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Date of publication: 13.09.2016
Date of edit: 25.11.2022
  • The price of installing braces in Kyiv
  • Why should you put braces on your teeth?
  • Advantages, disadvantages and prices of different types of braces
  • Vestibular braces system
  • Internal, invisible lingual braces
  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic and transparent sapphire braces
  • Lingual braces - Incognito System
  • Plastic braces
  • Combined dental braces
  • Reviews about braces
  • The cost of installing braces in Kyiv
  • The price of braces includes
  • Additionally you need to pay for:


This article contains information about the most popular technique of abnormal occlusion correcting - with the help of dental braces. Let's answer the main question:

  • How much do braces cost?

It will be interesting.

The price of installing braces in Kyiv

Photo. The Ormco System is the latest evolution in digital bite correction.

Braces ormko photo LumiDent

Braces are a dental abnormal occlusion system that attaches to the teeth and moves them into the correct position to achieve the correct occlusion.

Braces type Price
Metal from 3999 to 8999 UAH.
Metal low profile 10410 UAH.
Metal self-ligating 18199 UAH.
Ceramic braces 19099 UAH.
Сeramic self-ligating 25199 UAH.
Sapphire  21599 UAH.
Lingual (internal) 32999 UAH.


By design, braces are an orthodontic system consisting of three main parts:

  1. Dental braces are braces made of different materials (ceramic, metal, sapphire, composite, etc.);
  2. The arc, which has the shape of a sinusoid, is made of metal with shape memory, it is responsible for the movement of teeth;
  3. In ligature systems - ligatures, elastic bands that ensure the connection of the dental bracket with the arch.


Photo. What are braces made of.

Dental braces photo Lumi-Dent


Braces on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Why should you put braces on your teeth?

A beautiful smile is an important element of culture in our life, and Ukraine is no exception.

Some clients of our orthodontists in Kyiv often express their caution in relation to the installation of modern systems, as they spoil the aesthetic appearance of the face and smile.

Our experts disagree with this statement. They are ready to convince any inveterate skeptic in a few minutes.

  • Firstly, it is an ugly smile that distorts the appearance, but it can be quickly corrected by orthodontic treatment with braces;
  • Secondly, today, the installation of braces is a sign of human well-being. These are attributes that distinguish us, the same as earrings, rings, chains, watches on the wrist. Since the price of ceramic braces is substantial;
  • Thirdly, modern systems in orthodontics have long been devoid of bulky forms, often practically invisible, since they are made of transparent materials or materials that match the color of tooth enamel. The lingual braces are not visible at all, as they are located on the inner surface of the teeth. Bite correction in orthodontics is easy and comfortable now.

Examples of our works:

Steel braces. The price in Kyiv is from 3999 to 8999 UAH, it is cheap.

Correction of occlusion with braces photo Lumi-Dent

Ceramic braces. The price of a braces system is from 19099 UAH.

The result of the braces photo Lumi-Dent

Lingual braces. The price is from 32999 UAH.

Lingual braces for teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Follow this link to see more photos before and after braces.

Modern types of braces on the teeth give the person wearing them a certain special bewitching charm, and, if you like, special sexuality.

The word "bracket" in translation from English means "bracket". In reality, braces are other orthodontic appliances. And modern braces are products that are not simple in shape and configuration.

The orthodontist performs the installation of braces on the outer or inner surface of the teeth. The braces are connected together with a special wire called an arc.

The archwire has shape memory and causes the braces and associated teeth to move in the desired direction.

11 orthodontists in Lumi-Dent dental clinics on the Right and Left Banks of Kyiv (Ukraine), on the Obolon massif, Poznyaky, Osokorky, Solomenka - carry out the installation of braces at an inexpensive price.

You can see our patients after treatment with braces in the section "How to correct the occlusion".

It is possible to put any kind of braces system on the teeth in one visit, then regularly orthodontists invite patients for minor corrections.

During the corrections, the following occurs:

  • selective inclination of the movement of each tooth in the right direction;
  • hygiene procedures;
  • replacement of the arch when a certain stage of movement of the dentition is reached, etc.

The arch in orthodontics exerts a slight but constant pressure, therefore, with a sufficiently fast movement of the teeth, the child does not feel pain or discomfort.

Installation of bracket systems helps to achieve a perfectly flat and beautiful smile in a short time (in the most advanced cases - up to 2 years). Then the doctor installs the retainer.

All systems:

  • are comfortable to wear;
  • do not cause significant inconvenience to the child;
  • do not give pain when correcting an incorrect bite;
  • do not distort diction;
  • allow for adequate oral hygiene.

Photo. The result of treatment with a bracket system on the upper jaw, patient Lumi-Dent, Kyiv.

