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  • Periodontist in Kyiv
  • Who is a periodontist?
  • Causes, symptoms, treatment of gums by a periodontist
  • Gingivitis treatment in Kyiv
  • Gingivitis symptoms
  • How to treat gingivitis in Kyiv
  • Preparations for the treatment of gums
  • Periodontitis treatment in Kyiv
  • Symptoms of periodontitis
  • How to treat periodontitis in Kyiv
  • Periodontal disease treatment in Kyiv
  • Periodontal disease causes
  • How to treat periodontal disease in Kyiv
  • Prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease
  • The main methods of prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis:
  • How much does gum treatment cost in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics?

In this article, you can read what kind of doctor is a periodontist.

You will also read:

  • how gums are treated at home and by a periodontist in the clinic;
  • how to treat gum disease - gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal disease.

The doctor of the Lumi-Dent dental clinics network, Eugenia Ivanivna Lebedeva, tells everything about gum treatment.

Periodontist in Kyiv

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the study of the periodontal tissues and mucous membrane of the oral cavity, and occupies an important position in restoring the health of not only teeth, but also the entire oral cavity.

Who is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who deals with the treatment of gums and the prevention of diseases of the oral mucosa and the tissues surrounding the teeth - the periodontium.

The periodontium includes the tooth itself, the gum, the alveolar bone process of the jaws, and the periodontium (the ligaments by which the root of the tooth is attached to the bone).

Photo. Periodontal diagram of a tooth.

Periodontist Kiev photo Lumident

Causes, symptoms, treatment of gums by a periodontist

Gingivitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis, stomatitis are the most common diseases of the oral mucosa. An untimely visit to a periodontist to treat sensitivity and inflammation of the gums - can lead to serious problems with teeth, up to and including loss.

The appearance of our smile is directly influenced by the health of the oral cavity. Often, various forms of inflammatory gum disease proceed without tangible complaints, and after a certain time, the periodontist determines the patient's gingivitis.

Gingivitis treatment in Kyiv

Gingivitis is, generally speaking, an initial inflammation of the oral mucosa (bleeding of the gums and its sensitivity increases dramatically).

The main cause of gingivitis is plaque buildup due to poor oral hygiene.

However, the causes of gingivitis of the gums can be of a different nature, including viral or even fungal.

It is better to start treatment of gingivitis with a periodontist when the first characteristic symptoms appear:

  • the mucous membrane is inflamed;
  • the gum is swollen and reddened;
  • bleeding gums while brushing your teeth;
  • bad breath.

Photo. Periodontist dentist at the reception, Lumi-Dent dentistry.

Inflammation of the gums Treatment of gingivitis Kiev Lumident


Gingivitis symptoms

The symptoms are not particularly marked, especially if we are talking about chronic gingivitis. Very often, gingivitis of the gums is detected during a preventive examination by a periodontist.

Bluish color and swelling of the mucous membrane near the teeth, periodically bleeding gums, especially after oral hygiene are among the initial symptoms of gingivitis.

How to treat gingivitis in Kyiv

How to treat gingivitis and how to cure it?

For effective treatment of gingivitis of the gums in dentistry, the periodontist needs to eliminate the cause of inflammation and bleeding of the gingival mucosa, and they are very diverse:

  • dental plaque;
  • incorrectly installed crowns;
  • crowns made of material that is toxic to the gums (plastic, metal, composite);
  • crowded teeth;
  • various sources of infection (bacteria, viruses);
  • bad habits (smoking);
  • other reasons.

In addition, for gingivitis, anti-inflammatory treatment of the gums is provided with local preparations in the clinic and home rinsing with the help of medicines prescribed by a periodontist.

The price of gingivitis treatment can be found at the bottom of the page, however, the full cost in your situation can be obtained only at the consultation of a periodontist.

