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Pediatric dentistry, dentist

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Children's dentistry
Pediatric dentistry in Kiev Many parents do not know whether it is worthwhile to treat milk teeth, because after a while they will be replaced by permanent ones and the problem, in their opinion, will disappear itself. Dentistry is an area in which covers all diseases of the oral cavity from a very young age. Even if the child has only one tooth, and it is worried, you definitely need to go...
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Incorrect teeth bite
  What is the danger of a bad bite? How to align the bite with braces, mouth guards, veneers, crowns? In this article you can see photos of the correct bite before and after treatment in the Lumi-Dent dental clinic network.   Perfectly correct, naturally formed normal dental bite is rare. What is the correct bite of the teeth? The correct bite of the teeth is every person's dream, it is a goal to strive for. The...
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Consultation of a good orthodont in Kiev Correction of the bite of the teeth with brackets, bite splints, plates in children and adults. Almost every city in Ukraine has many adults and children (teenagers) who need to correct the bite with braces, and without them, and in the alignment of the teeth. Consultation of a good children's orthodont in kiev Many pediatric dentistry centers have the opportunity to consult a dentist - a specialist...
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Korotkova Mariana
Pediatric dentist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in Poznyaki Osokorki. Member of Ukrainian Dental Association. Certified specialist in pediatric dental treatment, including under general sedation (medication sleep). Certified doctor for pediatric endodontic dental microsurgery, restoration and hygiene techniques. Author of many videos and articles on our website. Work experience is 14 years. Education Graduated from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine State Institution "Dnepropetrovsk Medical...
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Tishchenko Nataliia
Pediatric dentist in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics in Kiev, conducts an appointment in Poznyaki Osokorki district department. Member of the Ukrainian Dental Association. Specialist in microscopic microsurgery of childs teeth. Work experience is 12 years. Education: Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy graduate; Internship doctor in UMSA (Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy). Specialization, activities: Prevention of tooth decay in children (fissure sealing, fluorination); Deciduous teeth diagnosis and treatment of decay of any complexity; Permanent teeth decay treatment; Children’s teeth treatment under anesthesia; Professional complex hygiene...
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🦷Lumi-Dent dentistry in Solomenskyi District🦷
  MODERN DENTISTRY IN SOLOMENKA DISTRICT IN KIEV Do you need a good dentistry with modern equipment and qualified doctors? Still, you are not ready to go all over the whole city to get an appointment with a specialist, are you? Then there is good news for you: the services of a dentist can be obtained entirely near your place - quickly, without queuing, at an adequate price to the extend necessary. One of...
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