Braces photo system Lumi-Dent

Advantages, disadvantages and prices of different types of braces

Vestibular braces system

To be installed on the outside of the teeth.


  • Convenient to install and easily corrected;
  • They act faster;
  • Low price of braces for the promotion;
  • Do not break diction.

The price of external braces - from 3999 to 8999 UAH. Before and after treatment, Kyiv.

Braces for teeth photo system Kiev Lumi-Dent


  • Visible when smiling;
  • They can rub the mucous membrane of the cheeks and lips;
  • Increased oral hygiene is required.

Internal, invisible lingual braces

The installation of invisible lingual braces is done on the inner surface of the teeth.

The advantages of this bracket system:

  • Excellent aesthetic properties - they are not visible at all.

The price of internal braces on teeth is 32999 UAH.

Lingual bracket system photo Lumi-Dent


  • Higher price of braces;
  • It takes a longer time to move the teeth;
  • They can disrupt speech, irritate the mucous membrane of the tongue.

Metal braces

The price of metal self-ligating braces is 18199 UAH, Kyiv.

Braces Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

This is old technology. Discounted metal braces are the cheapest option, but they are not aesthetic.


  • It is the cheapest to install - low cost of braces for the promotion;
  • Classic appearance;
  • Good sliding between the arch and the groove of the staple, as a result - faster treatment.


  • The braces are very noticeable, they are not aesthetic.

Ceramic and transparent sapphire braces

Ceramic and sapphire braces are one of the most discreet bite correction systems.

The only drawback of sapphire and ceramic brackets is the presence of friction between the arc and the bracket groove, which slightly lengthens the usage time.

Aesthetic designs are the most popular for installation, especially among women and young people.

Aesthetic braces, the installation of which is possible in our dentistry in Kyiv, are of 2 types.

A significant number of manufacturers sell polycrystalline ceramic staples, which have good aesthetic appeal, and are often opaque. These are Clarity ™, Clarity ™ ADVANCED, Clarity SL, Inovation braces.

Monocrystalline (transparent) sapphire systems

They are manufactured by the "Ormco" company, their products are called Inspire. They are expensive and aesthetic; they can also be delivered in our clinics.

In reality, each Inspire brace is an artificial crystal, transparent and invisible on the teeth.

The price of aesthetic braces on teeth is 19099 UAH.

Sapphire ceramic braces Kiev photo Lumi-Dent


  • The transparent braces have excellent aesthetics and invisibility.


  • High cost of treatment;
  • Serious resistance to movement between the groove and the arc;
  • More difficult removal of staples at the end of treatment.

Lingual braces - Incognito System

They are not like all of the above systems.

Incognito is made and attached to the inside of the teeth, which makes them completely invisible.

There are two main drawbacks of treatment with the Incognito system in orthodontics:

  • More expensive cost of braces (the price in Kiev is more expensive than ceramic braces).
  • Violation of speech at the beginning of treatment. Language adaptation occurs within a short time, and diction is restored soon.

Also, when installing Incognito, it is a little more difficult to clean your teeth.

Technology advantages:

  • Complete invisibility while smiling and talking.

Disadvantages of technology:

  • Very high cost of treatment;
  • Speech impairment at the beginning of treatment;
  • Oral care is quite problematic.

Teeth alignment with the help of transparent aligners - Invisalign, or its more budgetary analogue Easy Align, - gives more effective results than bite correction with braces systems.

These invisible mouth guards can be both for children (for a child) and for an adult patient.

Photo. Before and after bite correction with steel self-ligating braces, price is 18199 UAH.

Braces on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

Plastic braces

Plastic braces are rarely used in pediatric orthodontics due to their great unreliability. Plastic braces often break and come loose from the teeth.

Also, plastic staples quickly pick up pigment from food, drinks, smoking, and take on an ugly dark color. Our dentistry does not recommend plastic braces.

Combined dental braces

Orthodontists use aesthetic braces in the front of the mouth and steel braces in the back of the mouth. This combination allows for high aesthetics and an affordable price.

At the same time, combined systems have a higher reliability compared to completely aesthetic ones, due to the use of metal braces on the back teeth.

All types of bracket systems (Ormco, Incognito, Clarity, Clarity SL, Inovation) can be installed quickly, comfortably, at a low price at the Lumi-Dent dental clinics in Obolon, Poznyaky, Osokorky, Solomenka in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Photo. Orthodontist Korzhev Ruslan with the patient.

Braces system for teeth Kiev photo Lumi-Dent

Reviews about braces

On the page "Reviews of dentistry" you can find video reviews of patients who corrected their bite at Lumi-Dent dental clinics.

Fixing Braces - cost and statistics.

