Photo teeth whitening Beyond Polus

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Photowhitening BEYOND Express (1 jaw)
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1090 UAH
Photowhitening BEYOND Expert (1 jaw)
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1490 UAH
Complex professional teeth cleansing (per 2 jaws)
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900 UAH
Home whitening (1 jaw) 1680 UAH
Ultrasonic cleaning of dental plaque (1 jaw) 225 UAH
Dream Dentistry for adults (1 hour) 2640 UAH
Computer anesthesia STA 350 UAH
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  • System of light-activated teeth whitening Beyond Polus
  • Reviews about technology
  • Photos of works by our specialists with affordable system of teeth whitening Beyond Polus, Before and After
  • Main advantages of the affordable teeth whitening Beyond, Testimonials:
  • Is right for you light-activited teeth whitening Beyond Polus?
  • Methodics of conducting procedure Beyond
  • Teeth whitening Beyond Polus
  • Recommendations after teeth whitening Beyond (Testimonials)

 System of light-activated teeth whitening Beyond Polus

Reviews about technology

The Beyond Whitening System has become a turning point in the field of esthetic dentistry and a real innovation, the reviews of professionals of which make it one of the most effective techniques due to the use of the most advanced optical technology by developers, the use of the latest light filtering techniques, and a special gel.

Photos of works by our specialists with affordable system of teeth whitening Beyond Polus, Before and After

Beyond whitening teeth whitening

The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that it evenly distributes the flow of light of harmless UV radiation thanks to a special built-in filtration system.

High performance, as well as absolute safety is ensured through the use of special light of the blue spectrum, the flow of which is filtered by more than 12,000 optical fibers. Cold blue light has the gentlest effect on enamel and dental tissues and allows in the shortest time to achieve the best effect.

Starting from 2016, the BEYOND system of affordable whitening with expert reviews annually receives an award in the nomination "Best whitening system" according to the independent research center Dental Advisor (which has been preparing specialized materials since 1984, compiles evaluations and reports in the field of modern dentistry).

Main advantages of the affordable teeth whitening Beyond, Testimonials:

  • Absolutely safe and painless for the patient;
  • Only high quality materials and halogen lamps are used;
  • Guarantees the client effective protection against harmful UV radiation and eliminates the risk of burns in the oral mucosa;
  • Does not injure the dental tooth soft tissue.
  • Allows you to effectively whiten the tooth dentitions by 5-14 shades (on average by 8) according to the generally accepted Vita scale
  • It has the least aggressive effect on tooth enamel due to the use of a cold light source (the maximum possible temperature is 37.6 °);
  • The process is much faster than any such manipulation (it will take you only 30-40 minutes); preparation for the procedure takes place as quickly as possible; manipulation itself is controlled by a special digital timer built into the system;
  • An effective result, which, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the patient’s habits, lasts for about two years;
  • Low price for the shares of our clinic;
  • Side effects and discomfort in patients after the procedure is not observed.


To achieve a fast, reliable and stable lightening effect, for maximum safety and to strengthen the teeth, our team recommends combining different methods with each other.

ТThat is, at first, any kind of laser or photo whitening, to get a quick effect, with the addition of home-made mouthguards after this, with alternating bleaching gel and fluorogel, which strengthens tooth enamel and eliminates possible sensitivity.

This combination of different technologies has many advantages:

1) First, you get a quick and good effect, in just 1 hour in the dentist’s chair;

2) Then, with the help of homemade mouthguards, you continue to increase the clarification to the color you desire;

3) Alternating lightening with firming fluoride - you strengthen dental tissues, remove possible discomfort, and make reliable prevention of caries development.

4) The main thing is that with the help of a mouthguard, you will be able to provide yourself with a dazzling smile for many years, and protect against the occurrence of carious lesions. It will be enough to buy whitening and fluorine-containing gels additionally.

Efficient and benefit!

Is right for you light-activited teeth whitening Beyond Polus?

