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Laser whitening ZOOM Express (1 jaw)
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ZOOM Laser Teeth Whitening
zoom laser teeth whitening

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It's safe for your teeth!


Laser teeth whitening

In the clinics Lumi-Dent, Kyiv, is used at low cost, new gentle and effective method – the best system laser teeth whitening with the help of technology ZOOM 2.

The technology is based on the action of a special whitening gel activated by a laser lamp.

Clinical dental tests in recent years have shown that the gel used is the safest to change the color of the teeth.

Gel on the basis of carbamide peroxide does not affect the chemical structure of the tooth enamel, its strength, but only eliminates coloring pigments. The best system of laser teeth whitening Zoom is totally safe, and hasn't side effects.

The procedure is extremely simple - the gel is applied to the teeth and then using a laser lamp, the process of the gel action is accelerated, thereby reducing the number of procedures and visits to a minimum.

Often, the desired effect is achieved in 1 visit, although the length of the course depends on the initial color of the patient's teeth.

For 1 procedure (1 visit) during whitening the variant "Express", the color of the enamel is lightened up to 4 tones, during the lightening the variant “Expert” - up to 11 tones.

Beyond teeth whitening

It is very important to undergo the procedure under the guidance of an experienced doctor. The doctor can take into account all the features of the patient's teeth.


To achieve a fast, reliable and stable lightening effect, for maximum safety and to strengthen the teeth, our team recommends combining different methods with each other.

That is, at first, any kind of laser or light-activated whitening, to get a quick effect, with the addition of home-made mouth guards after this, with alternating bleaching gel and fluorogel, which strengthens tooth enamel and eliminates possible sensitivity.

This combination of different technologies has many advantages:

1) First, you get a quick and good effect, in just 1 hour in the dentist’s chair;

2) Then, with the help of homemade mouth guards, you continue to increase the lightening to the color you desire;

3) Alternating lightening with firming fluorine - you strengthen tooth tissues, eliminate possible unpleasant sensations and make reliable prevention of caries development.

4) The main thing is that with the help of a mouth guard, you will be able to provide yourself with a dazzling smile for many years, and protect against the occurrence of carious lesions. It will be enough to additionally buy whitening and fluorine-containing gels.

Efficient and benefit!


This procedure should begin with the removal of tartar and plaque by ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth and removal of the pigment with the Air-Flow system.

Also a contraindication for the procedure of bleaching are carious cavities and wedge-shaped defects, before the procedure it must be treated.


  • Preparation - lips and gums are covering shielding rubber dam retractor, leaving only the teeth opened.
  • Whitening gel is applied on them.
  • Laser light activates whitening gel. The gel is applied 1 time (variant Express) or 3 times (variant Expert). Duration of 1 session of bleaching - 15 minutes.
  • You smile in a mirror with a dazzling pearly-white smile.

The procedure ZOOM 2 strengthens the teeth enamel!

When whitening ZOOM! the amorphous calcium phosphate is applied (ACP) - it strengthens the enamel, and reduces their sensitivity.

Calcium phosphate is placed in a mouth guard, which is additionally manufactured, and the client wears it for several days before whitening, and then some time after the procedure.

In the future, this mouth guard may be used to maintain the color of enamel using a homemade bleaching gel with a small percentage of active carbamide peroxide.

The price for the Zoom service and for other types of teeth whitening is at the top of this page, and on the page "Prices".

Also, in our clinics you have at your disposal, there are similar teeth color whitening systems: Beyond и Magic Smile.

Summary statistics on the number of services provided in the Lumi-Dent clinics on the Right and Left Bank of Kiev, in the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaky, Osokorky, Kharkovskyi, Bereznyaky, Rusanovka, Darnitsya, Levoberezhnaya - for 2019:

Number of complex hygienic teeth cleaning 2430
Number of professional teeth whitening 453


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