Preparations for the treatment of gums

The most famous drugs (medicines) for anti-inflammatory treatment of gums in dentistry are:

  • various mouth rinses (Listerin, Orasept and others);
  • preparations and oils based on vitamin A;
  • preparations with vitamin E;
  • Ukrainian medicine for the treatment of gums - mefenamine ointment;
  • Rotokan;
  • medicinal compounds with anti-inflammatory properties (on the bark of oak, sage, chamomile, and others) are also used as drugs and medicines for the treatment of gingivitis.

The prognosis of gum restoration is favorable with the timely initiation of gingivitis treatment by a periodontist.

Periodontitis treatment in Kyiv

Sometimes, without proper treatment of the manifestations of gingivitis, the disease progresses and periodontal tissues are involved in inflammation, periodontitis occurs, the treatment of which requires a more serious approach from the periodontist and the patient.

Photo of periodontitis of the gums on the diagram.

Periodontitis photo LumiDent

This gum disease is often referred to as periodontitis, although this is a misnomer. The basis of periodontitis is the word "periodontium" - translated from Latin - "surrounding the dental root."

Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontal tissues characterized by their extensive inflammation and progressive destruction.

Manifestations of periodontitis:

  • gum pockets increase due to resorption of the walls of the bony alveoli;
  • teeth become mobile;
  • there is profuse bleeding from pockets, suppuration;
  • soreness to bite;
  • recession (care) of the gums - during periodontitis, the necks of the dental crowns are exposed.

The recession of the gums exposes very sensitive areas of the dental roots, the sensitivity of the teeth to thermal stimuli (cold, hot food) sharply increases.

Therefore, it is extremely important to sign up for a consultation with a periodontist at the first symptoms of periodontitis.

Symptoms of periodontitis

The main symptoms of periodontitis are also:

  • the appearance of periodontal pocket, caused by the resorption of the bone sockets, in which the dental roots are located;
  • bleeding and mucosal sensitivity;
  • teeth begin to loosen;
  • bad breath;
  • gum recession (its departure from the usual level of location).

How to treat periodontitis in Kyiv

How is gum periodontitis treated? Treatment includes a wide range of preventive and pharmacological measures. Treatment of periodontitis in dentistry must be supervised at the consultation of a periodontist.

How does a periodontist treat gums in case of periodontitis? The dentist makes a complex curettage - curettage of periodontal pockets, often excision of the mucous membrane to reduce them.

An important factor in the treatment of periodontitis is:

  • determination of causative agents of inflammation;
  • the specific effect of drugs on it (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal drugs).

The outcome of periodontitis therapy is directly influenced by the time it takes to see a periodontist. Delay can lead to very disastrous results in the form of serious mobility of the teeth and their loss or removal.

In the Lumi-Dent dental clinics, periodontists treat the periodontitis with laser and ozone. The laser removes excess gums and stimulates blood circulation and immunity, while ozone destroys all pathogenic infections in the periodontal pockets.

The cost of treatment of periodontitis is indicated in the table below, but the full price in your case can be announced by a periodontist at a consultation in the clinic.

Periodontal disease treatment in Kyiv

The disease is the most formidable disruption of the tissues around the teeth.

Periodontal disease is a systemic dystrophic-degenerative change in the periodontal tissue.

Photo of periodontal disease of teeth.

Periodontal disease of teeth photo Lumiden

Periodontal disease occurs without acute complaints and symptoms.

The most characteristic symptom of periodontal disease is the appearance of dental mobility without inflammation present.

The most common outcome of periodontal disease is the loss or extraction of all teeth due to loosening.

Periodontal disease causes

The reasons are not fully known, there is only information that periodontal disease is a disease of a degenerative-dystrophic nature.

Periodontal disease is based on:

  • degeneration and dystrophy of the periodontal tissues;
  • deterioration of their blood supply;
  • osteoporosis of the bone walls of the alveoli, which contain the teeth.

As a result, the signs of periodontal disease are:

  • exposure of the dental necks;
  • gum care;
  • gradual loosening of the teeth, without signs of inflammation.

