How Veneers Are Placed On Teeth - The Process

Date of publication: 31.10.2019
Date of edit: 01.02.2023
Watch a video about the process of making veneers with our dentists
  • How are the veneers put on teeth?
  • Installation process
  • Stage 1. Initial oral exam
  • Stage 2. Treatment plan presentation
  • Stage 3. Trying on a future smile
  • Stage 4 - Preparation (cutting) of teeth
  • Stage 5 - Dental laboratory
  • Stage 6 - Trying on the permanent veneers on the teeth
  • The final stage after the fixation of the veneers


Orthopedist Glushko Oleksiy Sergiyovych will tell you:

  • about all stages of the preparation, manufacture and fixation of the veneers;
  • why do they put the veneers?

Some people find it more convenient to watch a video - how are the veneers put on teeth, while others are better off reading the text and looking at photos of the stages.

Anyway, it will be interesting!

Photo of a smile after installing and fixing veneers on the teeth, Lumi-Dent dentistry.  

veneers beautiful smile photo Lumi-Dent

Patients who want a complete smile transformation usually place the porcelain veneers on the front teeth.

What are the veneers?

These are thin dental build-ups for the front teeth made of composite or porcelain, which are installed to give the teeth the correct shape, color and position.

Why are the veneers placed?

The porcelain veneers in the mouth are not only durable, but also provide the most natural looking teeth and your overall smile.

As a premium dental material, porcelain (glass porcelains) provide depth and brightness unmatched by other types of dental build-ups.

Why the veneers are placed:

  • to give teeth the correct shape, size and color;
  • for a slight alignment of their position in the dentition.

Moreover, if you think globally - why are the veneers produced - to create a beautiful smile.

How are the veneers put on teeth?

In the Lumi-Dent dental clinic network, the veneers are installed in a series of stages created by a team of aesthetic dentists to achieve an excellent cosmetic result, and it is the attitude and unsurpassed professional approach to each of these stages that make the manufacturing and fixation technology truly exceptional.

Photo. How veneering is performed in Lumi-Dent.

veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Installation process

How are the veneers placed - they are installed in the following stages:

  • Initial oral exam, manufacturing of diagnostic models;
  • Treatment plan presentation, basic consultation, digital modeling;
  • Trying on a future smile;
  • Teeth preparation - cutting;
  • Production part - manufacturing the veneers in the laboratory;
  • Fitting and fixing the veneers.

Our specialists will develop an individual method for making and fixation of the veneers on the teeth, based on the unique elements of your treatment.

We help over 40,000 patients a year and regularly improve our dental skills. The method of making porcelain dental build-ups in Lumi-Dent has no analogues in terms of its result.

Photo. Consultation of doctors of all specializations, before starting work.

How veneers are installed photo Lumi-Dent

Stage 1. Initial oral exam

The first step on the way to getting a unique smile is an initial free consultation, during which specialists thoroughly examine the oral cavity. Anamnesis is taken on the general state of health, and all wishes are heard regarding the future appearance of a smile.

Photo - how veneers are placed on teeth - the stage of the initial free consultation.

How to put veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

It is necessary to do a computed tomography - CT scan of the teeth (X-ray examination), directly in our clinic, on a computed tomograph. This X-ray examination will allow you to study the state of bone tissue, reveal hidden pathologies and prevent possible complications in future.

Photo. How veneers are installed - they do a tomographic examination.

Stages of installing veneers photo Lumi-Dent

In addition to a thorough examination of the oral cavity, our specialist will examine the anatomy of the face, mouth and lips and their relationship to the teeth. If necessary, he takes photographs of the dentition. All factors will be taken into account when preparing an individualized treatment plan.

Photo. How veneers are placed on teeth - photography stage.

Stages of installing veneers photo Lumi-Dent

stages of installing veneers photo Lumi-Dent

veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

The smile remodeling is a real collaboration between the dentist, the dental technician and you. Therefore, the first step is to find out what do you want to change in the shape and color of your teeth.

You should discuss not only the problems you would like to fix, but also the smile you would like to have. It is very helpful to share pictures of teeth that you like in magazines, or what your smile looked like when you were young.

Beauty is very subjective, so your thoughts and standards are very important. For example, some people say they don't want anyone to know that they put the veneers in their mouth - everything should look completely natural. Others want a bold, super-white Hollywood smile. Your doctor wants to know what you like personally. Of course, there are things that a dentist can point out to you based on professional knowledge of the intricacies of dental design.

Also at this stage, it is possible to scan teeth using a digital intraoral scanner 3Shape, or to obtain silicone impressions for the manufacture of diagnostic models and a detailed study of the bite. These data will subsequently be used for digital computer modeling.

How veneers are installed - scanned with a 3shape digital intraoral scanner.

