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Aligners - the price of aligning teeth with mouth guards in Kyiv
  In this article, you will learn what aligners are and how much it costs to align teeth with aligners. We wish you a pleasant reading.   Alignment of teeth with Easy Align mouth guards In this article you will read how to align teeth with mouth guards, what are aligners, how you can get the bite correction with them. Aligners allow you to align your teeth without orthodontic brackets, and they are transparent dental aligners made...
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Bite correction - photos before and after
Our doctors' other work examples: CORRECTION OF ABNORMAL TEETH BITE IN ADULTS AND CHILDREN In the dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev a variety of techniques are offered. It is possible to correct an abnormal bite of teeth both by an orthodontic method, and others: surgical, orthopedic, therapeutic. Orthodontic method: Removable appliances or fixed braces are used. Also a combined method of balancing the bite is often used (removable appliances and subsequent treatment with bracket systems). Surgical method: In...
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