Dental implantation consultation

Prices for services:
Examination, consultation free
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 2640 UAH
CT segment (50 * 50mm) 370 UAH
Computer anesthesia STA 350 UAH
Prices for implants
Implant H-Dent Classic SLA (Israel)
Special offer! Only till 31st of October!
(All included) 3650 UAH
Implant Nobel Biocare Active (Switzerland) (All included) 21699 UAH
Implant MIS C1 (Israel) (All included) 9599 UAH
Teeth implantation (All included) от 3650 до 21699 UAH
Implant Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti (Switzerland)
Special offer! Only till 31st of October!
(All included) 13699 UAH
Implant MegaGen AnyOne (South Korea) (All included) 8699 UAH
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  • Oral cavity examination
  • HOW MUCH DOEs a consultation of AN IMPLANTOLOGIST cost in LUMI DENT?

Consultation on teeth implantation

If you want to restore lost teeth, and consider implantation as the most suitable option, you need to choose the most interesting clinic for you and sign up for a diagnosis with the consultation of a doctor - an implantologist (who will do the implantation of the teeth) and an orthopedist (who will make dentures in a few months with based on installed dental implants).

Consultation of an implantologist on dental implantation Kiev Lumi-Dent

At the initial consultation, the implant dentist will recommend the most correct treatment method - either dental implantation, or an alternative option for restoring the dentition.

The first stage of dental implantation is diagnostics, which includes studying the state of the body and oral cavity to further determine the stages of treatment and the choice of implant design.

Oral cavity examination

Before the dental implantation operation, it is necessary to examine the state of the oral cavity not only for diseases, inflammations of the mucosa and peridental tissues, but also with the aim of studying the structure and volume of bone tissue. Based on the data obtained, the implantologist will determine the place of implantation, as well as the shape and size.

At the diagnostic stage, the following procedures are carried out:

  • Panoramic picture of teeth - orthopantomogram: a picture of both jaws is obtained at once. An orthopantomogram gives the doctor the opportunity to examine the bone, see its density, thickness at the possible places of implant insertion, as well as see hidden diseases of the teeth and gums - cysts, granulomas, deep caries, which, when implanted, can lead to undesirable complications;
  • Computed tomogram - CT scan of the teeth. You can read more about CT scan - CT of teeth at the following link.

Based on the data obtained, the implantologist decides on the use of one or another type of implant, as well as on the appointment of additional bone-building interventions in certain areas. After studying the state of the body, the implantologist makes a decision: is it possible to carry out dental implantation, and is it also possible to immediately carry out the intervention, or is it necessary to wait for the normalization of the state of the body and the elimination of detected diseases.

The patient should not neglect these studies, because it is the preparation for dental implantation, the identification of possible contraindications that serve as a guarantee of a high-quality implantation operation, quick and high-quality implant engraftment, as well as their long service life.

HOW MUCH DOEs a consultation of AN IMPLANTOLOGIST cost in LUMI DENT?

All consultations in our clinics, except for pediatric dentists, are free.


We continue to insist that our prices are among the best in Kiev.

Since we are the largest installer of implants in the capital, and this is a fact that is confirmed by the suppliers of all the implant systems we use.

The problem is that on all sites without exception, only the installation price is presented, without taking into account the large amount of the cost of additional procedures, which inevitably always appear and are added to the calculation during the consultation in the dentist's chair in the clinic.

Our team is committed to being honest with our customers.

Therefore, we offer you (below) - tables for calculating the full prices for each stage of work, with the calculation of the total amount when using each type of implant.


(when viewing from a mobile phone - you can click on each table and increase their size with your fingers, you can also save them as a photo on your phone. To simplify understanding - at the very bottom in large print is a table of the final cost, taking into account absolutely all the procedures). 

 Dental implants price for dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prices for dental implants and prosthetics Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental prosthetics on implants price Kiev Lumi-Dent

Prosthetics and implantation of teeth Kiev Lumi-Dent

Dental implants Kiev Lumi-Dent

Implant systems Total implantation price
with the installation of a permanent
crown in UAH
H-Dent Classic surface S.L.A.
(Special offer)
24 535
Neobiotech IS-II Active
surface S.L.A.
26 715
MegaGen AnyOne 33 393
MеgaGen AnyRidge
(Special offer)
34 288
Mis M4. 32 216
Mis С1. 34 890
Straumann BLT, SLA, Ti
(Special offer)
39 361
Straumann BLT, Roxolid SLA, Ti Zr. 42 301
Straumann-BLT-Roxolid-SLActive TiZr. 45 401
Nobel Biocare. 49 162

Summary statistics on installed implants for 2018 in the centers of dental implantology Lumi-Dent on the Right and Left Bank of Kyiv, in the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaky, Osokorky, Kharkivs'ka, Bereznyaky, Rusanovka, Darnitsa, Levoberezhnaya:

MIS C1 96
Megagen 1249
Straumann 740
Nobel Biocare 316

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