What are dental implants?

Date of publication: 13.09.2016
Date of edit: 26.01.2023
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  • Types of dental implants that we use
  • Neobiotech
  • MIS
  • MegaGen
  • Straumann
  • Nobel Biocare
  • What kind of implants to put?
  • Overview of dental implants - types and prices
  • What is a tooth implant?
  • Benefits and drawbacks of dental implantation
  • How long will the implants last?
  • What is the rating of dental implants?
  • Strauman or Nobel Bioсare - which implants are better?
  • Benefits of Straumann implants
  • Benefits of Nobel Biocare
  • What are the best implants to choose?
  • Benefits of basal technology
  • Drawbacks of basal technology
  • Benefits and drawbacks of classical implantation
  • How are the teeth implanted?
  • Why instant implantation is better?
  • Is it true that implants can prolong life?
  • Why is it better to come to Lumi-Dent to get implants?
  • Reviews
  • How much does it cost to put implants?
  • Cost tables for implants and prosthetics installation

Types of dental implants that we use


  • A good system of South Korean-made dental implants;
  • They have proven themselves in dentistry for fixing removable and non-removable structures;
  • Due to their low cost price, high-quality Neobiotech dental implants have an excellent combination of price and quality;
  • This type of dental implant can be selected for any type of bone;
  • The Neobiotech brand of dental implants is often used for one-stage implantation, for immediate prosthetics after the placement of dental implants.



  • According to many ratings of dental implants, the MIS  dental implant system is the No. 1 type of all systems made in Israel;
  • It has a high degree of reliability and an excellent service life forecast;
  • The dental implant system fully complies with all international standards, and has all recognized international certifications;
  • This type of dental implants grows very well with the bone, which has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials;
  • The Israeli dental implantation system MIS is in the middle price category.


  1. Best rated dental implant system from Korea;
  2. High-quality MegaGen dental implants are some of the world's best implant systems;
  3. Thanks to the development of a revolutionary contact surface "Xpeed" – this brand of dental implants is one of the leaders in the rate of survival and loading of the implant in dentistry;
  4. MegaGen dental implants can be immediately loaded with crowns and other prostheses, after being installed in the socket of the extracted tooth;
  5. These implants can be placed in places where there is not enough bone. It saves time and money for additional jaw bone grafting. 

 Straumann dental implants Kiev Lumi Dent


  • One of the leaders in the rating of VIP-level dental implants;
  • According to the world's best implantologists, Straumann is one of the world's best dental implant systems;
  • Straumann implants have a high degree of versatility and reliability, as well as a long service life and proven excellent results;
  • A distinctive feature of these dental implants is a very fast survival rate, using the unique surface of SLA active implants. Therefore, with the system, one-stage prosthetics is often possible, and in the case of a delayed installation of prostheses, they can be installed one and a half to two months after the installation of implants.

Benefits of Straumann implants

  1. SLA or SLActive surface;
  2. Rapid engraftment;
  3. Lifetime implant warranty.

Type of dental implants Nobel Switzerland Kiev Lumi Dent

Nobel Biocare

This is a VIP segment dental implant system.

The undisputed leader in the world among all VIP dental implantation systems.

According to the world rating, the Nobel Biocare dental implant system takes the first position.

Best rating system for dental implants in the world, in terms of convenience in implantation rate, survival time, service life.

These are the most modern dental implants in dentistry.

Implants can be placed immediately with crowns, this is the best opportunity for instant loading.

Benefits of Nobel implants:

  • Thanks to the patented TiUnite surface they have a high rate of engraftment;
  • The highest percentage of engraftment (99%);
  • The ability to put prostheses on the implants immediately.

Our team recommends choosing Nobel Biocare implants for successful and self-confident people who understand that the miser pays twice. People who prefer to solve the problem once and for all.

NOBEL BIOCARE will never let you down!


What kind of implants to put?