How to put veneers photo Lumi-Dent

How veneers are installed photo Lumi-Dent

How veneers are installed - silicone impressions are made.

installation of veneers photo Lumi-Dent

veneers Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

Veneers on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Stage 2. Treatment plan presentation

On the second visit to the clinic, the dentist, using all the elements of the analysis of the initial consultation, will provide you with a detailed treatment plan. The plan will be explained to you in detail, and any questions will be answered in detail.

One of the unique factors of the Lumi-Dent technology is an integrated approach to the creation of a “Hollywood Smile”, with the involvement of various specialists (hygienist, periodontist, orthodontist and implantologist) to obtain the best and long-term result.

How veneers are placed on teeth - a consultation of dentists of various profiles.

Dental veneers photo Lumi-Dent

At this stage, all your wishes for the result (shape, color, number of the veneers) are coordinated. After that, all the received amount of diagnostic information is sent to our digital laboratory, where the doctor, together with a technician, begin to create a prototype of a future smile, taking into account all the wishes of the patient.

How veneers are installed - planning of the construction is done in the dental laboratory Lumi-Dent.

Veneers on teeth Photo Lumi-Dent

How veneers are placed on teeth - computer modeling of the shape of future dentures.

Veneers photo Lumi-Dent

Stages of installing veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental veneers photo Lumi-Dent

How to put veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Then in 7-10 days, when the digital project of the veneers is ready, we will print it on a 3D printer, and we can already demonstrate to our patients what their smile will look like in future. Then comes the third clinical stage...

At this moment, everything becomes unique, because part of the Lumi-Dent veneer installation technique includes working in its own laboratory with porcelain technicians who have many years of experience in the production of dental masterpieces.

Stage 3. Trying on a future smile

The next step allows you to see how your teeth will look, even before you start preparing them. At this stage, it is possible to make any adjustments regarding the shape and size of the teeth.

There are several ways to preview how the veneers will change your smile. For example, a dentist can create an accurate life-size model and then 3D print the model to see what can be achieved.

How veneers are placed - they make plaster, wax, and 3D printed models with the future shape of the teeth.

Ceramic veneers of teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Veneering photo Lumi-Dent

As practice shows, it is quite difficult, almost impossible for patients to fully evaluate on models how a smile will look.

Holding the model in hands, it is also not entirely clear how the future veneers will look like, and how they will be combined in relation to individual characteristics and facial features.

In order for the patient to fully understand and see the appearance of the desired smile, with the help of special plastic, the future shape of the veneers is installed on the teeth, before starting any treatments. This manipulation is called MOCK-UP.

How veneers are placed on teeth - fitting MOCK-UP.

Veneering photo Lumi-Dent

Onlays on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Beautiful and white teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

MOCK-UP veneers photo Lumi-Dent

plates on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

For this, an impression is obtained from the diagnostic model on which the modeling was carried out - a “silicone key”, into which liquid plastic is poured, and installed in the oral cavity. After the plastic has hardened, the “silicone key” is removed, and the future shape of the veneers remains on the teeth (see photo above).

How veneers are placed - how MOCK-UP is made.

Treatment with veneers photo Lumi-Dent

installation of veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

After the transfer, the patient understands more objectively how the veneers will look individually in his case.

If the patient understands that the future shape suits him absolutely, and this is exactly what he wants, then he can start cutting down the dental tissue from the outside.

If there are any doubts or wishes about the shape of the veneers, position, etc. - we put them directly on the MOCK-UP, which is located in the patient's mouth, such plastic is easily corrected.

This is a unique technique in which a new shape is transferred into the oral cavity on your unprepared (untreated) teeth, and you can easily see what the result will be.

You cannot leave the cabinet with this plastic, it easily cracks and falls out. However, you can take a photo of this test image (take a selfie) to share with your family and friends.

How veneers are placed on teeth - photo before (left) and after Mock-Up (right) example 1.

Ceramic veneers photo Lumi-Dent

Veneers on teeth, stages of installation photo Lumi-Dent

How veneers are made on teeth - photo before and after Mock-Up (right) example 2.

Stages of installing veneers photo Kiev-Lumi-Dent

Stages of installing veneers in the Lumi-Dent clinic

After the patient has approved the shape, we scan (get a digital impression) of the corrected Mock-Up. It is done to duplicate the established shape in the manufacture of the permanent porcelain veneers.

How veneers are placed - a digital impression of the approved Mock-Up is made.

veneers teeth photo Lumi-Dent

How to install veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Stage 4 - Preparation (cutting) of teeth

As soon as you decide on the shape and color of the veneers, and agree on a plan of action with the dentist, it is time to slightly prepare (file off) the teeth from the outside in order to install permanent dental build-ups.

