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  • Alignment of teeth with Easy Align mouth guards
  • What are aligners for teeth?
  • What are aligners for?
  • Where is it possible to straighten your teeth with aligners in Kyiv?
  • How to align your teeth with mouth guards properly?
  • What is the Easy Align System?
  • How is the alignment of teeth done with mouth guards?
  • The cost of teeth straightening with aligners in Kyiv
  • How much do mouth guards cost?
  • Reviews about aligners


In this article, you will learn what aligners are and how much it costs to align teeth with aligners. We wish you a pleasant reading.


Alignment of teeth with Easy Align mouth guards

In this article you will read how to align teeth with mouth guards, what are aligners, how you can get the bite correction with them.

Aligners allow you to align your teeth without orthodontic brackets, and they are transparent dental aligners made of medical polymer.

Dental orthodontic aligners for aligning teeth are sequentially put on the dental arches, and contribute to their gradual movement in the direction necessary for the orthodontist.

What are aligners for teeth?

Aligners are thin plastic mouth guards made of transparent polymer, made in a clinic or in a dental laboratory, used to align the dentition.

What are aligners for?

  • For the treatment of over occlusion;
  • For distal occlusion correction;
  • For correcting other types of malocclusion, mild degree of difficulty.

In more details, the design of the dental mouth guard can be seen in the picture below:

Photo. Dental aligner on a plaster model.

 Aligners dental guards on teeth photo Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental orthodontic aligners in adult and pediatric dentistry are designed to solve several main tasks:

  1. Carrying out home whitening - a whitening gel is poured into the mouth guard;
  2. Remineralization and fluoridation of enamel - the mouth guard is filled with fluoride gel;
  3. Corrections of malocclusion - such mouthguards for aligning the teeth are called aligners.

Due to the rapid development of digital technologies, the use of dental aligners to correct occlusion in children and adults has become a common practice in the centers of Lumi-Dent (Ukraine).

How orthodontic mouth guards are used to straighten teeth, and how much mouth guards for children and adults cost - we will tell you on this page below.

Where is it possible to straighten your teeth with aligners in Kyiv?

8 professional orthodontists work in our clinics, they are terrific at the technique of occlusion correction with orthodontic aligners.

You can learn more about each orthodontist by following the links to their personal pages at the top.

You can see some examples of bite correction with mouth guards on our site in the section "Our works".

Patient reviews on bite alignment with mouth guards

Video reviews about our doctors and treatment with aligners can be viewed in the "Reviews" section.

There are also many reviews about aligners and our specialists - it is present on various dental portals and forums on the Internet.

How to align your teeth with mouth guards properly?

The main advantage of using transparent dental aligners for bite correction - before orthodontic brackets:

  1. absence of the need to glue anything on crooked teeth;
  2. maintaining high aesthetics;
  3. higher patient comfort during treatment with aligners.

In terms of cost, the method of aligning the teeth with mouth guards will be more expensive than gluing the bracket system.

But the client receives much higher comfort and better appearance during the treatment with aligners, therefore, occlusion correction with aligners is becoming more and more popular among the population.

Orthodontic aligners are virtually invisible while wearing them and can be easily removed and put on. Mouth guards for children and adults allow you to align your teeth effectively without the use of orthodontic brackets.

Photo. Dental aligners.

Mouthguard for aligning teeth Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

In parallel with the occlusion correction, it is possible to whiten teeth by introducing a special whitening gel into the orthodontic aligner.

In addition, aligners can strengthen teeth if fluoride or calcium-based gel is added to the orthodontic aligner.

What is the Easy Align System?

Aesthetic dental aligners are transparent aligners that allow for bite correction and teeth alignment. This technology makes it possible to achieve the result of a beautiful smile with maximum aesthetics and comfort.

How is the alignment of teeth done with mouth guards?

Stages of bite correction with the Easy Align orthodontic aligner system:

  • 3-D scanning of the dent alveolar location (computed 3-D tomography) is carried out - directly in the Lumi-Dent clinics in Kyiv;

Align teeth in mouth with mouth guards Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

  • Based on the data of a three-dimensional study, the technician, together with the orthodontist, in a special program position the places of the future correct location of the patient's dentition;
  • The program specifically calculates the correct direction of movement of each tooth separately. On the basis of the future computer layout, a system of transparent aligners is made in a 3-D printer, the sequential change of aligners allows you to gradually move the teeth in the desired direction;
  • On a 3-D printer, these orthodontic aligners are sequentially printed, which are necessary for each separate stage of improper bite treatment.