Below in this article we will explain:

  • What are the modern types of dental implants?
  • What type of implants to choose for installation?
  • What are the most expensive and cheapest implants?
  • What implants are better to put in terms of price - quality?
  • What are the best dental implants?
  • How are teeth implanted?
  • What are the types of implantation?

Overview of dental implants - types and prices

Dental implantation prolongs life! Why? An explanation of this confirmed fact is at the bottom of this article.

According to medical statistics, only 20% of people in the world have healthy teeth, while the rest have complete or partial absence of them. Today, placing implants is a perfect method that allows you to qualitatively restore lost teeth and restore a beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants in comparison with other methods of prosthetics?

  • What types of dental implants are there in dentistry?
  • What kind of implants are better for placing?
  • How are they made?
  • How are teeth implanted?
  • How much do implants cost?
  • Which technology should you choose?
  • What are the best rated dental implants?

We will try to answer these and many other questions in our article.

What is a tooth implant?

A tooth implant is a multi-component construction that is implanted into the upper or lower jaw bone. The overwhelming majority of dental implants are made from titanium.

The implant consists of an intraosseous part, which is overgrown with bone, and an external part - an abutment, on which a crown or another type of prosthesis is installed.

Classic types of tooth implants look like a self-tapping screw, and are screwed in the same direction as the roots that stood before.


Dental implants types of prices Kiev photo Lumi-dent

The implant serves as a kind of support for artificial crowns, prostheses, thanks to which they do not slip, do not move, and the sensations are as if own teeth are standing.

To implant teeth, it is enough to have bone to secure the implants, and healthy gums.

Sometimes there may be contraindications that are discussed with the patient.

Benefits and drawbacks of dental implantation


  • Removable full dentures are not required.
  • No need to file adjacent teeth.
  • Full chewing is provided.
  • No jaw deformities.
  • The gums are preserved aesthetically.
  • There are practically no contraindications.
  • Long service life.
  • Simple maintenance that does not require additional steps.


As for the drawbacks, disadvantages, there are only two of them:

  1. the price of the procedure;
  2. contraindications, including liver disease, cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood, allergic reactions to painkillers and others.

Contraindications for choosing implants depend on the technique used when installing the implants.

An example of the work of specialists from Lumi-Dent clinics in Kiev. Prosthetics on implants of completely edentulous jaws.

The best dental implants types of prices photo rating Kiev Lumident

How long will the implants last?

Modern implants can last from 10 to 20 years or more.

The service life depends on prevent cavity, the frequency of visits to the dentist, the patient's age, the presence of bad habits (alcoholism, smoking), as well as concomitant diseases (osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, blood diseases).

The service life also largely depends on the location, and the technology and type of dental implants.

As a rule, the posterior areas of the dental arch experience significant stress during meals, so the implants that replace them will not last as long as in the anterior area.

Also, the service life of implants in the lower jaw is on average longer than in the upper one. This is due to the denser structure of the lower jaw bone.

What is the rating of dental implants?

The implant rating is a list of manufacturers' brands, as their production characteristics increase:

  • the rate of integration with bone tissue;
  • forecasting the time of effective work;
  • the magnitude of the force maintained at chewing pressure;
  • the ratio of the length of the implant to the height of the dentures;
  • the level of world fame and recognition by leading experts.

Strauman or Nobel Bioсare - which implants are better?

If you have available financing, our implantologists will recommend you the best Nobel Biocare implants that will help to solve your problems once-for-all-time.

Straumann implants is the best option in terms of quality-price.

Let's try to figure out which implants are better rated - Straumann or Nobel Biocare.

Strauman system has more than twenty years of experience, the main secret of its success is the use of modern innovative technologies.

Benefits of Straumann implants

  • Material – it is biocompatible titanium without impurities, production grade 4.
  • Unique SLA surface, it is sandblasted, due to which a slight roughness is formed on the titanium itself. Then the surface is etched and layered. As the result there is the perfect structure to attach the cells.
  • The surface of the implant is hydrophilic, which speeds up the attachment of osteoblasts, that create bone tissue.
  • The chemically active surface favors the acceleration of the formation of new bone tissue.
  • Lifetime warranty. A "patient passport" with a history of treatment is provided.
  • They are cheaper in comparison with Nobel Biocare.
  • The products meet the highest quality standards.