To prepare or file teeth, for a completely comfortable and painless process, we carry out using STA computer anesthesia. We do not use syringes, as a result, the anesthesia process is painless and the patient does not experience any discomfort throughout the medical appointment.

How veneers are installed - STA computer anesthesia is done.

Anesthesia when installing veneers photo Lumi-Dent

In addition, in our clinics, teeth preparation is very often carried out in medication sleep, under general sedation. The staff constantly employs anesthesiologists, whose work is provided with the most modern apparatus and devices. Your sleep is completely safe and under control, and while you sleep, the doctor does all the work.

How veneers are installed - teeth are cut from the outside, in a state of medication.

Cutting teeth under veneers photo Lumi-Dent

How to put veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Our administrators will call a taxi, and you will safely go home after cutting your teeth, performed in a state of medication sleep. It is recommended to be at home on this day.

The volume of dental tissue for cutting depends on the intended result, as well as on the position of the teeth.

The general purpose of cutting teeth is to cut as little denture supporting structure as possible. Therefore, the procedure for cutting the veneers is carried out under magnification, using binoculars and an operating microscope.

How to put veneers on teeth - they do sawing with binoculars and a microscope.

install veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

How veneers are installed photo Lumi-Dent

Anesthesia when installing veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

As soon as the preparation of the teeth is completed, the doctor conducts the so-called retraction of the gums - a special thread is inserted into the gingival gap to visualize the edge of the gingival ledge, these boundaries are very important for the dental technician to make high-precision work.

How veneers are installed - gum retraction is done.

Veneers Kiev Lumi-Dent

Lumi-Dent veneers

Lumi-Dent veneers

Veneers for teeth Lumi-Dent

Further, the doctor makes a scan with an intraoral scanner, or receives silicone impressions, depending on the clinical situation.

Ceramic veneers Lumi-Dent

Veneers for teeth Lumi-Dent

Veneers on teeth Lumi-Dent

Digital scans or impressions are sent to the dental laboratory, where technicians use them to create an exact copy of the future veneers. This process will take a week or two.

How veneers are installed - data transfer to the laboratory is done.

Treatment with veneers Lumi-Dent

During this waiting period, you will wear the temporary plastic veneers that are fabricated and installed at the same visit and cemented directly on your teeth so that you can start your daily activities without any problems. The smile will be beautiful, you can smile and talk without problems.

"Test Drive" and the expected result

Thanks to the in-house capabilities and skills of the Lumi-Dent team of specialists, patients are often fitted with fitting (adaptation) composite dental build-ups, which are printed on a 3D printer. These designs completely follow the shape of the future permanent veneers, and look so good that you might think you're done.

How veneers are installed - they fix temporary veneers, for the period of making permanent ones.

Composite overlays photo Lumi-Dent

composite veneers photo Lumi-Dent

Making veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

This unique technique is recommended for patients with increased aesthetic requirements and for complete (total) rehabilitation of the dentition. This treatment protocol allows you to try on future permanent work, make final adjustments to the shape, and conduct a “test drive” of the chewing and speech function. Thus, to achieve the desired and expected result of quality and beauty.

Fitting structures are placed on temporary cement for a period of several weeks to several months, and allow the patient to get used to the new shape and bite.

In a couple of weeks, you will return to the dentist's office to refine the shape of your teeth. This is an important step, as the permanent porcelains will follow the shape of the fitting rooms. The shape and size agreed with you will be scanned with an intraoral scanner, and this 3D information will be transferred to the laboratory for the manufacture of permanent porcelain dental build-ups.

How the veneers are placed - Final scan of the matched shape of the temporary veneers.

veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Temporary veneers photo Lumi-Dent

Veneers in Kiev Lumi-Dent

Veneers Ukraine Lumi-Dent

What veneers look like on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Stage 5 - Dental laboratory

Our dental laboratory is equipped with a modern milling cutter, digital scanners, 3D printers, allowing us to produce CAD / CAM porcelain restorations in compliance with the highest quality standards. The process of quality control, accuracy of structures is done using a special dental microscope.

The use of CAD / CAM technology allows for the efficient and predictable fabrication of very beautiful and natural ceramic restorations.

Lithium disilicate is a type of glass-ceramic material that can be used to fabricate multi-layer porcelain restorations. The manufactured lithium disilicate veneers have a different color and transparency, which allows them to be as similar as possible to healthy teeth.

We use original glass porcelain E.max CAD, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein in our laboratory.

Manufacturing and scanning of models

After taking the impressions, plaster models are cast by technicians in the laboratory.

How veneers are installed - they make a casting of a plaster model from an impression.

installation of veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Then these models are installed in a special laboratory scanner, and digitized to create a computer model.

veneering photo Lumi-Dent

After obtaining digital models, the technician begins to virtually match the desired dental shape with the actual situation in the oral cavity.

