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Hygienic dental cleaning – price in Kyiv
  Oral hygiene Photo. Hygienic cleaning of teeth in the Lumi-Dent clinic in Obolon, Poznyaki, Solomenka, Kiev. Hygienic dental cleaning at the dentist is the removal of plaque using a combination of two technologies – in the following way: Stage 1. Removal of plaque using a scaler with ultrasonic vibrations; Stage 2. Conducting non-contact cleaning and polishing of the teeth surface from plaque using the Air flow technology. These two types of cleaning your teeth can be used separately from...
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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning
  The article by Lumi-Dent therapist - Evgeniya Lebedeva - highlights:   The main stages of professional teeth cleaning; The necessity of plaque removing both in children and adults; What does the professional ultrasonic teeth clean means? The pain during the ultrasonic teeth cleaning – Myth or Fact?    The proffesional ultrasonic teeth cleaning in stomatology Ultrasonic teeth cleaning (removal of tartar and plague) in dentistry is a low-cost, fairly frequent and popular procedure among Kiev citizens. Regardless of age,...
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Professional hygienic of mouth cavity - photos before after
Photos before and after professional teeth tartar cleaning On this page you can see photos before and after hygienic cleaning of teeth by the dentist from tartar, pigment and plaque. The cleaning was carried out as follows: ultrasonic teeth cleaning with a piezoelectric scaler; non-contact cleaning Air-Flow; teeth polishing with brushes with paste.   Professional teeth cleaning is needed for every person over 20 years old - once every 6 months. What does hygienic cleaning by dentist give: prevention...
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