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Our network of dental clinics in Kiev offers promotions and discounts for clients. The list of offers is presented on this page.

After receiving the first of any procedure in any of our dental clinic - the visitor receives a discount card, with an initial discount on many services. Then the discount amount grows, in accordance with the accumulation of certain amounts of the total payment for all services.

Promotions in our dentistry suggest the patient receiving a number of bonuses or free offers. You can always check with the administrators of the clinic or on the above phones - the possibility of their use and summation among themselves.

In addition, we regularly arrange price sales for seasonal services (for example, teeth whitening). Also, discounts are offered to our clinic visitors during periods of expansion of our network, which occur regularly every year.

You can get more detailed information about our discounts from the administrators of any clinic at the first visit, or by phone.

Dental clinics Lumi-Dent – the best choice for those who count money and want to be served in a high-quality and modern clinic!

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Until prices rise - sign up for a free consultation!
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