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Aligners - the price of aligning teeth with mouth guards in Kyiv
  In this article, you will learn what aligners are and how much it costs to align teeth with aligners. We wish you a pleasant reading.   Alignment of teeth with Easy Align mouth guards In this article you will read how to align teeth with mouth guards, what are aligners, how you can get the bite correction with them. Aligners allow you to align your teeth without orthodontic brackets, and they are transparent dental aligners made...
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Teeth whitening - price in Kiev
YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN THE VIDEO (AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE) WITH SPECIALISTS OF THE DENTAL CLINICS LUMI-DENT ABOUT WHITENING TECHNOLOGIES – HOW TO EFFECTIVELY WHITEN THE TEETH. Teeth whitening Important - to achieve a fast, reliable and stable lightening effect, for maximum safety and to strengthen the teeth - our team recommends combining different methods with each other. That is, at first, any kind of laser or photo whitening,...
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Consultation of a good orthodont in Kiev Correction of the bite of the teeth with brackets, bite splints, plates in children and adults. Almost every city in Ukraine has many adults and children (teenagers) who need to correct the bite with braces, and without them, and in the alignment of the teeth. Consultation of a good children's orthodont in kiev Many pediatric dentistry centers have the opportunity to consult a dentist - a specialist...
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Incorrect teeth bite
  What is the danger of a bad bite? How to align the bite with braces, mouth guards, veneers, crowns? In this article you can see photos of the correct bite before and after treatment in the Lumi-Dent dental clinic network.   Perfectly correct, naturally formed normal dental bite is rare. What is the correct bite of the teeth? The correct bite of the teeth is every person's dream, it is a goal to strive for. The...
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