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Surgery, Teeth extraction
Painless removal of teeth Remove a tooth without pain Across Ukraine, such a service as a painless simple and complex tooth extraction, including the root, and its roots, at a low price is relevant. Kiev is no exception. It is not painful to pull out a tooth under anesthesia, or under local anesthesia, as well as remove the roots - you may quickly, inexpensively, and without pain in the clinics Lumi-Dent. We have...
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Teeth extraction - photos before and after
On this page you can see photos before and after surgical interventions in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent: before and after tooth extraction; bone grafting (including sinus lifting); removal of various neoplasms in the oral cavity; plastic surgery. We recommend you to view the important page of our website: Kiev dentistry prices
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🦷 Dentistry Obolon 🦷
MODERN DENTAL CLINIC IN OBOLON' IN KIEV It is a subdivision of the renowned dental network of clinics Lumi-Dent.   ADDRESS OF DENTISTRY IN OBOLON': HEROES OF STALINGRAD AVENUE 24-A. Go to Navigator Enter from Prirechnaya street. The clinic is located at the very end of the house with access to Prirechnaya street. Nearby is the restaurant "V Rebro". IMMEDIATE DENTISTRY NEAR THE STREETS: Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, Prirechnaya street, Marshal Malinovsky street, Polyarnaya street, Marshal Timoshenko...
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🦷Lumi-Dent dentistry in Solomenskyi District🦷
  MODERN DENTISTRY IN SOLOMENKA DISTRICT IN KIEV Do you need a good dentistry with modern equipment and qualified doctors? Still, you are not ready to go all over the whole city to get an appointment with a specialist, are you? Then there is good news for you: the services of a dentist can be obtained entirely near your place - quickly, without queuing, at an adequate price to the extend necessary. One of...
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