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How to make the veneers on the teeth
  Orthopedist Glushko Oleksiy Sergiyovych will tell you: about all stages of the preparation, manufacture and fixation of the veneers; why do they put the veneers? Some people find it more convenient to watch a video - how are the veneers put on teeth, while others are better off reading the text and looking at photos of the stages. Anyway, it will be interesting! Photo of a smile after installing and fixing veneers on the...
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Ultrathin Refractory Veneers - price in Kyiv
  Many of our clients ask: What are the ultra-veneers? Is it necessary to process my teeth for the ultra-veneers? How are they manufactured? What are the advantages of the ultra-veneers over the classic veneers? What are the indications for installing the ultra-veneers?   And now about everything in order: The ultra-veneers, or the nano-veneers, or the refractor-mounted veneers are very thin porcelain dental build-ups on the outer surface of the tooth. In other words, the ultra-veneers are the ultra-thin...
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Lumineers. Hollywood dental veneers.
Promotional action!!! Discount for installation of original Lumineers Cerinate 25 %! Order the original ceramic hollywood veneers "cerinate" in our clinic for unexpected price - total 14 299 UAH! Only until 31st of July! This service in our clinics Lumi-Dent (Kiev, Ukraine) is provided by a board-certified specialist according to the original Lumineers Cerinate - Glushko Alexey Sergeevich, who passed the courses and is certified by the world's only Den-Mat laboratory (USA, California). This...
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Ceramic veneers - price in Kiev
  ABOVE YOU CAN SEE AN INTERVIEW ABOUT PORCELAIN VENEERS WITH ORTHOPEDISTS OF OUR CLINICS. VIDEO ABOUT PLACEMENT OF PORCELAIN VENEERS ON TEETH (HOW TO DO VENEERING). VIDEO - WHAT ARE VENEERS FOR TEETH AND HOW TO PLACE THEM.    Ceramic teeth veneers  Photo. Here is such a beautiful Hollywood smile with ceramic veneers we received from our patient, after plates bonding. Attention! Offer is valid till 31.07.2022 - 7% discount on the total amount of...
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Veneers, Lumineers - photos before after
Ceramic teeth veneers - photos before and after                    
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🦷Lumi-Dent dentistry in Solomenskyi District🦷
  MODERN DENTISTRY IN SOLOMENKA DISTRICT IN KIEV Do you need a good dentistry with modern equipment and qualified doctors? Still, you are not ready to go all over the whole city to get an appointment with a specialist, are you? Then there is good news for you: the services of a dentist can be obtained entirely near your place - quickly, without queuing, at an adequate price to the extend necessary. One of...
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🦷 Dentistry Obolon 🦷
MODERN DENTAL CLINIC IN OBOLON' IN KIEV It is a subdivision of the renowned dental network of clinics Lumi-Dent.   ADDRESS OF DENTISTRY IN OBOLON': HEROES OF STALINGRAD AVENUE 24-A. Go to Navigator Enter from Prirechnaya street. The clinic is located at the very end of the house with access to Prirechnaya street. Nearby is the restaurant "V Rebro". IMMEDIATE DENTISTRY NEAR THE STREETS: Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, Prirechnaya street, Marshal Malinovsky street, Polyarnaya street, Marshal Timoshenko...
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