Nobel Biocare Implants

Prices for services
Examination, consultation free
Nitrous oxide sedation (15 minutes) 675 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant in the articulator (fixation on the screw) от 2910 до 3110 UAH
Computer anesthesia STA 350 UAH
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 3200 UAH
Full computer tomogtamma (2 jaws in occlussion) 720 UAH
Surgical implant index (per each implant) 599 UAH
Suturing от 220 до 350 UAH
Prices for implants
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland) (All included) 21699 UAH
Teeth implantation (All included) от 3650 до 21699 UAH
Implant H-Dent Classic SLA (Israel)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
(All included) 3650 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea) (All included) 8699 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyRidge (South Korea)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
(All included) 9599 UAH
Implant Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 30th of November!
(All included) 13699 UAH
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  • Why we recommend the Nobel Biocare implants?
  • Main Nobel implants advantages
  • Medical reasons for Nobel Biocare implants installation
  • Nobel Active implants: design, main characteristics and properties
  • Preparation before the implantation operation
  • Treatment planning and primary number of visits
  • Contraindications

Nowadays, teeth implantation has gained an immense popularity in the world market of dental services. More and more Ukrainian patients stop their choice on this operation when it is necessary to restore the dentition and create a beautiful smile. Choose the right and most suitable type of implant by yourself is quite difficult, given the huge number of recent implant systems.

Why we recommend the Nobel Biocare implants?

Nobel Biocare

Despite the fact that implantology is a relatively new direction in dentistry, it has been actively developing since the 1950s, starting with studies on osseointegration and discoveries of the Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Branemark. He devoted a huge amount of time, studying the organism interaction specificities with titanium, discovering that this material, which is introduced into the prepared bone tissue, leads to the formation of a super-strong compound and engraftment to the body.

The first company why introduce into dental practice his innovative inventions was the company from Sweden and Switzerland - Nobel Biocare (official website www.nobelbiocare.com), which is a recognized leader and pioneer in the field of the dental implantology.

The company was founded in 1981 in Sweden, now the command center is located in Kloten (Switzerland).

Having vast experience in this field, the corporation is steadily growing, developing and producing more and more advanced implantation systems, and provides a lifetime guarantee in most cases.

On the official company’s website you may see all the innovative developments on Nobel implant systems that are available to our customers today. Also on the official website of Nobel implants it is possible to see the contacts of the Ukrainian suppliers of these implants to make sure whether the chosen clinic uses the original products.

Choosing Nobel Biocare implants, which prices corresponds to their quality - you can be assured of their highest efficiency, reliability and absolute safety, confirmed by numerous clinical trials.

A teeth implantation, performed with the help of Nobel's dental implants, whose reviews are excellent due to their unique technologies and properties, was first officially approved by the world-famous American organization FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which carefully monitors the quality of various food products, medicines and technologies.

Only a few dental clinics in Kiev and Ukraine can offer their patients the installation of Nobel Biocare implant systems, which price is higher than most other implants. Matter of doctors are able to work with them, because these systems require special training and high dentists professionalism.

However, in this particular case, the unrivaled quality and practicality of the design fully justify the price of Nobel Biocare implants!

The chain of "Lumi-Dent" clinics profess the teeth treatment and restoration of any complexity, in our team we have professionals of the highest level who are the Association of Dentists and Implantologists of Ukraine members, as well as the German Association of Implantology (DJOI) members.

We care about each client and always offer the best and innovative solution, that's why we recommend you Nobel implants, which reviews you can find on various forums and specialized portals.

Main Nobel implants advantages

Implants of Nobel Nobel implants

Among the numerous Nobel implants advantages it is worth to mentioning the following:

  • The material quality – titanium of the highest class IV, which does not contain any foreign matter and greatly accelerates the processes of bone tissue healing;
  • Unique patented rough surface of TiUnite (with the help of electrochemical treatment and certain chemical processes Nobel Biocare implants are covered with an extremely dense layer of titanium and phosphorus);
  • Strictly observed and established drilling protocol;
  • High level of stabilization of the implanted structure in the bone;
  • Ability to save the soft dental tissues level;
  • Universality – ability to apply even in the most difficult and non-standard clinical cases, selection of individual technology for all clients;
  • A variety of shapes and designs suitable for almost all customers with various problems and individual teeth features;
  • The highest survival rates (98% - 99.2%);
  • Low traumatism during the operation;
  • The possibility of carrying out the prosthetic immediately after the installation of Nobel's dental implants, the structure stability feedback after one-stage placing of the crown is practically 100% positive;
  • Functionality and practicality;
  • Aesthetics and longevity (all designs demonstrate an excellent aesthetic results even after more than 10 years);
  • Absence of any specific contraindications.

Medical reasons for Nobel Biocare implants installation

Most highly qualified specialists all over the world prefer Nobel Biocare implants, which allow performing high-quality one-stage and two-stage implantation, which results will satisfy the most exacting and demanding client.

The manufacturing company has taken care of patients who need to restore their teeth at various levels of complexity: the absence of one or more teeth in the lateral areas, the dental rebuilding of the incisor teeth, toothless jaw (incomplete or complete absence of dentition, the continuity offence, loss of normal chewing and speech function) remedial work of various cosmetic.