The veneers are modeled in a computer program.

How veneers are placed - computer modeling of the shape of permanent dentures is done.

ceramic veneers Lumi-Dent

The resulting data is sent to a milling machine, which mills the permanent veneers from a porcelain block with the highest precision.

Photo. How veneers are placed - milling is done from ceramic blocks.

Installation of veneers photo stages Kiev Lumi-Dent

How to create veneers on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

How veneers are made step-by-step photo installation Kiev Lumi-Dent

The obtained porcelain veneers are colored and baked in a special oven at high temperatures.

How veneers are placed - Baking and glazing the finished work.

Teeth processing for veneers photo procedure Kiev Lumi-Dent

How veneers are installed - they transfer the finished work from the laboratory to the clinic.

Ceramic onlays how to make a photo of Kiev Lumi-Dent

What are the procedures for installing photo overlays Kiev Lumi-Dent

Veneers set veneers stages of veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Onlays on teeth veneers on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

It is thanks to this careful approach, the use of a dental microscope, an ultra-precise milling cutter - the Lumi-Dent dental clinic network is the leading supplier of the highest quality veneers in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Stage 6 - Trying on the permanent veneers on the teeth

After computer anesthesia, the temporary veneers are removed. Permanent veneers are installed with the help of a special fitting gel in their place. They are fitted, the quality of fit, color, transparency is checked. Photographing is in progress. The next stage is the fixation of the veneers – it is agreed with the patient.

Photo. How to put veneers on teeth - trying on permanent structures in the mouth.

Fitting veneers installation photo check Kiev Lumi-Dent

What a veneer looks like checking and installing a veneer photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Fitting and installation of veneers photo Kiev lumi-dent

Onlays on teeth to install veneers on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Fixation and fitting of veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Fitting veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Installation of veneers photo Lumi-Dent

The fixation of the veneers with permanent cement

The veneers are placed on special glue, which is very tightly connected to dental tissues. Such monolithic fixation of the veneers, in addition to the extraordinary strength of porcelain, which exceeds the strength of enamel by several times, ensures a long service life of the veneers up to 20 years or more.

First, anesthesia is performed using computer anesthesia, so that the process is painless. Our doctors remove the temporary huts and put constant work on the teeth. Then a special thread or a rubber scarf is placed under the gum to ensure tissue dryness and prevent moisture from entering the teeth.

How veneers are installed - fixation on the teeth.

Stages of installing veneers Lumi-Dent

Veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

The latter are treated with an antiseptic and a special gel, which is necessary to enhance the fixation of the veneers and remove microorganisms from the surface of the teeth.

Teeth processing for veneers photo Lumi-Dent

Veneers for teeth Lumi-Dent

Then the gel is washed off, dried and glue is applied to the onlays and tooth enamel, and the veneer is placed on the tooth. After that, it is illuminated with a special lamp so that the glue finally solidifies.

How veneers are attached to Lumi-Dent teeth

Installation of veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

veneers photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

fixation of veneers Lumi-Dent

The final stage after the fixation of the veneers

After the fixation of the veneers in the mouth, a routine examination is required at the dental clinic, at which the specialist will assess the condition of the gums and carry out selective grinding on the bite, if necessary.

In addition, after the installation process, you will be given recommendations for the care of the veneers, and a referral for professional cleaning to a hygienist will be issued.

Photo. How veneers are installed on teeth - the smiles of our patients at the end of the work, after fixing the onlays.

Beautiful smile veneers photo Lumi-Dent

what veneers look like photo Lumi-Dent

Veneers on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

veneers on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Ready-made veneers on the teeth photo Lumi-Dent

As you can see, it is quite difficult to install veneers, but the result is worth it!

The veneers price in Kiev is presented at the specified link. 


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The price of the stages and the whole process of making veneers
Examination, consultation free
Ceramic veneer
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5030 UAH
Ultra-thin ceramic veneer (without grinding enamel)
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11354 UAH
Complex hygienic teeth cleaning (per 2 jaws)
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Sterile surgical kit 300 UAH
Digital scan 2 jaws with bite fixation 2370 UAH
Teeth computer tomogramma from 370 UAH to 720 UAH
Computer anesthesia STA 400 UAH
Frequently asked questions and answers
How are the veneers put on teeth?

The veneers are put on the teeth using a special double-curing cement - first, it is illuminated with a diode lamp for primary fixation, then it hardens completely during the day.


Is it possible to put the veneers at home?

If we are talking about the high-quality porcelain veneers, then it is impossible to put them at home.

When people talk about home installations, they most likely mean the removable veneers, which are just an unnecessary purchase and a waste of money.

You will never wear them, moreover, you will never enjoy them.

Dentists install veneers on teeth
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