex protocol. Perfect occlusal plane. Broderick's Analysis";
  • "Retention of canine - diagnostics and treatment";
  • "Class II malocclusion, treatment in mixed dentition";
  • "Class III malocclusion, treatment in mixed dentition";
  • "The best way to go digital for the orthodontist. Individual braces Insignia";
  • "Diagnostic protocols for determining the strategy and methods of managing patients with dentoalveolar deformities";
  • "Biomechanics in Contemporary Orthodontics";


  • "The KORI standard edgewise typodont course», Seoul, South Korea;
  • "The 28th KORI Autumn Conference the 2th  IL Bong Kim International Conference", Seoul, South Korea;
  • "The 52nd Annual Scientific Congress of Korean Association of Orthodontists", Seoul, South Korea;
  • Course "MEAW technique class III high angle open bite", Kyiv city;
  • Seminar on skeletal extension of the upper jaw with the apparatus MSE with Prof.Won Moon;
  • Course "Features of diagnosis and treatment of the 2nd class";
  • "Features of diagnostics and treatment of 3 class", Kyiv city;
  • "Self-ligating braces";
  • "MBT treatment mechanics";
  • Master-class "Biomechanics of using orthodontic arch";


  • Practical course "Micro Implant Anchorage Orrthodontics", Kyiv city;
  • Typodont course "Class II division I bimaxillary protrusion.Treatment 4/5 extraction";
  • "Class I bimaxillary protrusion.Treatment 4/4 extraction";
  • "Class II division II. Non-extraction treatment";
  • Master-class "Work with appliances Bi-helix, ALF, Quadr Helix";
  • "Functional diagnostics in esthetic dentistry";
  • "Managing patient with temporomandibular joint dysfunction on neuromuscular orthotic appliance";
  • Course "Diagnostics and correction of bite";
  • Seminar "Clinical, radiologic and biochemical aspects of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions", Odessa city;


  • Seminar "Modern methods of diagnostics in orthodontology", Kyiv city;
  • Conference "Functional bite", Kyiv city;
  • Conference "Orthodontology", Kyiv city.

Statistics of Dr. Yavorska E.O. 


Number of consultations.


The number of installed braces by type

Metal bracket system.


Low-profile metal bracket system.


Ceramic braces.


Sapphire (monocrystal) bracket system.


Braces Damon-3 mx (metal) self-ligating.


Damon-3 clear (ceramic) self-ligating braces.


The number of corrections.


Installed children's dental plates


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Date of edit: 02.01.2024
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