Experienced implantologists of the chain of "Lumi-Dent" clinics will always find the best option for you, as in our arsenal there are the most innovative and effective solutions for each individual case.

Our specialists use Nobel Active implant systems, which today are most popular due to their versatility, multifunctionality and the possibility of their application in the most severe and neglected cases.

Nobel Active implants: design, main characteristics and properties

This technology was first developed and presented on the market in 2008 on the manufacturer official website, and recognized as one of the best in this field, and compliant with all modern international quality standards.

Nobel Active shows a truly extraordinary design and properties:

DESIGN Key Features
implant Nobel
  • Special double thread;
  • A unique conical connection helps to equidistribute the load;
  • Has a comfortable back-tapered collar;
  • Equipped with Groovy, allowing to firmly fix the structure;
  • The highest level of primary stability;
  • Has a special TiUnite surface (a packed bed of titanium oxide with a high phosphorus content);
  • Reversible cutting grooves of a special design, as well as blades allow the attending medical doctor to correct properly the angle of slope if it is necessary.
PROPERTIES: The main benefits for the patient
implant Nobel
  • Manufactured in accordance with all the basic requirements of orthopedists and surgeons-implantologists;
  • Installing is 4 times faster than all other implant systems;
  • The procedure for preparing the surgical field and the implantation itself are practically painless;
  • Specially provided function of replacing the platform in order to ultimately obtain the maximum volume of bone and soft tissues (which guarantees an excellent aesthetics);
  • The Nobel Active implant is designed in such a way that the densification of the bone occurs gradually;
  • In the aesthetic context, they differ in their beauty of form and naturalness;
  • A high survival level, which provides the client with the fastest healing and comfort process;
  • The possibility of installation even in the case of extremely limited interdental space (* a variety of design diameters - from 3 to 5 mm - allow to install them even in those areas where it was previously impossible to install a usual implant);
  • With proper care and the doctor’s adhere – the patient receives a virtually lifelong guarantee;
  • Each implant has its own individual registration number what making impossible the fake installing.

Preparation before the implantation operation

  • Conducting a doctor examination of the oral cavity conditions;
  • X-ray examination to let a doctor compose a plan for treatment and prosthetics correctly (computed tomography of the upper and lower jaw);
  • Passage the diagnosis, which allows revealing any patient’s risks coming from the implantation operation;
  • Sometimes the patient has a bone tissue deficiency, in such cases we apply special technologies that are able to regenerate the bone. After carrying out such manipulations, the doctor can proceed to provide all implantation stages;
  • When surgical intervention is supposed to be in the upper jaw, a sine-lifting operation may be necessary.

Treatment planning and primary number of visits

On average, you will need about 5-6 visits to install a Nobel dental implant:

1) Examination and discussion of your individual plan for the prosthetics procedure;

2) Follow-up oral cavity examination by your attending implantologists, performing certain preparatory manipulations;

3) Implant system installation;

4) Installation of special healing cup intended for carrying out this procedure;

5) Dental crown or other type of prosthesis fixing on the implant;

6) Visit for monitoring the process of implant survival rate.


Nobel's Dental Implants have no specific contraindications, except for those that are among the most common for conducting surgical operations of this kind:

- The patient's age should not be less than 18 years;

- Pregnancy;

- Intolerance to anesthesia, etc.;

- Any form of coagulation failure;

- The presence of malignant swelling in the body;

- Immunopathological processes;

- Some heart diseases and general connective tissue diseases;

- Tuberculosis;

- Cachexia (marasmus).

The chain of «Lumi-Dent» clinics - is a leader in the field of providing the most innovative and professional dental services in Kiev and Ukraine. We use only advanced technologies, we provide our patients with maximum comfort and offer only the best implants at the most affordable prices.

Prices for Nobel Biocare implantation and other implant systems - you may see at the top of this page. Prices for all services are on the «Prices» page.

Video reviews of our clients you may watch on «About clinics» - «Reviews».

You may always contact us by phone (044) 383 22 88.

Summary statistics on the installed implants for 2017 - 2018 in the center of dental implantology Lumi-Dent on the Left Bank of Kiev, in the residential area of Poznyaki, Osokorky, Kharkovskyi, Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Darnitsa, Levoberezhnaya:

MIS C1 96
Megagen 1249
Straumann 740
Nobel Biocare 316

Prices for some types of dental services in the clinic «Lumi-Dent» in Kiev:

Name of service Price, UAH
The examination, consultation of the dentist for free
Computed tomography of the upper and lower jaw in the bite 720
Diseases diagnosis under the microscope (1 tooth) 350
Air-Flow tartar removal (1 jaw) 340
Ultrasonic cleaning of dental deposits (1 jaw) 225
Instrumental and drug-induced tooth boring from 650
NobelActive implant (with installation) 21699

More detailed and precise calculation of the operation cost for the dental implants instalation in the chain of «Lumi-Dent» on the Left Bank of Kiev, in the residential area of Poznyaki, Osokorky, Kharkovskyi, Bereznyaki, Rusanovka, Darnitsa, Levoberezhnaya - you can get after consulting with our dentists who will examine and give you all the necessary further recommendations completely free of charge.

More information about these implants may be found on the link.

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