Summary statistics on the number of installed types of dental braces systems in the Lumi-Dent dental clinics on Poznyaky, Osokorky, Obolon, Solomenka - for 2021:

Metal. 217
Ceramic. 91
Inner. 18
Sapphire. 24
Children's orthodontic plates. 96
Aligners. 213


After orthodontic treatment with all types of braces, the doctor installs retainers - ligatures on the inner surface of the dentition.

Their installation takes place in one visit. They are invisible, and do not spoil the aesthetics when talking and smiling. The retainer must be worn for several years, after which it can be removed by a doctor.

Photo. Orthodontist Kovalenko Anna with the patient.

Dental braces on teeth photo Lumi-Dent

The cost of installing braces in Kyiv

How much does it cost to put braces for a child and an adult on 1 jaw?

The price of orthodontic systems in Ukraine in Lumi-Dent dental clinics. 

Types of systems.  The price of braces.
Metal (cheap). from 3999 to 8999 UAH.
Ceramic (aesthetic). 19099 UAH.
Sapphire (transparent).  21599 UAH.
Lingual (internal). 32999 UAH.


The price of braces includes

  • Initial and follow-up extended consultation with an orthodontist;
  • The price of the system and its installation on the teeth of a child (for 1 jaw).

Additionally you need to pay for:

  • Sterile kit - the cost is 100 UAH;
  • X-ray examination:    
  • panoramic dental X-ray is 290 UAH;
  • All subsequent visits to the doctor for carrying out braces corrections - the price is 200 UAH (for 1 jaw), depending on the materials used (elastic bands, new arch, etc.) 
  • At his discretion, during the consultation, the orthodontist can prescribe additional procedures:
  • teleradiography - the price is 290 UAH;
  • computed tomography of the upper and lower jaw in the occlusion - the price is 720 UAH;
  • production and analysis of diagnostic models of jaws - the total price is 1600 UAH.

The number of visits to the orthodontist for corrections is individual for each case, as well as the time of treatment.

At the initial free consultation in our clinics for braces in Kyiv, the doctor will tell you how to put them on your teeth.

Also, the specialist will be able to tell you the approximate time of bite correction, and the approximate number of necessary corrections.

Table for calculating prices for installing bracket systems.

Types of bracket systems Lumi-Dent price

The price of installing braces Kiev Lumi-Dent

Installation of a bracket system price Kiev LumiDent

Braces Total price of all stages of the installation of bracket systems, on 2 jaws, in

Metal 3М (Special offer)

32 568
Metal, low profile 3М 35 390
Ceramic 52 768
Self-ligating metal Damon Q 56 088
Monocrystalline (sapphire) 57 768
Self-ligating ceramic Damon Clear 70 088
Lingual (internal) 97 358


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The price of braces in Kiev
Metalic braces American Orthodontics
Special offer! Only till 31st of December!
3999 UAH
Ortodontist`s treatment correction (1 jaw) from 200 UAH to 470 UAH
Metalic braces 8999 UAH
Сeramic braces 19099 UAH
Installing sapphire (monocrystalline) braces 21599 UAH
Installing the lingual (inner) 32999 UAH
Frequently asked questions and answers
What are the most transparent, white, invisible braces?

The most invisible braces are lingual, as they are placed from the inside of the teeth.

The most transparent ones are sapphire ones, they are practically invisible on the teeth.

The whitest ones are ceramic braces, their color can be ideally matched to the color of your teeth.

What is the cost of braces and how much does it cost to put them on the teeth?

The cost of installing braces in Lumi-Dent dental clinics is available for study in "Dentistry prices" section, "Orthodontics" subsection.

  • prices of braces and other services of orthodontists in our clinics;
  • the cost of bite correction without braces, -

- presented at the bottom of this page.

Where in Kyiv can you put braces inexpensively?

The network of Lumi-Dent dental clinics employs 10 orthodontists in the following locations:

What is a combined system?

It uses different types of braces on one jaw to solve different purposes.

As a rule, these are:

  1. Aesthetic braces on the front teeth (ceramic, sapphire) - for a better aesthetic effect;
  2. Metal braces on the back teeth - to reduce the cost of braces, and higher reliability of the structure.
What are the manufacturers of braces systems?

There is a list of the most famous manufacturing companies, the brands of systems produced by the companies are indicated in parentheses:

  1. 3M (Victory Series Active SL, SmartClip, Clarity, Incognito);
  2. Ormco (Damon, Inspire Ice, STB);
  3. American Orthodontics (Empower);
  4. GAC (Innovation R).
What is the price of transparent braces?

The cost of ceramic braces is from 19099 to 25199 UAH, sapphire ones cost 21599 UAH per jaw.

What is the price of inner braces?

Lingual braces for teeth cost 32999 UAH per jaw.

How much do braces cost?

The price of braces is from 8999 to 32999 UAH for 1 jaw, it all depends on the system type.

We are ready to put braces on teeth in Kiev
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