The Nobel Biocare Corporation has existed since 1952, with a huge headquarters in Zurich. These Swiss implants have been used for over 40 years around the world and have earned a reputation for being the safest and most reliable. They have the highest survival rate and a unique surface, but the price is the highest in comparison with the other ones.

Benefits of Nobel Biocare

  • High grade titanium is used for manufacturing 4.
  • TiUnite surface – it has unique properties, contains a dense layer of titanium and phosphorus.
  • Maintaining tissue levels.
  • Implantation in confined spaces.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The best engraftment rate in the world - 99.2%.
  • It is used in non-standard situations and is suitable for almost everyone 

What are the best implants to choose?

There are several types of implantation for which teeth are implanted. They use different types of dental implants, differ in terms of execution prices, shape, and the way they are installed in the jaw bone.

Basal and classical implantations are the most popular types of implantation. Therefore, there are basal and classical (screw) implants.

Basal implantation is a technology in which special shaped implants are placed (they are shown in the photo below), they occupy a large area and are implanted at a shallow depth from the surface.
Types of dental implants prices rating Kiev Lumi-Dent

Benefits of basal technology

  • There is no need to add additional bone.
  • These implants resist chewing pressure well after installation.
  • The speed of the procedure - dentures on implants will be installed in a couple of days.

Many specialists treat operations with the use of basal technology with caution, because it is quite new technology and there is no confirmed data on the service life of such implants.

Drawbacks of basal technology

  • Higher percentage of rejection.
  • There is a risk of injury during implantation.
  • Unknown service life.
  • Significant tissue injury after implant rejection occurs.
  • It is better to choose more than three teeth for implantation.
  • Removal of basal implants occurs along with large pieces of bone, which is almost impossible to build up later.
  • Immediate prosthetics are limited.
  • There is no such aesthetic appearance compared to the standard technique.
  • There is no medical approval in many EU countries.

Classical installation technology is a time-tested and reliable process including 3D planning, modeling with templates, as well as the construction of future prostheses using computer modeling.

Photo. Prosthetics on classic dental implants.

Rating Dental implants types of prices photo Kiev Lumident

Benefits and drawbacks of classical implantation


  • Survival rate is more than 97%.
  • They will serve for more than twenty years.
  • It is more gentle to bone tissue.
  • Affordable price.
  • No complications.


  • Jaw bone augmentation is required when needed.
  • Duration in time to complete the full cycle of the procedure.

How are the teeth implanted?

Types of dental implants photo Lumi-Dent

Stages of classical technology

The teeth are implanted in 1 or 2 stages, depending on the chosen method. Let's consider all the stages in details.

Stage 1.

The implant is placed in the jawbone, it is dental implant. The procedure is performed with anesthesia, in our Lumi-Dent clinics we use modern STA anesthesia, which is injected without a syringe and it is absolutely painless.

If this is a one-stage process, then a temporary crown is placed at the same visit, if a two-stage one, then the place of installation is covered with the gum, and the prosthesis should be placed in two - six months, after the implant and the bone grow together.

Such two-step procedure is often performed on the upper jaw bone.

Stage 2.

The implant is fully opened, and in its place a former is installed, thanks to which the correct gingival margin will be formed around the crown.

Such shaper will be put for 2 weeks. Then the doctor installs an abutment on the implant – it is a base in the form of a cone on which the prosthesis is planted.

Why instant implantation is better?

This is the procedure that allows you to place implants and a prosthesis in a single day. In this case, the implant is loaded immediately after installation, which allows you to chew food at once and to smile.

One more benefit of this technique is the absence of bone atrophy due to instantaneous load.

Our patients choose this procedure due to the speed, they receive ready-made prostheses in one go and do not feel the discomfort that arose earlier due to the long pauses between the stages of implantation and subsequent prosthetics.

