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The cost of dental implantation in Kyiv
Lumi-Dent dental clinics network – the cost of dental implantation What is the price of dental implantation? Type of implants Price H-Dent Classic, S.L.A. surface 4400 UAH Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros 5350 UAH MegaGen AnyOne 9299 UAH Straumann BLT SLA, Ti 14799 UAH Nobel Biocare 19699 UAH *A more detailed calculation of the cost of installing implants is at the bottom of this page.   We will explain here: How much does it cost to insert dental implants in Ukraine? Where is the best place to install dental...
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Types of dental implants
Types of dental implants that we use Neobiotech A good system of South Korean-made dental implants; They have proven themselves in dentistry for fixing removable and non-removable structures; Due to their low cost price, high-quality Neobiotech dental implants have an excellent combination of price and quality; This type of dental implant can be selected for any type of bone; The Neobiotech brand of dental implants is often used for one-stage implantation, for immediate prosthetics after the placement...
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How to say correctly - implantat, implantant, or implant?
In press and on dental clinics websites, as well as often from doctors - you can hear these terms all at once - implant, implantat, implant ... What is the correct term to say: implant or implant?implant or implant ?, -- and which one is a mistake?   Correctly speaking - "implant" and "implant" are correct terms. "Implant" is a mistake, it is wrong to say so.     What is an implant? What is the implant made...
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Teeth Implantation - photos before after
IMPLANTATION OF THE TEETH IN THE JAWS IMPLANTATION OF THE JAW You may download the pricing table and the timing of the insertion of implants and prosthetics on them by reference  PHOTOS OF DENTAL IMPLANTS IN THE JAWS - EXAMPLES OF OUR SPECIALISTS OF THE CLINICS LUMI-DENT If there are no teeth, implantation is better than all other methods to help solve this problem. Operations of implantation, depending on the number of implants used,...
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