How to treat periodontal disease in Kyiv

How a periodontist treats gums - with complex measures, including drug treatment of periodontal disease with drugs. Laser treatment of gum sensitivity is also used.

However, in advanced cases, surgical treatment of the gums with periodontal disease will also be effective - excision of the gingival margin to reduce the depth of periodontal pockets.

Also, in the complex treatment of periodontal disease, a periodontist provides for generalized sanitation of the root canals of all teeth, then combining them with each other in order to eliminate their mobility - splinting.

In addition, in the treatment of periodontal disease, it is extremely important to rationalize dental prosthetics, to eliminate increased occlusion in certain areas of the occlusion - a periodontist performs selective grinding of teeth.

In Kyiv, periodontists of the Lumi-Dent dental clinics have recently been actively using the latest treatment technologies to effectively restore the periodontal tissues, eliminate infection, and stimulate reparative processes in the gums:

  1. plasm lifting injections with serum from the patient's own blood;
  2. treatment of gingival pockets with laser and ozone.

Prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease

It boils down to systematic observation and hygienic cleaning at the dentist in the center of periodontology, rational prosthetics, and restoration of the general health of the body.

Treatment and prevention of diseases of the mucous membrane of the gums of the oral cavity is the work of a periodontist.

Residents of the capital city and other patients can contact our clinics for a consultation with a periodontist.

Periodontics has recently made a number of important discoveries in the field of debridement of abnormalities associated with gingival inflammation, both acute and chronic.

Diseases that a few years ago were considered a verdict today are successfully detected at the consultation of a periodontist in Kyiv in our clinics.

In the Lumi-Dent dental clinics in Kyiv, you can effectively treat all gum problems, at low prices, with the help of our professional periodontists.

The main methods of prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis:

  • professional hygienic teeth cleaning;
  • vector therapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • application of drugs and medications to the affected areas, gum recession sites, and gum pockets;
  • plasm lifting technology;
  • treatment of gum disease and sensitivity of the mucous membrane with a laser.

How much does gum treatment cost in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics?

The cost of gum treatment is in the "Dentistry prices" section. In addition, the cost of the services of a periodontist can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Video reviews about the results of gum treatment and periodontists of our clinics - "Reviews of dentistry".

If the gums become inflamed, we invite you to consult a professional periodontist at our centers of periodontology to eliminate the causes and successfully treat and prevent diseases and inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Summary statistics of the Lumi-Dent clinics on the Right and Left Banks, nearby on the Obolon massif, Pozniaky, Osokorky, Solomenka - for some services provided in 2021.

Computer anesthesia STA. 6954
Procedures under general anesthesia (during sleep). 165
Simple deletions. 2084
Removal of wisdom teeth. 870
Plombage. 4585
Professional whitening. 453
Complex hygienic cleaning. 2430
Installed implants. 3102


Examples of the work of our doctors.

Treatment of periodontal disease of gum inflammation Kiev LumiDent   Inflammation of the gums treatment prevention Kiev Lumident

Get effective gum treatment in Kyiv today!

Contact periodontists in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics to treat gingivitis, and to cure periodontal disease and periodontitis of the gums!


Prices for services
Periodontist consultation 700 UAH
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
Special offer! Only until 28th of Ferbuary!
1199 UAH
Ozone gum therapy (for 2 jaws) 840 UAH
Complex gingival stabilization in parodontal treatment by hyaluronic acid (1 ind. syringe of gel) 6800 UAH
Medicine application (1 jaw) 690 UAH
Plazmolifting Procedure - 1 jaw 1940 UAH
laser Treatment of periodontitis (1 tooth) 290 UAH
Procedure «Vector» 2 jaw Stage 1 5600 UAH
Procedure «Vector» jaw 2 Stage 2 4400 UAH
Frequently asked questions and answers
What is laser gum treatment?

It is the impact on the gum of a laser beam, using a dental laser device "Picasso".