Mouthguard for aligning teeth Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

The cost of teeth straightening with aligners in Kyiv

Before making transparent aligners, you must pay the cost of obtaining control models and planning the upcoming treatment - 5320 UAH.

You also need to do:

  • Panoramic dental X-ray - 290 UAH;
  • Digital impressions from both jaws with occlusion fixation – 2370 UAH.

On average, one case of occlusion correction requires:

  • Mild degree - 6 - 12 aligners per jaw;
  • Average degree - 12 - 21 units per jaw;
  • Severe degree - 22 - 30 units per jaw.

How much do mouth guards cost?

The cost for manufacturing one Easy Align mouth guard (for children and adults) is from 1980 UAH.

Follow-up examinations and patient consultations on this technology are free.

You can find out the full cost of the upcoming bite correction with Easy Align aligners during a consultation in our clinics in Kyiv.

You need to pay 5320 UAH for the computer diagnostic stage to calculate the exact number of dental aligners for occlusion correction.

How much does it cost to straighten teeth with orthodontic aligners? It is possible to calculate the exact price of treatment with dental aligners only after carrying out the diagnostic computer stage.

You can view the cost of all services of our clinics on the page "Dentistry prices".

In addition to aligning teeth in children and adults with aligners, in Ukraine there are other effective methods for correcting the closure of the dentition, you can read about them in the section of services of an orthodontist dentist.

Table of calculation of prices and terms of production of aligners Easy Align


Price, UAH

1st stage - Planning

Jaw scan and sterile kit 1 200
ClinCheck orthodontic treatment planning 5 320
Pictures 1 020
Interval between the stages — 1-2 weeks

2nd stage - Ordering aligners

Medium duration course of treatment (44 aligners) 87 120
Interval between the stages — 2 weeks

3rd stage - Getting of a set of aligners, start of treatment

Sterile kit and teeth cleaning 790
Attachment fixation 1 520
Total price of all stages 96 970


Reviews about aligners

On the "Reviews" page, you can see the video reviews of patients who have undergone bite treatment in Lumi-Dent clinics.

Summary statistics on the number of installed brackets, orthodontic plates and aligners in Lumi-Dent clinics on the Right and Left Banks of Kyiv, on the Obolon massif, Poznyaky, Osokorky, Solomenka - for 2022:

Metallic 217
Porcelain 91
Lingual 22
Children's orthodontic plates 96
Aligners (plastic mouth guards) 213


Still thinking - how to straighten the bite in your mouth?

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The price of aligners in Kiev in Lumi-Dent
Obtaining of control models and planning treatment with Easy Align 5320 UAH
Correcting the bite without brackets with the help of the Easy Align от 1980 UAH
Frequently asked questions and answers
How do aligners work?

The mechanics is simple:

  • in a computer program, the operator changes the inclination of the teeth in the direction in which we need to move them;
  • mouth guard is printed on the changed model of teeth;
  • when putting on the teeth - it puts a little pressure on the teeth, moving them to the new position planned by the orthodontist.
What is better - aligners or brackets? What should you choose?

It all depends on your preferences and the severity of the bite defect. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Aligners are preferable in case of a slight degree of improper bite, in cases that are more difficult it is necessary to install a bracket system.

The cost of services is also different - you will have to pay more for a bracket system.

What is better to choose - veneers or aligners?

These two different technologies are successfully used to correct a slight degree of improper bite.

The advantage of veneers lies in the faster alignment of the teeth, however, it is necessary to slightly grind the outer surface of the teeth under veneers, and it is their relative disadvantage.

The advantage of aligners is that the teeth remain intact and healthy when moved, but their movement takes a certain amount of time.

In addition, in the presence of a large number of fillings on the front teeth, it reduces the advantage of using aligners over veneers.

Where to align teeth with aligners in Kyiv?

You can correct the bite in Lumi-Dent dental clinics located in:

Aligners - what are they?

Aligners are thin removable transparent "cases" for teeth made of polymer, designed for the treatment of improper bite - alignment of teeth in the desired direction.

What is the price to align teeth with mouth guards?

The cost of bite correction with mouth guards is from 13280 to 60800 UAH.

The exact price depends on the degree of malocclusion, and, accordingly, the number of aligners used when moving teeth.

How much do aligners cost in Ukraine?

The price of one aligner in Lumi-Dent clinics is from 1980 UAH. The full course of treatment costs from 13280 to 60800 UAH.

This service in our clinics is provided by dentists, orthodontists
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