In addition, the price does not differ from the two-step procedure.

It is better to choose prosthetics in one day for convenience and comfort, therefore our network of clinics sets itself the task of performing such operations efficiently, quickly and reliably.

Is it true that implants can prolong life?

According to numerous researches, if teeth are missing completely or partially, it can shorten life.

If the process of chewing food occurs fully, with the correct load on the jaw and its bone tissue, then the most important processes that maintain the correct tonus of the body are activated in the cerebral cortex.

They develop thinking, it prevents the development of dementia and many diseases of the human body.

It is natural dental roots that are able to trigger the transmission of signals to the centers of the brain through the jaw bones, in contrast to removable dentures, so we recommend not to be afraid to put implants on the teeth, especially since now this procedure has become faster and more accessible.

Why is it better to come to Lumi-Dent to get implants?

  • Free preliminary consultation.
  • The newest digital laboratory right in the clinic, that allows you to speed up all stages of implantation.
  • We offer an individual, comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.
  • Modern equipment is installed in each Lumi-Dent clinic. We do not save on your health.
  • A new type of STA anesthesia, it is absolutely painless during implant placement.
  • Our dentistry pleases with pleasant prices when compared with other Kiev clinics.
  • In 2021, more than 3000 different types of dental implants of different ratings were installed.
  • The rating of Lumi-Dent implantation clinics is high, this is confirmed by positive feedback from our clients.
  • Six professional implant surgeons work in our clinics.
  • We constantly offer promotions and discounts for the installation of implants
  • For all those who have accepted the implantation treatment plan, diagnostic X-ray examinations in our clinics are free of charge!
  • For your attention! Lumi-Dent provides a two-year implantation warranty, while other dentists offer only one year. It is safer to place implants in our clinic!


Video reviews of clients who have installed their implants in Lumi-Dent can be seen on the page "Dentistry reviews".

How much does it cost to put implants?

The cost of all types of implants and services for their installation is indicated in the "Dentistry prices" section, as well as at the bottom of this page.


Cost tables for implants and prosthetics installation

Dental implantation the price of dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prices for dental implants and prosthetics Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental prosthetics on implants price Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prosthetics and dental implantation Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent


Dental Implants. Full price of dental implants,
with the installation of a permanent crown,
in hryvnia.
H-Dent Classic поверхность
S.L.A. (Action).
37 822
Neodent Helix GM NeoPoros (Action). 41 793
Neobiotech IS-II Active
поверхность S.L.A.
39 681
Mis M4. 44 465
Mis С1. 47 192
MegaGen AnyOne. 44 092
MеgaGen AnyRidge (Action). 47 637
Neodent Helix GM Acqua (Action). 44 142
Straumann BLT SLA, Ti (Action). 51 795
Straumann Roxolid SLA, Ti Zr. 53 244
Straumann BLT-Roxolid SLActive Ti Zr. 55 244
Straumann BLX SLActive 60 204
Nobel Biocare (Action). 58 291


Our surgeons at a free consultation at the clinic will advise which implants to install in your situation.

Do not waste time, watch our videos - how teeth are implanted in Lumi-Dent, and decide to place implants, thereby preserving your health and prolonging your life!

Sign up today to our clinics in Kiev for a free consultation!


Frequently asked questions and answers
What kind of implants are better to install? What are the best dental implants?

It is better to put implants, which our surgeon implantologist will advise you for a free consultation at the clinic. At the same time, the doctor will certainly take into account not only the situation in the oral cavity, but also your financial capabilities.

Our advice is to choose a reputable clinic and a professional implant surgeon rather than to choose dental implants.

What is a dental implant made of?

A classic dental implant consists of 2 main parts:

  • Intragingival (intraosseous) part – it is the actual body of the implant;
  • Supragingival (external) part - abutment. A crown or other prosthesis is put on it.
This service in our clinics is provided by dentists, surgeons, implantologists
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