  • If you want to get an excellent result at a pleasant promotional price for a short time and improve the enamel color without any negative consequences, then the use of Beyond cutting-edge technology will probably become the most comfortable, safe and effective method.
  • If you have not carefully monitored oral hygiene, smoke a lot, often drink beverages and food containing various dyes - the enamel inevitably changes its color, becomes an unpleasant yellowish or grayish shade that does not add to the beauty of your smile. Sometimes over the years or due to a natural predisposition, as well as after taking certain medications, dull spots may appear on the enamel - in this case, Beyond light-activated whitening technology will perfectly help to cope with this problem.
  • As experienced specialists, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that dentitions that have a yellowish tint, can be amenable to light-activated whitening Beyond better than in cases, where the enamel has grayish color. Professionals of clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev will be able to determine the state and cause of enamel darkening accurately, as well as advise on the effectiveness of using the light-activated method in your individual case, and if necessary, they will offer all possible alternative solutions to the problem.

Methodics of conducting procedure Beyond

The process of carrying out affordable teeth whitening Beyond Polus from beginning to end takes place under the supervision of experienced dental hygienists.

Basic stages of procedure

Teeth whitening Beyond Polus

Stage Short description

Examination of the general condition of the oral cavity;

Discussion with the patient of the real effectiveness and the possibility of using this procedure

Determination of the color of the dentition at the moment on a special scale and a forecast of the effectiveness of light-activated teeth whitening;

Hygienic enamel cleaning of various types of plaque.

2 The patient gets a special device - a retractor and special protective glasses. In order to avoid possible drying on the lips is applied balm.
3 In the photo-whitening zone, the dentist places a protective gel on the gums of the tooth and between the teeth, the main function of which in this case is to protect soft tissues from the whitening gel;
4 After taking all the necessary precautions - the hygienist gently distributes the whitening gel, evenly applying it to the upper and lower dentition;
5 Next, a special lamp-accelerator whitens the teeth BEYOND POLUS II, the dentist turns on the device and makes three sets of approximately 12 minutes each;
6 Upon completion of the procedure, all extraneous materials are removed from the mouth, and the patient can instantly see the obtained result - a new shade that will be much whiter and significantly different from the original one.
7 The hygienist makes specific recommendations for the care of the oral cavity after the procedure, so that you may enjoy the whiteness of your teeth as long as possible!

Teeth whitening Beyond reviews

Recommendations after teeth whitening Beyond (Testimonials)

  • We advise you not to smoke for a day (and sometimes two), to use black tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, red wine, food that is saturated with various types of dyes;
  • At first, use only white toothpastes and other hygiene products for oral care (we recommend that you consult with your doctor right away)
  • The first 24 hours do not use lipstick lip bright shades;
  • To maximize the extension of the light-activated teeth whitening - regularly undergo a check-up at the dentist every six months and do a hygienic cleaning.

In our work, our dental clinics "Lumi-Dent" in Kiev use the accelerator for professional whitening Beyond, our customers' reviews recognize it as the most efficient, safe and powerful technology to date.

Possessing specially adjustable settings and cleaning functions (for each patient, individually selects “mode” - soft, standard and ultrastrong), as well as extremely high intensity and LED light power, the device allows you to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.

Beyond Teeth Whitening whitening beyond
teeth whitening beyond polus beyond whitening

The system has passed all the necessary tests and examinations in Ukraine and meets all the established state medical standards and safety criteria, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates that we are ready to provide during your visit.

Lumi-Dent clinics are rightfully recognized as a leader in the provision of dental services in Kiev and Ukraine, our dentists have over 20 years of experience. We use only advanced technologies and try to provide our patients with the maximum level of comfort and professional service at the most affordable prices.

A more detailed and accurate calculation of the price of teeth whitening with the most innovative techniques in the Lumi-Dent clinics on the Right and Left banks of Kiev, in the residential areas Obolon', Poznyaky, Osokorky, Kharkovsky, Bereznyaky, Rusanovka, Darnytsya, Left-Bank - you may get after consultation with our professionals, who will conduct completely a free examination and give you further recommendations on how to carry out this procedure.

Prices for services are presented at the top of this page, as well as on the "Prices" page of our website.

Also, in our clinics you have at your disposal similar teeth color brightening systems: ZOOM! and Magic Smile.

Summary statistics on the number of services provided for 2018:

Complex hygienic cleanings 2430
Professional light-activated whitenings 453

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