New technologies in dentistry

Prices for services
Examination, consultation free
Digital impression of teeth (1 jaw) 550 UAH
Complex gingival stabilization in parodontal treatment by hyaluronic acid (1 ind. syringe of gel) 6800 UAH
Lasing of dental root canal (1 canal) 300 UAH
Natural implantation of enamel "Innodent" (for 5 teeth) 1380 UAH
Deep fluoridation of teeth (1 tooth) 190 UAH
Plazmolifting Procedure - 1 jaw 1940 UAH
Procedure A-PRF (recovery of bone from his own blood membrane), 2 test tubes 950 UAH
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Digital dental laboratory

Цифровая зуботехническая лаборатория

The real digital dental laboratory gives the opportunity to provide a technique for the creation of modern dentures, surgical templates, kappa directly in the clinic Lumi-Dent.

Tooth enamel implantation

Имплантация зубной эмали Люми-Дент Киев

In dentistry, we use the best methods of restoration of tooth enamel - our specialists will select the most optimal options for you.

Digital dental scanner 3Shape TRIOS

Цифровой стоматологический сканер 3Shape Trios

The 3Shape Trios® intraoral scanner is an innovative piece of equipment that enables you to quickly and easily get high-quality digital 3-D prints

Surgical templates for dental implants

хирургические шаблоны для имплантации зубов

Dental implantation using surgical templates. It has undeniable advantages.

Plasmolifting - injections of own plasma for the treatment of gums


Plasmolifting is a revolutionary method of injecting patient’s platelet - rich blood plasma into gingival area.

Computer anesthesia STA

компьютерная анестезия STA

Painless anesthesia is real! Anesthesia has never been so easy and comfortable! Forget about any discomfort in the dentist's chair!

Dental treatment under the microscope

лечение зубов под микроскопом

A new technology has become available in our clinic - dental treatment under a microscope.

We use dental microscopes manufactured in the USA - Seiler IQ

Bone grafting based on membranes from own blood

костная пластика

Recently, clinics Lumi-Dent successfully used the manufacture of membranes for bone grafting and regeneration from the patient's own blood.

Laser dentistry

лазерная стоматология

The use of lasers in dentistry is only beginning to get widespread, but today, without it, it is difficult to imagine the work of a modern dental clinic.

Computed tomography of the maxillofacial area

компьютерная томография, фото

Computed tomography of the maxillofacial area - 3D visualization - accurate diagnosis and planning of many dental procedures.

Smile computer simulation

компьютерное моделирование улыбки

The normal desire of every visitor to the dental clinic is to see what his future smile will be before starting all the procedures.

T-SCAN - a revolutionary technology for diagnosing occlusion and bite

диагностика окклюзии и прикуса

New! The unique computerized bite control system T-scan is already in the Lumi-Dent clinics!

Ozone sterilization

стерилизация озоном

Revolutionary technology. A new step in the sterilization of the surgical field, reliable destruction of any infection without harm to the tissues of the body.

Dental treatment in video glasses!

лечение зубов в видео очках

Watch your favorite movie during a dental procedure in video glasses Revo Vizio - your virtual cinema.

Dental treatment in a dream

лечение зубов во сне

During deep sedation, the patient is completely immersed in a state of medicated sleep, and does not remember all the details of the treatment process.



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