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"Before and after" photos – Example of performing an interference for patients of our clinics
Sinus lifting Example of implantation

Sinus lifting in dentistry - is a method that increases the volume of bones in the upper jaw before the implantation, after which dental implants are installed with the minimum possible length and diameter.

Often dental implants are installed with the great difficulty on the lateral sides of the jaw because of its severe atrophy. Also due to the close localization of the maxillary sinus (see the photo).

Structure of the upper jaw and the maxillary sinus cavity.

Operation of sine lifting

The smallest bone thickness that is necessary for installation of dental implants is 6-8 mm, but in 75% of clinical cases at the site of the removed teeth in the lateral areas – the bone undergoes for atrophy much more significantly, even up to 2 millimeters of thickness. In such a situation, the sinus lifting procedure in dentistry is recognized as clearly necessary for the teeth implantation in these areas on the upper jaw.

During the sinus lifting procedure in dentistry – the bottom of the maxillary cavity is lifted over the bone in the direction of the maxillary sinus.

The available surface after is filled with material for the bone plastics, which for 3-4 months changes to the normal bone, needed for teeth implantation – implant insertion of the desired width (see picture).

Sinus lifting procedure ("before and after" photos)

Sinus Lifting Teeth

In practice, two types of this method are used: direct and indirect.

Indirect sinus teeth lifting is done with an initial bone density of at least 7-8 mm. In this procedure, the doctor superducts the mucosa of the maxillary sinus through the future area of the dental implant (see photo).

Operation of the indirect sinus lifting (photo before and after)

indirect sinus lifting

This operation is a little cheaper in cost, and more conservative in comparison with the direct version, during of which the cavity filling with osteoplastic substance is done through a window cut in the lateral side of the maxillary sinus.

A more costly direct sinus lifting procedure for teeth is used in situations of severe atrophy in the upper jaw bone, if the indirect technique does not allow the surgeon-implantologist to add more than 10 mm of bone tissue (see photo).

Direct sinus lifting procedure

direct sinus lifting

The precise planning and correct diagnostics in our clinic, performed by the surgeon-implantologist using the computer tomograph is the secret of successful outcome and absence of complications after such operation.

During the 3-D scanning, a special program allows the implantologist to install the implants in the existing and future bone tissue of the required lengths and thicknesses immediately in order to avoid possible errors and complications.

When performing the procedure, augmentation of the alveolar crest is often performed - it’s splitting for formation the desired bone thickness.

If it is necessary to increase the bone size no more than 3-4 mm - one-stage implantation can be carried out immediately in these areas.

With a larger volume of surgery, a pause about 4 months is usually required before the installation of dental implants.

Complications with sinus-lifting hardly ever happens, when using high-quality materials and the professionalism of the implantologist.

The cost of this procedure you may see on the page "Prices". A list of patients' reviews of our dentistry is possible to see on the page "Reviews".

For more information on the possibility of performing the sinus lifting procedure and it’s exact price you may get on a free consultation in our dentistry Lumi-Dent in Kiev.

Summary statistics for some services of the clinic Lumi-Dent in Kiev, in the residential area of Poznyaki, Osokorky, Kharkovskyi, Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Darnitsa, Levoberezhnaya – provided for 2017:

Computer anesthesia STA 6594
Procedures under sedation 165
Sinus lifting procedures 157

Summary statistics on the installed implants for 2017 - 2018 in the centres of dental implantology Lumi-Dent:

MIS C1 96
Megagen 1249
Straumann 740
Nobel Biocare 316

More information about this procedure you may read here.

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