What are the advantages of laser treatment of gums by a periodontist:

  • Deep periodontal pockets can be removed;
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and recovery processes;
  • Bacterial purification.
Can periodontitis be cured?

Unlike parodontosis, periodontitis at the early stages can be cured by applying:

  • professional cleaning from dental calculus;
  • vector therapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • laser treatment;
  • plasm lifting of the gums;
  • complete sanitation and rational dental prosthetics.

The periodontist in the clinic at the consultation will tell you what is the best way to cure periodontitis in your case. The doctor will also inform you about the exact price for the treatment of periodontitis.

What medicines are used to treat periodontitis?

Periodontitis is treated with various groups of drugs:

  • Antiseptics - chlorophyll, chlorhexidine, miramistin;
  • Astringents - Rotokan (restorative drink of oak bark), ointments based on aluminum lactate;
  • Oral preparations - vitamins A, E, K;
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ointments - Metrogyl Denta, mefenamine ointment.

Treatment of periodontal disease and periodontitis is in many ways similar, since the second is subsequently often joined to the first. Therefore, periodontists in Kyiv in the Lumi-Dent clinics also use the above drugs for periodontal disease.

What drugs are there for the treatment of periodontal disease?

Since periodontal disease is a disease whose causes are not in the oral cavity, there are no targeted drugs to treat it.

However, there are a number of drugs that can stop the development of periodontal disease in the oral cavity, as well as effectively deal with its symptoms (manifestations).

The same drugs are on the list of the periodontist's answer to the question - how to treat periodontitis.

List of drugs for the treatment of periodontitis, periodontitis:

  • antiseptics (wipe out infections in periodontal pockets) - miramistin, chlorhexidine, chlorophyllipt, mouth rinses;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (relieve inflammation if periodontitis has joined the advanced periodontal disease) - rotocan, chlorophyllipt, mefenamine ointment, etonium, methyl uracil ointment;
  • restoring drugs (promote the restoration of epithelial cells and ligaments that hold the teeth) - vitamins A, E, rosehip oil, solcoseryl;
  • restoring gingival vessels - vitamin K, C, galascorbin;
  • hemostatic drugs (relieve gum bleeding) - capramine, hemostatic sponge, hemocollagen.

There are complex medicines for periodontal disease (periodontitis) that combine the above properties:

  • Metrogyl Denta paste;
  • Parodium paste;
  • Vitadont ointment;
  • Wokopak paste;
  • Diplen-dent, KP-plast, Septo-Pak application plates;
  • dental plates Apiimplikator - based on beeswax;
  • collagen gum plates Farmadont;
  • dental gels BioRepair, Elugel, NutriBiotic, DentAid Xeros.

More detailed advice and the use of these drugs can be obtained at the consultation with a periodontist.

How is laser treatment of periodontal disease done in the clinic?
  • Picasso dental laser is used;
  • Laser treatment involves excision of the gums near the periodontal pockets, as a result of which they decrease, food stagnates less and infection multiplies;
  • Additionally, the effect of the laser enhances the reparative and immune mechanisms in the gum tissue.
How does a periodontist treat gums?

The main directions of treatment of periodontitis and other gum diseases by a periodontist in the clinic:

  • professional cleaning of teeth;
  • local applications on the gums of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs, their list is above;
  • ozonation;
  • plasma lifting;
  • curettage of periodontal pockets;
  • Vector therapy;
  • excision of gum pockets with a laser;
  • prescribing medicines for periodontal disease and other gum diseases to the patient, for their implementation at home.
How to make an appointment with a periodontist in Kyiv?

Dentists of this specialization work in the Lumi-Dent dental network, which are located in:

Who is a periodontist?

This is a gum treating doctor. He is engaged not only in the treatment of gum diseases, but also in the prevention of their occurrence.

What does a periodontist do?
  • a periodontist treats the gums, tongue, and other areas of the oral mucosa;
  • he deals with the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, plaque and cracked tongue, etc.
  • he teaches his patients how to prevent any gum disease.
This service in our clinics is provided by dentists
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